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US MMS Distributors: OCLO LLC

In a previously submitted document on chlorine dioxide marketing through e-commerce sites, one of the eBay users mentioned was OCLO. In recent events of the investigation, more information cropped up on OCLO regarding business registration, business location, the CEO, online website, and business intent. The purpose of the article is to take a closer look at OCLO by presenting the new information found.

Business Registration and CEO

OCLO LLC registered last year as an LLC in Hallandale, Florida. Ricardo Garcia is the registered agent/CEO for OCLO LLC, who also works as a real estate agent. He made a statement promoting chlorine dioxide as a remedy and condemned government officials for their stance against the chemical on his Facebook account (See Figure 2). Provided in his post, he also linked users to his website called Dioxido de Cloro, the literal Spanish translation for Chlorine Dioxide (Garcia, 2020).

Dioxido de Cloro

The purpose of Dioxido de Chloro, OCLO’s leading online store, is to promote and market chlorine dioxide. The website’s language is set to Spanish but can easily translate to English using Google’s translation system. Based on information from the main page, OCLO’s website is a supporter of COMUSAV and sells chlorine dioxide products as part of the protocol by Andreas Kalcker (See Figure 3) (Dioxide de Cloro Homepage, n.d.). Andreas Kalcker had close ties with the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing (G2CHH) and helped promote chlorine dioxide's pseudo-science. COMUSAV is an organization known to promote the pseudo-science of chlorine dioxide. COMUSAV, including Andreas Kalcker, aided in the overthrow of Bolivia’s previous health ministry in favor of one that would encourage the pseudo-science of chlorine dioxide (Porter, 2020).

Chlorine Dioxide and Autism (do not mix)

What is more disturbing is that Dioxido de Cloro promotes chlorine dioxide as a cure for autism. In the comments section of Dioxido de Cloro’s main page, one of the commenters used chlorine dioxide on their 5-year old son to cure him of autism (See Figure 4) (Dioxide de Cloro Homepage, n.d.). It must be made very clear that autism is a neurological condition, not an autoimmune disease, and there is no cure for this condition.

Many parents received misinformation on the idea that autism is curable through the voices of pseudo-experts such as Kerri Rivera. Kerri Rivera played a significant role in G2CHH and COMUSAV in promoting chlorine dioxide as a cure cure for autism. Currently, Kerri Rivera uses various telegram groups to communicate and provide harmful misinformation to parents of Autistic children.

In one of her Telegram groups, KR Protocol Premium Telegram, parents of these children would post images showing the effects of using chlorine dioxide on their children. In one of these images, Kerri assures one of these parents that those were parasites, which caused the child’s autism. In reality, those were not parasites but instead were the child's burnt intestinal tracts after injecting chlorine dioxide into the child through an enema (See Figure 5). Other effects of using chlorine dioxide of these children involved headaches, stomach aches, disturbed sleep, and rashes (See Figures 6 and 7).

Figure 7 An image from the Telegram group shows a child developing a rash after a parent used chlorine dioxide on the child.

OCLO’s Products

Through Dioxide de Cloro, OCLO sells pre-made chlorine dioxide in a sealed bottle rather than the standard MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution) kits to make chlorine dioxide. These pre-made bottles are also known as Chlorine Dioxide Solution (CDS) and usually contain 3000 Parts Per Million (PPM) or less. What makes OCLO’s products different is that the CDS bottles have varying PPM amounts for specific protocols.

The various CDS bottles sold based on specific protocols are:

  • Protocol M (100PPM): Used on pets for multiple illnesses (See Figure 8).

  • Protocol E (1000PPM): Used for an enema (See figure 9).

  • Protocol D (1500PPM): Used to apply directly on the skin (See Figure 10).

  • Protocol C and F (3,000): Mixed in with water for consumption (See Figure 11).

  • Protocol V (600PPM): Used to apply directly on infected areas of the vagina (See Figure 12).

OCLO’s CDS on eBay/Amazon

During earlier research regarding MMS Marketers on eBay and Amazon, there was prior knowledge that OCLO sold their CDS products on eBay. However, new research on OCLO LLC has shown that they also sell their CDS products on Amazon. Through Amazon, OCLO not only has its CDS products sold under “Health and Household” but also “Sports Nutrition Hydration Product.” More concerning is that OCLO relabeled and advertises their CDS products as an “Immune Booster” on Amazon and eBay to appear as a legitimate health supplement. Please refer to Figures 13 and 14 regarding OCLO’s relabeling of CDS (Dioxido de cloro. OCLO 3000 (CDS) - Immune Booster Against PATHOGENS to Prepare Five Gallon of CDS, n.d.) (oclo.2020, n.d.).

Closing Notes

Through their main website and e-commerce pages, OCLO LLC openly advertises chlorine dioxide as a panacea. OCLO distributes various CDS bottles for specific protocols initially suggested by Andreas Kalcker, a key figure for G2CHH and COMUSAV. More disturbing is that OCLO is a supporter of COMUSAV. To strain OCLO’s online sales of chlorine dioxide, eBay and Amazon must remove OCLO’s online accounts. To permanently shut down OCLO LLC's operations, the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) must take action against the company.


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