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The Reason Behind selling Chlorine Dioxide for “Purification” and “Other” Uses

Since the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing (G2CHH) started, its members openly promoted chlorine dioxide as a medicine to heal a wide variety of illnesses such as cancer, HIV/AIDS, Alzheimer’s, and autism. G2CHH members often sold the product as a kit containing 28% Sodium Chlorite and 50% Citric Acid (or 4% Hydrochloric acid as a substitute). They dubbed the sodium chlorite within the kit as Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS). However, as the FDA and other agencies began to crack down on G2CHH, other MMS promoters also began to hide their evidence of selling MMS and tried to promote chlorine dioxide for other uses. G2CHH members also used different terms for MMS, such as Water Purification Solution (WPS) or Chlorine Dioxide Solution (CDS). While some people may not realize this, there is evidence suggesting this reason. The purpose of this article is to show how businesses market chlorine dioxide secretly for illegal reasons under the guise of water purification or other uses through four different reasons.

First Reason

The Reason for The Name Change to WPS

MMS Drops, now a defunct website, acted as a pseudo-informative website about MMS for medical purposes. On the main page, MMS Drops sets up links on using MMS for Cancer, Malaria, HIV/AIDS, and Ebola. As shown in Figure 1, clicking “Buy MMS Online” at the top of the main page, the link takes users to their online store called “Healthy Way Inc” (MMS Drops Home Page, n.d.).

Also in Figure 1, two other online stores took this same approach. WPS Drops, another pseudo-informative website, has a link to a different online store called Clean Plus Inc. Although WPS Drops closed in the later years, Clean Plus Inc. is still active today. One more pseudo-information website, MMS Info, also known as MMS-CDS-CDH Info, linked itself to WPS4Sale. Initially believed to be under operation by Michael Harrah, a legal advisor and researcher to the G2CHH (Harrah, n.d.), is under the control of Charlotte Lackney. However, Michael Harrah operated the now-defunct online store WPS4Sale, as discussed in a previous article (Dagan, 2019).

One element that each of these online businesses has in common is they sell MMS under the name WPS. Through the admission of MMS Drops, they wrote an article explaining the change in the name from MMS to WPS. The reason for changing the name is the FDA’s crackdown on MMS products and restricting its sales. To avoid the surveillance of the FDA, suppliers switched the names to WPS. The article also adds that if suppliers were to tell users how to use MMS/WPS for medicinal purposes, the FDA would prosecute them (See Figure 2) (MMS has been labeled WPS recently, 2015).

Second Reason

The Reason for Selling MMS for “Legal” Purposes

Keavy’s Corner, or also known as KV Lab, is a major retailer in the marketing of Chlorine Dioxide. KV Lab’s CEO, Stephen Pardee, began running his business in 2010 based on an archived homepage. Since investigating Keavy’s Corner in 2018, they sold chlorine dioxide as MMS and even had the G2CHH logo on the front of their home page. They state all their MMS products use the Jim Humble specifications (See Figure 3) (Pardee, n.d.). Jim Humble is the founder of G2CHH and is the person who created the term MMS for chlorine dioxide.

Upon realizing that Keavy’s Corner was under investigation by Geoboros, Stephen tried to destroy or alter any evidence that would incriminate his business. Looking at the Keavy’s corner website between 2018 and 2021, Keavy’s Corner destroyed any mentioning of the term MMS including Jim Humble and the G2CHH. In its place, Keavy’s Corner now tries to present itself as a store selling kits to create chlorine dioxide or pre-made chlorine dioxide. Fortunately, all evidence went through an archival before the destruction or alteration of evidence.

There is also evidence retrieved from the MMS Forum through Stephen Pardee as a member named Steve on the MMS Forum. In various posts, he admits to working alongside Mark Grenon, the Co-Founder of G2CHH (Pardee, 2012). Stephen also exchanged words with Michael Harrah, who once acted as an Inactive Attorney to the California Bar until the end of 2020 (Harrah, n.d.).

In a forum topic between Stephen and Michael, Stephen stated MMS could not regularly ship through the mail and must go through on-ground shipment after getting into trouble with the Department of Transportation (DOT) (See Figure 4) (Pardee, 2012). Michael replied to Stephen‘s post, agreeing with him, stating that if anyone were to “flaunt” the laws, there would be consequences. Michael added that they could go around the FDA laws by selling MMS for “legal purposes” (See Figure 5) (Harrah, 2012). The idea behind this is that businesses such as Keavy’s Corner will sell MMS under a different name and market it for a “legal” purpose to avoid scrutiny from the FDA.

