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MMS Distributor: Vaccine Police

Updated: Feb 13, 2022

In a joint investigation with Irish activist Fiona O’Leary, she discovered another distributor of Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS). Jim Humble and the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing (G2CHH) invented the term MMS, consisting of two bottles containing 22%-28% sodium chlorite and 50% citric acid. Distributors of MMS promote the product as alternative health to cancer, HIV, autism, and even COVID-19. The MMS distributor Fiona O’Leary discovered is Christopher Key and known to many as the pseudo police officer, Vaccine Police.

Christopher Key

The earliest reports of Christopher Key date back to 2013 when authorities shut down a fitness center in Alabama known as SWATS. The people who ran SWATS, Christopher Key and Mitch Ross, were charged with about 260 counts of deceptive trade. One of the significant items sold at SWATS was IGF-1. The purpose of IGF-1 is to treat children with severe growth deficiencies but was later illegally marketed by SWATS as a performance enhancement (Harris, 2013).

By 2019, Christopher Key would use the moniker Vaccine Police as part of a joke in a YouTube video (Refer to Video 1) (Key, 2019). Christopher Key would later use the name for his identity, website, and social media platforms as recently as June 2021. However, major social media companies such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram banned Vaccine Police from using their services. One of the platforms that didn’t ban Vaccine Police is Telegram, revealing everything he has said and done through a series of posts and video announcements. The Telegram page contained almost 150 gigabytes of data and is now exported into a hard drive for further study and review. Because Christopher Key’s Telegram page shows how he operates as the Vaccine Police, most of the references used for this article will be his Telegram page.

[Video 1 A YouTube video showing the beginning of the Vaccine Police (Key, 2019).]


As Vaccine Police, Christopher Key confronts pharmacies and other institutions, serves them a false subpoena, warns them that they violate the Nuremberg Code, and threatens they could face execution if convicted. In Christopher Key’s viewpoint, administering the vaccine violates the Nuremberg Code, which is a set of ten ruling points in the medical experimentation of human subjects (Nuremberg Code, n.d.). Such confrontations occurred when Christopher Key and his followers traveled to a Walmart and Walgreens in Missouri and threatened pharmacists could face execution if they administered the COVID vaccine to patients (Refer to Video 2 and 3). Another confrontation was when Christopher Key harassed Steve Edwards, the CEO of CoxHealth (Refer to Video 4) (Vaccine Police, 2021). In the viewpoint of one of the bystanders witnessing this confrontation, Christopher Key’s intent was “to be an ass.”

[Video 2 Christopher Key intimidating pharmacists at Walmart (Vaccine Police, 2021).]

[Video 3 Christopher Key intimidating pharmacists at Walgreens (Vaccine Police, 2021).]

[Video 4 Christopher Key confronting Steve Edwards (Vaccine Police, 2021).]

Christopher Key also attends anti-vaccine events to give a speech to people. One of the events attended was the “Free The Grenons” protest in December at the Federal Detention Center (FDC) in Miami. In a recording by the Loki Luck III Podcast, Christopher Key recounted an incident in which authorities arrested him at a Whole Foods store on trespassing charges (Refer to Audio 1). During Christopher’s Key speech at the protest, he also handed out MMS to people (Loki Luck III (LL 3) Podcast, 2021).

[Audio 1 Christopher Key recounting the events of his arrest at Whole Foods (Loki Luck III (LL 3) Podcast, 2021).]

When traveling, Christopher Key will find other means of transportation not from the Airport due to his protest against mask mandates. Such forms of transportation are either by taking a rental car or a Greyhound bus to his destination. On one occasion, Christopher Key traveled by a private plane to Tampa, Florida (Refer to Figure 2) (Vaccine Police, 2021).

Recently, Christopher Key revealed he now has his own customized Mustang (Refer to Figure 3 and 4). Before posting the reveal, Christopher Key made posts in early January 2022, hinting at the vehicle's design (Refer to Figure 6). Christopher Key named the vehicle “General Key” based on General Lee from the show “Dukes of Hazard.” The back of the vehicle shows a counter system to give a falsified amount as to how many people died from the Covid Vaccine (Refer to Figure 5) (Vaccine Police, 2022).

