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US MMS Distributors: Florida

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

Update: Warning - Some sources used in this article have been purposely tampered with by supporters of Genesis II Church. Sources either altered or destroyed will be highlighted in red. For more information regarding this, go to https://www.geoboros.com/post/emergency-sources-involving-keavy-s-corner-and-genesis-ii-church-are-becoming-altered-erased.

Florida is home to a few but significant vendors in the marketing of Chlorine Dioxide. A couple of vendors have direct involvement with Mark Grenon, the current leader of the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing (G2CHH). Those involved are G2CHH’s G2 Sacraments, Keavy’s Corner, and Exclusive Wellness Club. The following article discusses these vendors and the additional roles they partake.

G2 Sacraments

G2 Sacraments is G2CHH’s main business in the United States and operated by Mark Grenon’s sons, Jonathan and Jordan Grenon. Jordan is responsible for securing an LLC Registration under a “Fictitious Name” allowing G2 Sacraments to obtain and sell MMS products without notice. Jordan registered his business as “Genesis II Church Number 99.” Jordan states, through his LinkedIn account, his online store is the leading provider for the church in the United States and Canada (Grenon, 2019). Since April of 2019, Jonathan Grenon also registered another business known as "Nay's All-Natural Yield" at the same location. The location of the business resides in 2014 Garden Lane, which is the home of Jonathan Grenon. Jonathan uses the backyard of his house to facilitate chemicals needed to create chlorine dioxide. Jonathan stores these chemicals inside storage sheds, including a tent. The discovery of these storage facilities came to light when Jonathan uploaded a video showcasing his backyard in September of 2018 (Grenon, 2018). In later videos, children are known to be present in the yard. To prove the location of the storage facilities, match with the registered address, the Environmental Systems Research Institute’s (ESRI) Geographic Information Systems (GIS) become utilized by showcasing aerial imagery of 2014 Garden Lane. Through visualization from ESRI’s Imagery Basemap, the tent becomes viewable from an aerial viewpoint. The second map shows a recently made storage shed by georeferencing aerial imagery from the USGS Earth Explorer. In a video uploaded by Jonathan on Facebook, he is filming a facility moving container chemicals (Grenon, 2019). Judging from the video, this could be where he obtains chemicals to produce and distribute chlorine dioxide.

Keavy’s Corner

Both Stephen Pardee and Kathy Pardee operate Keavy’s Corner in Highlands County, Florida. Keavy’s Corner (also known as KV Lab) is the leading provider of MMS products for G2CHH’s seminar programs, as stated in their “CD Quality” page (Pardee, n.d.). Stephen works closely with Mark Grenon as they oversee a list of suppliers of Chlorine Dioxide suppliers known as the WPS Suppliers page. The WPS Suppliers Page acts as a gateway to registered LLC businesses selling MMS products. One way of access is through a message in G2CHH’s Forum, with Jim Humble’s approval, linking viewers to this page.

Stephen admitted in both his CD Quality page and through the MMS Forum that vendors can only be on the list through “donation” (Pardee, 2012). Through Mark’s assistance, Stephen keeps vendors on or off the list depending on if they made payments. Stephen admits that vendors of MMS Products are in it to make money with some vendors producing more than one business. Based on Stephen’s statement and his deduction of online statistics, most of these businesses are not authentic (Pardee, 2012). Stephen also stated that vendors must choose their words carefully when selling alternative medicine with customers needing to be “educated” elsewhere before buying the product (Pardee, 2019).

Keavy’s Corner also sells their products outside business through e-commerce websites. One of these websites is Walmart’s online store (Mineral Solution Water Purification Drops 1:1 ratio, n.d.). Selling MMS products through e-commerce has led them to sanctions from Paypal, eBay, and Amazon (CENSORED - September Newsletter -, 2014). Regardless, Keavy’s Corner still sells its product through the main website and other stores.

Exclusive Wellness Club

Scott Molloy operates Exclusive Wellness Club in Cape Coral, Florida. Although this business registers as “inactive,” his online store is still operational and listed in the WPS Suppliers page. When comparing Mr. Scott’s current and previous address through FastPeopleSearch, they match up to his business (Mr Scott A Molloy, n.d.). They match with an address in an archived page on Wayback Machine, the business registration file, and Mr. Scott’s profile as a registered tax preparer (Contact Us, 2011) (Scott Molloy - Cape Coral FL Tax Preparer, n.d.).


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