• Eli Dagan

My Personal Message to Mark Grenon, Kerri Rivera, and Stephen Pardee

Updated: Mar 22

Note: The following message acts more as a personal message to the three individuals listed above rather than my previous informative articles and only written within a short span just to get my personal message across.

Mark Grenon,

I’m sorry to hear that both your sons, Jonathan and Jordan, have been arrested. Unfortunately, I’m also happy to hear they were arrested. You, your family, and your supporters (especially Stephen Pardee) deserve any punishment that is brought forth by the authorities.

You and your family were incredibly happy living in the resort town of Santa Marta, Columbia at the expense of the terminally ill and desperate loved ones by selling a chemical that can not only harm or kill people but also can be used as a chemical weapon if it were to be in the wrong hands. This was also evident when Mutsuro Ishii, one of your promoters for MMS, introduced this to the Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA). The KNLA, with help from Ishii, used MMS on the villagers residing in the Kayin State of Myanmar (

While you have continued to attack Fiona O’Leary it should be known that there have been various people who gave her aid in exposing MMS groups. I am one of those people who aided her by infiltrating your websites and social networks and collaborating information with her. I have exposed some of these websites through my own website. In one of my articles, I exposed and wrote about Jonathan’s facility in Bradenton using remote sensing and Geographic Information Systems ( Fiona was happy with this information and she directed FDA officials to my website to gather the information needed in their investigation against you and your children.

Most importantly, this downfall came to be when you tried to promote MMS as a cure for COVID to gain a huge boost in sales. Your own greed caused you to be federally charged and both your sons arrested.


Kerri Rivera,

I not only collaborated information with Fiona not only on the Grenon’s but also your Telegram channels ( Although I wrote an article about this a while back, most of the information I gathered and sent to Fiona went to an article from the Business Insider which you should be familiar with by now (

On an additional note, I found your Billboard on I-40 in Texas helped remodel it. You should thank me.

By the time Mark Grenon is apprehended and if he is extradited, I wouldn’t be surprised if the German authorities finally take action on you as well. I also wouldn’t be surprised if you try to migrate to another country to avoid apprehension. Regardless, your Keto Kerri store is in Arizona and operated by Michael Harrah. It could be a matter of time before they try to shut down the store and arrest Michael, separating him from his ducks (Yes found his old domain and his duck pictures).

Stephen Pardee,

You are one of the biggest fools I have investigated aside from Ishii. You not only tried to cover your tracks, you did so in a way that made you look even more guilty.

When certain posts on Genesis II’s Forum were being erased/altered/redirected, they were done so by a moderator of the Forum. I later discovered that you are the moderator as I documented a post of yours that stayed and changed over the past few months. Through the changes of that one post, it revealed that you not only tried to alter your profile, it revealed that you were also that moderator.

You not only revealed that you were involved with the Suppliers List, but that you also worked as a moderator for the Genesis II’s Forum. Stephen, it is useless at this point to destroy any information without incriminating yourself even more. I hope Kathy enjoyed her cruise because that will be her last time as well. Below is a gallery showing the changes made to Post #11225.

To all three,

Your shady business is not going to last long and will eventually get taken down. You should have known this was coming. If needed, you guys can look over my website to view the pages and articles I written about you guys. On a closing statement, through one of Stephen’s best quotes, “If anyone has any comments, gripes, bitches, or complaints, now is the time….


Eli Dagan