• Eli Dagan

MMS Distributors: Oneness Labs

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

The previous article, “Marketing and Sales of MMS on eBay and Amazon,” briefly mentions Oneness Labs as an online distributor of Chlorine Dioxide. The following article focuses on Oneness Labs and the known two people operating the business, Peter Nguyen and John Tran.

Oneness Labs

Oneness Labs operates within the Irvine Towers in California at 18400 Von Karman Avenue, Suite 1000, Irvine, California 92612. An application from USPTO reveals Peter Nguyen (See Figure 2) as its trustee (OL Trademark/Service Mark Application, Principal Register, 2019). An official business file from the company also shows John Tran (See Figure 3) as the Organizer/Agent (Oneness Labs LLC Registration, 2020). Both Peter and John worked together in other registered companies within the Irvine Towers.

Other businesses they operated within this address includes but not limited to:

About Us

Since the recent article regarding Oneness Labs, their “About Us” page remains the same, but what is peculiar about this page is that Oneness Lab’s story sounds similar to Jim Humble’s story. Jim Humble is the founder of the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing (G2CHH). He coined the name “Miracle Mineral Solution” for Chlorine Dioxide as a cure for various diseases (About Jim Humble, n.d.). Observing from these similarities:

  • Both went on a trip to South America.

  • Both discovered Chlorine Dioxide/MMS as a way to “cure” illness.

  • Provided Chlorine Dioxide/cured 5,000 people.

Under a section from Oneness Lab’s page (See Figure 5) (About Us, n.d.):

“Here at Oneness Labs, we are passionate about clean water! Back in 2008 one of the founders came across chloride dioxide as a tool to clean water. He had a trip planned to the Amazon in South America and felt it would be a good idea to bring these water purification drops along 'just in case'. During his travels, he used the drops several times personally to help with stomach bug issues and to treat his drinking water where he wasn't able to get filtered or bottled water. He was surprised at how effective the drops were in getting over illness quickly and how easily it purified the water. Upon seeing how dire the living and sanitary conditions were in many of the local areas he visited, he started giving out the drops freely to anyone that was open to using them. The results were amazing! With word of mouth, more and more people were coming to ask for them.
He has since continued his humanitarian work in the Amazon of South America creating clean water projects in the local communities and providing Chlorine Dioxide Water Drops to over 5000 people. The passion continued and Oneness Labs was created in 2019 to bring these Water Purification Drops to many more people.”

As quoted from Jim Humble’s “About” page (See Figure 6) (About Jim Humble, n.d.):

“After 20 years in the Aerospace Industry, Jim went into gold mining where he developed methods of gold recovery that replace the use of mercury to help overcome health issues for small miners. He wrote 5 books on the subject of recovering gold from its ores. In 1996, while prospecting for gold in South America, he discovered what has come to be known as MMS, a simple health formula that cured malaria. In the years that followed, he worked to further improve the formula. Eventually a missionary group invited him to Africa where he successfully treated over 5,000 malaria cases and victims of other diseases. Since that time, hundreds of thousands of people have used MMS to recover their health from a wide range of diseases.”

Distribution Sites

While Oneness Labs’ main website acts as one of the distribution sites, Amazon acts as one of the other distribution sites. Mapstore, also known as Map Media Holding LLC, acts as a vendor on Amazon to sells Oneness Labs products. Initially, the business address for the vendor is 18400 Von Karman Avenue, Irvine, California 92612. However, they changed the address to 9350 Bolsa Avenue #76, Westminster, California 92683 (See Figure 6) (MapStore Seller Profile, n.d.). Through FastPeopleSearch, this address belongs to John Giang Tran, who is a registered agent of Oneness Labs (John Tran Profile, n.d.).

The other Distribution site is eBay. The user, westcoastaedo, sells products of Oneness Labs in Norwalk, California. When viewing the Item Description for the Chlorine Dioxide Kit, they have an EPA registration number listed as EPA Reg. No. 71766-1 (See Figure 7) (Chlorine Dioxide Water Treatment Purification| 2 Part Liquid A & B Kit, n.d.). However, this number belongs to Aquamira, who received the EPA's approval to sell a water treatment product (EPA Registration Number 717766-1, 2012). Not only did the registration number not belong to Oneness Labs, but Oneness Labs stole the registration number to act as if they were legitimate.

