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The Grenon-Trump Conspiracy Theory

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

Disclaimer: The following article contains information that only help support a theory and is not meant as actual concrete evidence unless proven otherwise.

Based on information recently discovered from an MMS Distributor in Spain, there is a possible connection between Mark Grenon and the Trump administration. Although there is no concrete evidence directly linking both Grenon and Trump together, this article is to showcase information that could help support the theory of Grenon’s contact with the Trump Administration.

After giving Fiona O’Leary information about Tobias Laube, an MMS Distributor located in Spain, she received multiple messages. Tobias Laube is a member of the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing (G2CHH) and worked closely with Mark Grenon and Andreas Kalcker since 2008. In a recent series of messages from Tobias Laube obtained by Fiona, he openly stated that Mark Grenon had contact with the Trump Administration (O’Leary, 2020).

In a quote from Tobias Laube:

We deliver a lot also to the US and we actually have been in contact with the people…Mark Grenon has…was the person that was in contact with the Trump Administration that has delivered MMS to the Trump family and that’s where the….comment came from Donald Trump when he said injecting this disinfectant of course it was a bit of a stupid comment to call it that way and he is a bit of….yeah bit of a character to say that in front of live cameras but he was actually talking about MMS. They have tried MMS he is taking it personally he has been briefed that he has to watch out very carefully what he says even if he wouldn’t call it a disinfectant even if he just says these chlorine dioxide products that people see from that we experimented with to work to see that it works against COVID but he uses it and were pretty happy about that no matter what the public……how negative the public talks about Donald Trump….

While the audio alone does not help prove a link, despite Tobias’ close ties with Mark Grenon, other pieces of evidence could help support the theory of a link between Grenon and Trump.

For the full series of messages from Tobias Laube, you can view the YouTube video below.

April 24, 2020:

In an article published in the Guardian, Mark Grenon, along with 30 other people, sent a letter to Trump stating that chlorine dioxide can help “detox” the body of COVID. A few days after sending the letter, Trump was on national television and promoted the idea of “disinfectant” as a treatment or cure for COVID (Pilkington, 2020).

After the TV coverage the same day, Mark Grenon posted on Facebook stating:

Trump has got the MMS and all the info!!! Things are happening folks! Lord help others to see the Truth!

August 16, 2020:

Since Mark Grenon’s incarceration in Colombia, he sent a message from jail through outside help. He said that he had a dream envisioning himself at the White House with MMS becoming legalized, the FDA demolished, and a “cleansing” of the Department of Justice (Grenon, 2020). As quoted from Mark Grenon’s audio message:

I believe we’re going to be out soon, I even had a dream seeing that we’re going to be at the White House…proclaiming what we’ve been doing It’s going to be legal, yeah I believe its going to be legal and the FDA is going to be taken down, and the Department of Justice is going to be cleaned up…

The following is the full audio found from Telegram:

October 18, 2020:

Mark was able to send another audio recording in the form of a video on Telegram. He stated that one of his G2CHH members asked him if he could make an audio message for him. Mark Grenon also urged other members to write to the president at (Grenon, 2020). In a quote from Mark Grenon’s audio message:

…One of our members said that she would be talking to President Trump this week and wanted me to send him an audio message which I did…

The following is the full audio/video found from Telegram:

Closing Comments

The following information does not mean that there is definite proof that Mark Grenon has connections with the Trump Administration. This information is to help support the theory of a relationship between the two. More than likely, due to the result of the elections, this supposed connection will more than likely die out. However, if Donald Trump were to have won the re-election and if there was an actual connection, there could have been a different probable outcome in which the Grenons not only could have been pardoned by Trump but also the possible legalization of MMS.


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