In a written article on the Keavy’s Corner website, Stephen Pardee wrote an article focusing on the idea of using chlorine dioxide as a household item titled “Chlorine Dioxide for Household Uses” (See Figure 6) (Pardee, n.d.). Household uses is one of the excuses Keavy’s Corner and other businesses will try to sell chlorine dioxide for “legal purposes.” Stephen Pardee wrote a similar article on the MMS-CDS-CDH Info website. On this website, rather than calling it chlorine dioxide, he calls it MMS. The full title on the MMS-CDS-CDH website is called “Jim Humble's Miracle Mineral Solution for Household Uses.” The article includes a preface stating that Stephen Pardee is not a chemist or a health care professional (See Figure 7) (Pardee, n.d.).

These non-EPA registered products should not be in the public's hands for any purpose regardless of household use or consumption. Further, in Stephen Pardee’s article, he explains that chlorine dioxide, as household use, could be helpful as a deodorizer for garbage cans, laundry hampers, and air fresheners (Pardee, n.d.). Using chlorine dioxide as a deodorizer is very dangerous as members of the MMS Forum admitted to trying to inhale the gas from chlorine dioxide. One such member Bruce Tanner, under the username “brtanner,” stated he inhaled some of the gas with effects of a mild-sore throat and some possible effects on his lung tissue (See Figure 8) (Tanner, 2011).

One other forum user, pam, also known to be Pam Gotcher, uses an excerpt from one of Jim Humble’s books as a cautionary tale for those who inhale gas from chlorine dioxide. In the first tale, one person tried inhaling the gas, which resulted in burning his lungs, making it difficult for him to breathe air into his lungs. In another tale, a person mixed the drops into his cup of coffee. After bending over and accidentally putting his nose into the cup, he began gasping for air within the next four hours, just as the previous person did (See Figure 9) (Gotcher, 2011).

In one of his posts back in 2019, Stephen Pardee states that people who sell products as alternative health must be careful in their chosen words. In this case, Pardee states that if you sell a product such as chlorine dioxide and have potential customers “educated” elsewhere, they will come to the online store to get what they are looking for (See Figure 10) (Pardee, 2019). Stephen Pardee is trying to say that someone such as himself and his business will sell chlorine dioxide without mentioning it as MMS or alternative health. Then, potential customers will be given misinformation about chlorine dioxide through another outlet before buying his product. Through this method, Stephen Pardee’s business can easily avoid scrutiny from the FDA. Such outlets, in this case, would be the:

  • G2CHH Main Website (before shutting down)

  • MMS Forum

  • Books written by Jim Humble (G2CHH’s founder)

  • Books written by Kerri Rivera (a former member of G2CHH)

  • MMS Telegram Groups

  • Kerri Rivera’s Telegram Groups

  • MMS-CDS-CDH Info

Third Reason

The Reason for a Suppliers List

(WPS.Land/Water Precaution Suppliers), also known as Water Precaution Suppliers, is a website that advertises a list of businesses secretly selling MMS for medicinal purposes under the guise of a “water purification” product. As mentioned in a destroyed page from Keavy’s Corner, it states that the only way to have a business advertised on the list is through payment (See Figure 11) (Pardee, n.d.).

Based on the archives, the website started as far back as 2012 as and (also called the MMS & CDS Suppliers Database), where the suppliers split between two different lists. One list is the “Approved Suppliers” and the other “All Suppliers.” The difference between the two lists is that Approved Suppliers are businesses approved by the G2CHH. Those approved must pay 10% of the income they make from selling MMS products from their business. One of these businesses approved by G2CHH is Keavy’s Corner (See Figure 12) (MMS-CDS Website, n.d.).

In an MMS Forum Topic called “Topic for Posting New Info on MMS Suppliers and Providers,” Stephen Pardee discusses altering the MMS & CDS Database and their Suppliers list after an FDA crackdown on the MMS Business, Project Green Life (See Figure 13) (Pardee, 2012).

Sometime after the update, the website would later become Water Purification Suppliers. Instead of showcasing businesses as suppliers of MMS, the website advertises businesses as suppliers of “water purification” products. Rather than two lists, one list remains to advertise various businesses worldwide (See Figure 14) (Water Purification Suppliers Homepage, n.d.).

