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US MMS Distributors: Kerri Rivera & Michael Harrah

Updated: Feb 21, 2021

Update: Warning - Some sources used in this article have been purposely tampered with by supporters of Genesis II Church. Sources either altered or destroyed will be highlighted in red. For more information regarding this, go to

The following article focuses on Kerri Rivera and Michael Harrah and their operations. Initially, this article was to focus on distributors in Florida. Under certain circumstances, Florida will be in the next section.

(Note: To prevent certain hyperlinks from activating, an extra character was added.)

Kerri Rivera

Kerri is a former member of the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing (G2CHH). Her role with G2CHH is convincing parents of autistic children that autism is curable using the Chlorine Dioxide (CD) Protocol as she claims of curing over 500 children (Rivera, n.d.). Kerri tells parents autism is caused by “parasites” residing in the child’s bowels. She uses social media platforms ranging from Facebook, YouTube, and MeWe to lure parents. If not social media, she has three different websites called CD Autism, Kerri Rivera - Real Solutions, and Keto Kerri. Through these websites, Kerri consults with parents for $120 an hour (Rivera, n.d.). One of the biggest horrors brought about by Kerri, after instructing parents to use the CD Protocol, she has parents send photos of children’s intestinal tracts, claiming these are parasites.

After advertising CD Protocol at the AutismOne event in Illinois, Illinois State Attorney, Lisa Madigan, served a subpoena to Kerri Rivera. Due to pressure, Kerri signed an Assurance of Voluntary Compliance (AVC), stating that she will not advertise or sell Chlorine Dioxide at any event in Illinois. However, if Kerri disregards the AVC, she violates the Consumer Fraud Act with a burden of proof required. Kerri currently markets and sells chondroitin sulfate as a medicine/treatment for autism (State of Illinois, 2015). Although she does not sell Chlorine Dioxide, she advertises it through a website known as WPS4Sale.

Michael Harrah

Michael Harrah acts as the legal advisor and administrator to G2CHH and its websites. As G2CHH’s legal advisor, Michael gives guidance through the FDA and Transportation law (49 CFR). He also participates in cases against administrative, civil, and criminal prosecutions involving the use of alternative medicine (Harrah, n.d.). Michael’s experience in the law stems from his membership with the California State Bar as an inactive attorney (Attorney Licensee #181130). Aside from knowledge of the legal system, Michael administrates G2CHH’s online forums,, and Kerri’s CD Autism website (Harrah, 2013).

WPS4Sale/Keto Keri Connection

Provided by his LinkedIn account, Michael admits being a current partner for Keto Kerri. His role in Keto Kerri is overseeing product development, manufacturing, legal compliance, Amazon channel sales, and online support groups (Harrah, n.d.). Through the Arizona Corporation Commission, Michael registered Keto Kerri as the Statutory Agent in Chandler, Arizona. Opposite of Keto Kerri is WPS4Sale, a website Kerri mentions to people where to find chlorine dioxide. MMSInfo also refers to WPS4Sale as a recommended vendor, including MichaelHarrah's personal website (Harrah, n.d.). Through yellow pages, WPS4Sale’s address is in Chandler, Arizona. From information gathered and reviewed, its certain Michael Harrah is the owner of WPS4Sale. In a 3-mile radius from Michael’s residence, he is within the address locations of both WPS4Sale and Keto Kerri. Using, WPS4Sale shares the same IP Address as Keto Kerri (IP # (wps4sale, n.d.).

Top Domain

In a campaign against activists and reporters, the website “The Truth About Chlorine Dioxide,” created a “Hall of Shame” page (Hall of Shame, n.d.). The following article reports many activists with contact information linked. Additionally, the website links to Real Kerri Rivera under the same IP Address (IP # (, n.d.). Going further through finding the top-level host, Keto Kerri, WPS4Sale, Real Kerri Rivera, and Truth About Chlorine Dioxide group together under “” Under the top-level host, “,” multiple “IP Reverse DNS” contains names from a 90s cartoon show “Pinky and the Brain” (, n.d.).

Shown above on the left is a spreadsheet showing WPS4Sale, Keto Kerri, Real Kerri Rivera, and Keto Kerri sharing the same top-level Host. Shown on the right are Michael's/Kerri's websites classified by character name based on the IP Reverse DNS.

Ending Notes

Currently, Michael Harrah is slowly shutting down WPS4Sale whether it is temporary or permanent. Fortunately, Wayback Machine saves and archives these pages from WPS4Sale.


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