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MMS Distributors: Kenneth Eugene Kennedy and Genesis Church 2 / Genesis Health and Wellness

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

Kenneth Eugene Kennedy (also known as Ken Kennedy) was in a previous article regarding Social Media sites titled, “MMS Social Media Operations.”He is a MeWe User since March 2019 and was a part of Mark Grenon’s Genesis II Church of Health and Healing (G2CHH) group. In that MeWe group, Kennedy also ran an online store bearing the name “Genesis Church 2” and sells MMS (also known to be chlorine dioxide) as a medicine. This article focuses back on Ken Kennedy and the online business he maintains.

Ken Kennedy

Ken Kennedy was initially discovered through the G2CHH MeWe group and claimed to be a Police Chief (G2CHH MeWe Group, n.d.). However, when viewing his FastPeopleSearch profile, there is no evidence suggesting he was an actual Police Chief other than a security position (Kenneth Kennedy Profile, n.d.). He has, on numerous occasions, used the term “chief police” in various online accounts. When documenting these accounts, the following email addresses and web addresses from multiple social media accounts belonging to Ken Kennedy listed as:





In one of the many posts in the G2CHH MeWe group, Ken asked Mark Grenon if Chlorine Dioxide can destroy heroin in the blood and how chlorine dioxide could affect a person going through addiction (See Figure 3) (G2CHH MeWe Group, n.d.). Ken’s focus on chlorine dioxide went further when he made a post in 2019, stating he gave his 7-Year-old son MMS to remedy an upset stomach (See Figure 4) (G2CHH MeWe Group, n.d.).

Additional posts on MeWe also become a concern when he made repeated claims that the CIA is the “biggest illegal drug importer” in the world (See Figure 6). He made a different post stating that George Bush (Sr. & Jr.) orchestrated the 9/11 attacks to start a war in Afghanistan to control the poppy fields (See Figure 7) (G2CHH MeWe Group, n.d.). These posts are a concern because Ken Kennedy is a part of the Henderson Composite Squadron NV-065 under the Civil Air Patrol (CAP). From an article in 2019, Ken Kennedy is a 1st Lieutenant and an assistant aerospace education officer. Ken and another Lieutenant initiated a series of launching high-altitude balloons into the stratosphere as part of a project to help further the interest of aerospace and STEM education for the cadets (Addleman, 2019).

Three photos reveal Ken Kennedy’s association with the Squadron, as shown in Figure 8 (Ken Kennedy with CAP Cadets, n.d.) and Figure 9 (Ken Kennedy poses with CAP Henderson Squadron, n.d.). Figure 10, Ken Kennedy is shown with the Squadron and what appears to be his 7-year-old son (Ken Kennedy poses with CAP Henderson Squadron and his Son at Launch Site, n.d.). In an archived video from Ken’s deleted youtube account, a presentation is revealed by CAP regarding the launch of the high-altitude balloon (chiefpolice, n.d.).

Genesis Church 2

On his MeWe profile (before updating it), Ken claimed to be a CEO for an MMS Manufacturer (See Figure 2) (Kennedy, n.d.). In finding his online MMS Business, a private message was made to Ken asking if he sells MMS. He replied by saying to message him through the email address he sent (See Figure 11).

The website linked a YouTube video belonging to Ken’s other account, “Get Well.” The video itself is a Pseudo-Documentary called Quantum Leap, which promotes Chlorine Dioxide as a medicine for various conditions and illnesses under the name of MMS. This video also features Mark Grenon, who promotes the product (See Figure 13). In a couple of the YouTube comments, both QNON Research Team and Joel Whalen commented that Q and “ChiefofPolice” sent them. ChiefofPolice is more than likely an online alias of Ken Kennedy (See Figure 14).

In an article from the Daily Beast, they documented a Tweet from Ken’s now-defunct Twitter account known as “chiefpolice2” (Sommer, 2020). In this deleted tweet, he advertises MMS as the 20-20-20 spray stating:

China expanded its lockdown against the deadly new virus to an unprecedented 36 million people. New followers protect yourself with the 20-20-20 spray. Watch this video It will kill the deadly virus.

In a similar statement, Ken advertised his 20-20-20 spray on his updated MeWe page as protection from the Coronavirus (See Figure 15).

Genesis Health and Wellness

As of October 2020, the entire website changed from “Genesis Church 2” to “Genesis Health and Wellness.” At this point, the online business is trying to appear as a legitimate business but still fails to do so after pointing out a few key factors:

  • On the Testimonials page, three different individuals appear, but all have the same comment (See Figure 17) (Testimonials, n.d.):

    • This is your Testimonial quote. Use this space to share reviews about your store, your products and the online shopping experience. Get your site visitors excited to jump into action!

  • When viewing the FAQ page, there are four questions but have the same answer (see Figure 18) (FAQ, n.d.):

    • Enter your answer here. Be thoughtful, write clearly and concisely, and consider adding written as well as visual examples. Go over what you’ve written to make sure that if it was the first time you were visiting the site, you’d understand your answer.

Additionally, on the “Instructions” page, the business refers to the Kits as MMS or otherwise described as a “Sacramental Cleansing Water” (Instructions, n.d.) (See Figure 19).

In the Product info section for Kit 1, it states (Kit 1, n.d.) (See Figure 20):

The Cleansing Water (CW) when combined with 5% Activator becomes Chlorine Dioxide (CD) & it is for purifying the 8 oz of water that you drink during the protocol. It has a negative charge. Pathogens, especially the microbes that are in cancer cells have a positive charge. DMS is a carrier and an anti inflammatory. When DMS is used, it carries it almost instantly throughout the body and it opens up the pores of the cancer cells and allows the CD to enter easily into the cell. Once there, it oxidizes the microbe and kills it. CD is attracted to pathogens and kills them instantly. 98% of all diseases are caused by pathogens. Our Cleansing Water cures nothing. It only kills the pathogens which causes the disease. With the pathogens dead, the body's immune system can heal itself.

When viewing SilverFlume’s Nevada Business Search, Genesis Health and Wellness registered back in 10/15/2019 with Ken Kennedy and Emma Kennedy acting as managing members. Although they are both working as managing members, they give two different addresses. The address Ken gave along with the LLC's registered address is 777 E Quartz Ave of Sandy Valley. While performing a search for the company through Google and Bing, there is no evidence suggesting that it exists at that location. However, a post office is at this address where Ken more than likely ships the products. The address Emma Kennedy provides is 2630 Silver Ave of Sandy Valley.

Another business in Nevada that Ken is involved with is a Nonprofit Corporation called “Friends of Henderson Hot Air Balloon Club LLC.” Ken acts as the Secretary for the company and registered his address at the same street he registered Genesis Health and Wellness. The President of this company is Thomas Whitcomb, who is also the 1st Lieutenant for the Civil Air Patrol.

Closing Notes

Kenneth Eugene Kennedy has ties to the G2CHH and has links to an organization that supports the United States Air Force. He not only has admitted to poisoning his 7-year-old son on MeWe, but he also may have possible influence over the cadets due to his position as a Lt. Colonel. Ken’s CAP position is overly concerning, especially due to his ties with the Q-Anon community. Ken must be investigated not only by the FDA's authorities for selling the MMS but also by Child Protective Services for using it on his child and even Civil Air Patrol for his participation in the Q-Anon community.


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