A web link on the right-hand side of the page, “Add new supplier,” reveals a form for a potential supplier to fill. Above the form, a short message stating that Water Purification Suppliers requires 10% of income made in selling chlorine dioxide-related products. An individual named Rev. Paul of the G2CHH wrote that message (See Figure 15) (How to get listed, n.d.). Between 2014 to 2019, Keavy’s Corner, whose CEO claimed to leaving the church in 2014, remained on the list and more than likely paid the group 10% to keep his business on the list.

In the Forum Topic “MMS Suppliers and Providers,” the post gives a direct link for users to access the Water Purification Suppliers page. Initially, the link sent users to the MMS & CDS Database but altered overtime after Mark Grenon and Stephen Pardee updated their list of suppliers in 2012. Underneath the main post is Jim Humble, who made a post giving his approval of the Suppliers List. Jim Humble also urged the listed suppliers to leave a web link to other suppliers if going on vacation (See Figure 16) (Iox, 2011).

By 2019, the Water Purification Suppliers website changed once more to Water Precaution Suppliers to avoid detection from the FDA and other Law Enforcement agencies (See Figure 17) (Water Precaution Suppliers Homepage, n.d.).

Fourth Reason

The Reason for Non-EPA Registered Chemicals

Every business investigated tends to sell these MMS kits with components of 22%-28% Sodium Chlorite and 50% Citric Acid (or 4% Hydrochloric Acid). When these chemicals combine to become chlorine dioxide, one drop alone can go over 10 Parts Per Million (PPM), as observed from Oneness Labs’ video on chlorine dioxide test strips (Oneness Labs, 2020). This amount goes over the EPA’s approval of the maximum 0.8 PPM for chlorine dioxide. Through Stephen Pardee’s post on sodium chlorite, he states that EPA-registered brands will have the less desirable effects (See Figure 18) (Pardee, 2013). The meaning behind that post is that if they use the components, as required by EPA registration, they will not create the desired effects for MMS if they wish to use it as a panacea.

Any product unregistered with the EPA is dangerous as it can hurt or kill a person. For example, Dr. Ian Calheim of New Zealand tested an MMS Kit from Water Purifier NZ, which contained the same components as those sold by G2CHH. Dr. Ian Calheim mixed the products with three drops of sodium chlorite and citric acid based on information from Water Purifier NZ. To clarify, Water Purifier NZ also advertised their business at Water Precaution Suppliers. When inserting a small piece of steel with the mixed chemicals for over a couple of hours, the product corroded and rusted the steel that dipped into the assorted chemicals (RNZ, 2020).

Based on further research, the only company that successfully registered its product with the EPA is Aquamira, which legitimately sold its water purification products for treating water in a situation such as camping. Aquamira’s products, with their registration number for their product (EPA Reg. No. 71766-1), should have 0.8 PPM or less chlorine dioxide. An EPA registration file for Aquamira’s components has 2% of Chlorine Dioxide and 5% Phosphoric Acid (EPA Registration Number 717766-1, 2012). These components are not the same as those that sell MMS kits.

What is troubling is that some individuals stole Aquamira’s registration number to market their MMS kits. One of these individuals who stole the EPA registration is westcoastaedo, an eBay user who sells chlorine dioxide products belonging to Oneness Labs of Irvine, California. More than likely, there is a link or connection between westcoastaedo and Oneness Labs. One of the chlorine dioxide products sold by westcoastaedo on eBay states in the description that the EPA registration number is 71766-1 (See Figure 19) (Chlorine Dioxide Water Treatment Purification| 2 Part Liquid A & B Kit, n.d.). A post on one of the Facebook pages of Oneness Labs states the same description as westcoasteado’s (See Figure 20) (Oneness Labs’ Chlorine Dioxide post with false EPA Registration Number, 2020). In truth, this EPA Reg. No. 71766-1 belongs to Aquamira, meaning Westcoastaedo and Oneness Labs stole the registration number.

Closing Notes

Based on the information provided, businesses selling chlorine dioxide will hide their true intent of selling pseudo-medicine through the following factors. They will use different terminology such as WPS to hide from FDA scrutiny. Their online store will portray itself as a legitimate business selling chlorine dioxide for “legal” purposes. They will pay money to become part of a supplier's list that will act as a legitimate website portal when it was really for a customer who wants to buy MMS kits. Finally, some businesses will steal the EPA registration number from another business to make their products appear legitimate.

There must be a proposal of laws needed to diminish the marketing of industrial chemicals to the public. One such regulation would be only to allow individuals certified in handling chemicals to be allowed in the distribution and marketing of chemicals for industrial purposes. Another law to propose is only to allow the marketing and distribution of FDA and EPA registered products. Products unapproved by the FDA and EPA become illegal for marketing and distribution.


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