Michael Harrah operates WPS4Sale in Chandler, Arizona. His online store disguises itself as a water purification store and sells MMS as WPS. WPS4Sale ships out from the same address of a UPS Store. His online store links from MMS Info, an informational website about chlorine dioxide. Michael Harrah manages MMS Info to give information about chlorine dioxide and linked WPS4Sale as a recommended vendor. WPS4Sale also links from an archived website known as MichaelHarrah.us. WPS4Sale.com uses the same IP Address ( as Keto Kerri, an online business he manages for Kerri Rivera.

A directory showing WPS4Sale and other vendors being linked to websites promoting chlorine dioxide as a medicine/drug.

An IP Listing showing WPS4Sale and Keto Kerri sharing the same IP Address.

WPS4Sale Gallery


MMS Info (Links to WPS4Sale): https://mmsinfo.org/

Michael Harrah Website (Links to WPS4Sale): https://web.archive.org/web/20140328161901/http://www.michaelharrah.us/

Ip Information (Between WPS4Sale & Keto Kerri): https://myip.ms/info/whois/