When spreading Anti Vaccine propaganda, Christopher Key operates a billboard in Texas showing a falsified number of vaccine-related deaths since October 2021 (Refer to Figure 7. 8, and 9). The billboard is not static but digital and will update over time. As mentioned previously, Christopher Key also uses a counter system on his vehicle to report these falsified deaths (Vaccine Police, 2021). Primary Media, an outdoor advertising company in Texas, is responsible for uploading Christopher Key’s propaganda onto their billboards. For $350 or less a month, a person can advertise their products through Primary Media’s billboards (How Much? n.d.).

The billboards reporting of these vaccine-related deaths reference the website OpenVAERS. OpenVAERS acquires data from the US Health and Human Service’s (HHS) Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). The reason why the number of vaccine-related deaths is false is that data from VAERS are not fully confirmed (Guide to Interpreting VAERS Data, n.d.). The HHS established a page on interpreting and evaluating data from VAERS and openly stated in a paragraph that:

When evaluating data from VAERS, it is important to note that for any reported event, no cause-and-effect relationship has been established. Reports of all possible associations between vaccines and adverse events (possible side effects) are filed in VAERS. Therefore, VAERS collects data on any adverse event following vaccination, be it coincidental or truly caused by a vaccine. The report of an adverse event to VAERS is not documentation that a vaccine caused the event.

Aside from attending protests and confrontations, Christopher Key also uploads a bizarre set of photos and videos onto the Vaccine Police Telegram Page. In one instance, Christopher Key uploaded a collection of pictures brandishing a set of automatic weapons, including a video of him using a flamethrower (Refer to Figure 10 and Video 5). Another upload shows him creating a PSA video while playing with stuffed animals and toys to demonstrate that the COVID-19 vaccine is somehow a bioweapon (Refer to Video 6) (Vaccine Police, 2021).

[Video 5 Christopher Key with a flamethrower (Vaccine Police, 2021).]

[Video 6 Christopher Key’s bizarre PSA video (Vaccine Police, 2021).]


Christopher Key links people to his donation page through Telegram or his website regarding donations. Christopher Key originally had a GoFundMe page but was eventually shut down. Christopher Key now uses the Christian donation website, GiveSendGo, to substitute GoFundMe. The purpose of the GiveSendGo page is to hold the nations accountable, defend the right of freedom, and protect the children around the world from mask mandates, forced vaccines, and child trafficking” (Thompson, n.d.). Despite their reason for the donation page, there is no specification for how they could hold anyone accountable, defend freedom, and protect children. Currently, the GiveSendGo page made over $180,000 in donations (Refer to Figure 11).

One key individual who has shown support for Christopher Key is Stew Peters from an alternative news website called Red Voice Media. When reviewing information from Christopher Key’s Telegram page, Stew Peters invited him onto his show, advertised the Vaccine Police website, and advertised his online shop called (Refer to Video 7 and 8). There was even a video showing them together at an event with Christopher Key handing Stew Peters an IGF-1 product and telling him people can get it his website (Refer to Video 9) (Vaccine Police, 2021). This web address redirects users to the Nutronics Lab website. It is uncertain if Christopher Key has any real connections to Nutronics besides advertising or handing out their products.

[Video 7 Stew Peters advertising Vaccine Police (Vaccine Police, 2021).]

[Video 8 Stew Peters advertising (Vaccine Police, 2021).]

[Video 9 Stew Peters with Christopher Key at an event (Vaccine Police, 2021).]

