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The following page serves as an archive for the chat logs exported from Kerri Rivera's private Telegram group called "KR Protocol Premium Telegram." The chat logs were given to Vice News for a story on the private group and the dangerous advice given to these parents. The chat logs will be shared publicly for the first time in hopes that people will understand not only what happens in Kerri's secret groups but also other private groups on Telegram.

For more information, check out the article published by Vice News:

Chat Log 10/12/2020:

This export contains the conversations with an individual named JS, who is the father of a 2-year old autistic child. JS kept using the protocols as instructed by Kerri Rivera and others to the point the child was in critical condition.

Chat Log 10/13/2020:

In the following dated export, Kerri removes JS's existence the day after to erase any evidence of wrongdoing.

Chat Log 10/18/2020:

This day was the last day of exports made from the "KR Protocol Premium Telegram." Soon after removing JS and after Vice News published an article regarding the Telegram group, Kerri purged over a hundred users in the group. In the most recent conversations, users in the group shifted their attention towards "trolls" or otherwise activists who wanted to put an end to the group and the illegal activity along with it.

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