Aside from westcostaedo, one of the two Facebook pages belonging to Oneness Labs also stole Aquamira’s EPA Registration number in one of their posts (See Figure 8) (Oneness Labs’ Chlorine Dioxide post with false EPA Registration Number, 2020).

Under EPA regulations, the maximum drinking water concentration cannot exceed 0.8 Parts Per Million (PPM) (Chlorine Dioxide, n.d.). Aquamira’s Water Treatment contains at least 2% Chlorine Dioxide, which is more than likely at 0.8 PPM or lower. With Oneness Labs’ chlorine dioxide kit, the product contains 28% Sodium Chlorite and 50% Citric Acid. The two chemicals combined can create Chlorine Dioxide of more than 0.8 PPM. Had Oneness Labs tried to get an approved Registration number from the EPA, it would be more than likely to get rejected due to exceeding 0.8 PPM once combined.

Before selling only Chlorine Dioxide kits, Oneness Labs tried to sell homeopathic mole and skin tag remover. Figure 9 reveals a screenshot of the mole and skin tag remover on Amazon as a Specimen of Oneness Labs through USPTO. This screenshot also indicatesMap Media Holding made the screen capture and are in Irvine, California, based on the zip code presented (Oneness Labs Specimen, 2019). The FDA sent Oneness Labs a letter stating that the homeopathic product they sell is considered an unapproved drug. The reason for the FDA’s letter is because Oneness Labs’ homeopathic medicine contains Sanguinaria Canadensis and zinc chloride, referred to as a Black Salve and a corrosive agent (Oneness Labs - 608918 - 10/06/2020, 2020). In an article from the FDA, an unidentified patient lost his left nostril from using the corrosive agents to treat melanoma (Do Not Use: Black Salve is Dangerous and Called by Many Names, 2020). The homeopathic mole and skin tag remover was still up for sale until December 9, 2020 (Mole Remover, Skin Tag Remover, Wart Remover Homeopathic No Surgery OnenessLabs™, n.d.).

Besides selling Oneness Labs’ Chlorine Dioxide kits, westcoastaedo also sells chlorine dioxide kits belonging to Keavy’s Corner, which is also known as KV Lab (See Figure 10) (Chlorine Dioxide Water Treatment Purification| 2 Part Liquid A & B Kit, n.d.). Keavy’s Corner and its CEO, Stephen Pardee, have been involved with the Genesis II Church in setting up a list of suppliers secretly selling chlorine dioxide as a medicine.


The current location of Oneness Labs, Map Media Holdings, and westcoastaedo are all within the area of Orange County and Los Angeles County. Observing from Figure 11, the registered address of Oneness Labs is proven accurate through a Youtube video uploaded by the business. In this video, the office views the Golden State Foods building (Oneness Labs, 2020). The office's location could only be within the Irvine Towers based on the position and floor level the office resides.

The Hazard of Chlorine Dioxide Use

In a blog written by Oneness Labs, they state that chlorine dioxide does not have any healing effects, and proven by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). They included that one shouldn’t drink chlorine dioxide on its own (Treating Tap Water with Chlorine Dioxide for Safe Drinking Water, 2020). However, the instructions they gave as listed in one of their products are similar to how MMS promoters instruct users when mixing Sodium chloride and Citric Acid (or Hydrochloric Acid).

Based on a video from Radio New Zealand (RNZ), Dr. Ian Calheim mixed the products with three drops of sodium chlorite and Citric Acid as instructed and obtained from Water Purifier NZ. When inserting a piece of steel into the mixed product for over a couple of hours, the product could corrode and rust the steel in a short matter of time (RNZ, 2020).

Roger Blake, a member of Genesis II Church, operates Water Purifier NZ and is advertised in the supplier's list previously mentioned in the article.

Although Oneness Labs requires only two drops each of Sodium Chlorite and Citric Acid, the product can still harm a human being as the drops together is enough to go over the limit of 0.8 PPM.

Closing Notes

Oneness Labs is more than likely secretly selling chlorine dioxide products as a medicine. Based on the information provided, the About Us page has a similar story to Jim Humble’s. Their instructions of product usage are similar to promoters of MMS. They previously tried selling a different homeopathic product unapproved by the FDA. Additionally, the vendor of eBay and those operating one of the Facebook accounts stole Aquamira’s EPA Registration number. Although the FDA sent Oneness Labs a Warning Letter regarding one of their products, the FDA must take another look into the company for their marketing and distribution of chlorine dioxide.


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