MMS Distribution Through Donation

Christopher Key supplying people with MMS is not isolated to the protest but also through his donations. In a call made by Fiona O’Leary under the identity of Mary, she asked Christopher Key where she could acquire MMS (Refer to Audio 2). Christopher Key told Fiona O’Leary to send a text with a name and address and asked to donate an unspecified amount through the Vaccine Police GiveSendGo page. Once users perform this task, they would receive an MMS kit containing six ounces within two weeks. Christopher Key’s donation setup is similar to G2CHH’s G2 Sacraments website. The only difference is that G2CHH appears to be more open about their distribution of chlorine dioxide by receiving a donation of a specified amount. Christopher Key is cautious in publicly sharing this information, possibly to avoid scrutiny from the FDA and DOJ.

[Audio 2 Fiona O'Leary's first call to Christopher Key]

Various images and videos within the Vaccine Police Telegram page reveal Christopher Key with G2CHH MMS products. However, it appears that Christopher Key purposely scribbled out the G2CHH logo. Another video showcases Christopher Key in a garage with cartons full of the G2CHH MMS products with the logo scribbled out (Refer to Figure 12 and 13) (Vaccine Police, 2021). Fiona O’Leary was able to receive further confirmation from Mark Grenon himself (Refer to Figure 14). Mark Grenon had Bob Sisson, otherwise known to others as “Bob the Plumber,” talk to Christopher Key about changing the labels (Refer to Figure 15).

Fiona O’Leary gave a second call to Christopher Key to ask if she could go to his residence to acquire and if he handmade the MMS himself (Refer to Audio 3). Christopher Key became suspicious and assumed Fiona O’Leary was a federal agent when she asked about his current address. Fiona O’Leary explained to Christopher Key that she found his address in a court document on Telegram. Christopher Key would calm down and explain that federal authorities were after him. Christopher Key admitted in the call that he made the products himself and stated he was in Louisiana at the time. Regardless of being in a different state, Christopher Key gave Fiona O’Leary a phone number that belonged to Jennifer. In Fiona O’Leary’s messages to Jennifer, they were to meet at a Barnes and Noble where Jennifer would deliver the products. This meeting never occurred, but Fiona O’Leary was able to report local police.

[Audio 3 Fiona O'Leary's second call to Christopher Key]

MMS Aftermath

A couple of days after calling Christopher Key, he panicked and made an emergency trip back to Birmingham after being questioned by police. It is uncertain how Christopher Key became aware of Fiona O’Leary. One theory is the police questioning Christopher Key mentioned Fiona O’Leary’s name when filing a report. Another theory is that Mark Grenon knows Fiona O’Leary is asking him questions and told Bob Sisson to warn Christopher Key.

In a couple of uploaded videos, Christopher Key spoke to a reporter NBC to give his side of the story (Refer to Video 10 and 11). Christopher Key claimed that Fiona O’Leary is working with the International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL). Other claims made by Christopher Key are that Fiona O’Leary threatened him in a call, texted him from the Michigan Health Department and that she is somehow involved with the death of Jeff Bradstreet (Vaccine Police, 2022). There is no evidence proving any of these claims. Interestingly, Christopher Key openly admitted to thinking about destroying the evidence in the videos. The interview with him went all the way with Christopher Key going to the Vestavia Police Department (Refer to Video 12).

[Video 10 Christopher Key interview with NBC Part 1 (Vaccine Police, 2022).]

[Video 11 Christopher Key interview with NBC Part 2 (Vaccine Police, 2022).]

[Video 12 Christopher Key speaking before entering the Vestavia Police Department (Vaccine Police, 2022).]

Closing Notes

Current information found in this joint project suggests Christopher Key has not changed regarding the distribution of snake oil since his time working at SWATS. Videos and calls by Fiona O’Leary suggest Christopher Key is trying to circumvent by using words such as donation, people needing to do their research, and claiming that he is not a doctor. Images and videos of Christopher Key with G2CHH-labeled products suggest he is involved with G2CHH. Fiona O’Leary’s messages to Mark Grenon also cement this idea when he had Bob Sisson speak to Christopher Key about changing the labels. Since authorities are investigating Christopher Key now, an investigation should also occur for people connected to him, such as Stew Peters, Jennifer, Bob Sisson, and G2CHH.


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