• Eli Dagan

Max Ard: Alabama Bishop and suspected MMS Distributor

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

The main idea of this article focuses on Max Ard, a member of the Genesis II Church since 2013. Initially discovered by Fiona O’Leary, we have collaborated information to gain a better understanding of not only Max Ard, but also other MMS Distributors and Promoters across the globe.

Based on his LinkedIn account, Max claims to be a retired Insurance Adjustor for Allstate and is now part of Genesis II Church Chapter #268 under the title of Bishop. As part of a member of the Genesis II Church, he helps instruct people on how to create and use Chlorine Dioxide (Ard, n.d.). While it can’t be verifiable that he once worked for Allstate, there is information from Complete Markets to claim that Max Ard was once an Insurance Broker Agent from Summerdale, Alabama (Ard, 2016).

Figure 2 Two screenshots of Max Ard's LinkedIn Account.

There is also information found from Bail Bonds HQ that Max Ard was once arrested for two misdemeanor charges in Alabama with a Bond Amount of $500. The charges consisted of Disorderly Conduct and Resisting Arrest (See Figure 3). Although arrested on these charges, there is no confirmation for any conviction of these charges (Baldwin County Inmate Details for ARD, MAX, n.d.).

Since early 2020, Max Ard constructed the online website known as Miracle of Water or also known as g2CU.info. In the past couple of weeks, Max made a short series of updates before anything could be permanently archived. However, there are still significant points to the purpose of his website. He uses this website to set up zoom meetings with other church members. In one video, he showcased a 2,000-gallon rainwater tank outside his house (Ard, 2020). On his “Members” page (See Figure 4), Max has been in contact with:

· Quintin Sajorda: Genesis II Church Chapter #324 and Owner of Sajorda River Park in the Philippines.

· Wulfric HG Kilburn: Genesis II Church Chapter #313 in Canada.

Genesis2church.gh: The “.gh” is most likely a domain extension for Ghana with the account possibly under control by Barima Asamoah Kofi IV of Genesis II Church Chapter #314 in Ghana.

Currently, Max Ard has been working with Mark Grenon since his incarceration in Colombia, including his supposed legal team. Between their cooperation, they want people to send “Affidavits of Truth” to help in the release of the Grenons (See Figure 5). Under these Affidavits, people would make a claim stating that Chlorine Dioxide cured them of any illness (Ard, n.d.).

While making a study on Max Ard, it also appears that there is an eBay user under the name “purewatersolution” selling MMS in Silverhill, Alabama (Water Purification Solution - Chlorite (NaClO2) & Citric Acid 4oz - Amber GLASS, n.d.). As of August 30, 2020, using Microsoft Excel to calculate information, purewatersolution amounted to a total of $52,136.2 by selling over 1,900 MMS products. Based on a selection of routes using Google Maps, the time it takes to travel from his address to Silverhill, Alabama, ranges between 16-18 minutes under a mileage of roughly 11-12 miles (See Figure 6). Additionally, when using google maps to view various post offices, most appear within or around the area of Silverhill and Robertsdale.

After creating a map showcasing Alabama through ArcGIS and finding Points of Interest (POI) using Google Maps, a majority of mailing services are within the top portion of the map (See Figure 7).

Points of interest in Silverhill are:

· eBay Seller (purewatersolution): Where the user ships MMS products.

· United States Postal Service

· FedEx Onsite

Points of Interest in Robertsdale are:

· UPS Customer Center

· United States Postal Service

· UPS Authorized Shipping Provider

· Two UPS Access Point Locations

· Two FedEx Onsite Locations

Points of Interest in Summerdale are:

· Max Ard’s Residence

· United States Postal Service

While Calculating the geometry of Max Ard’s residence, the total calculated area is 2490.271313 square meters. From an aerial view, it appears that there is more than one building within the area of interest (AOI). It could be possible that Max Ard uses one of these buildings for manufacturing MMS products (See Figure 8).

Based on these findings between his association with Mark Grenon and probable involvement of eBay shipments in Silverhill, there must be a close observation on Max Ard to verify if he is indeed involved with the sales of MMS on eBay.


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