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New Updates 1.1

New updates are being made to the website to improve the quality of the website. The following updates made are:

  • Enabling comments for users:

  • After realizing when looking into the comments function, only people considered “site members” could only create a comment. The solution is by installing a new comment application to allow anyone to insert comments into each article posted.

  • The “About” Page updated:

  • The “About” page has gone through a change to not only briefly describe the reason for an ongoing campaign against MMS businesses but to explain the reason behind the name of the website (Geoboros) and pseudonym of the Author (Eli Dagan).

  • Donation page created:

  • A donation page is made to continue the campaign against MMS businesses and other various projects. Individuals can make donations as little or as big as they. Donations can be made not only through the Donation page but also at the top of the header.


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