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Marketing and Sales of MMS on eBay and Amazon

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

Update: Warning - Some sources used in this article have been purposely tampered with by supporters of Genesis II Church. Sources either altered or destroyed will be highlighted in red. For more information regarding this, go to


This article focuses on the marketing of MMS/Chlorine Dioxide on e-commerce companies eBay and Amazon. Since late 2018 and early 2019, News outlets such as NBC, Daily Beast, and Houston Chronicle spoke out about MMS products and books sold on both e-commerce websites.

Although both websites made attempts to halt the product's sales and marketing, there is barely any effort, and sales continue, especially in the wake of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Difference Between EPA-Approved and Jim Humble-Specified Products

The claims distributors and marketers of MMS make when secretly selling the product is that it treats water. However, MMS products are unapproved by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). MMS products fall under the specifications of Jim Humble, the founder of the Genesis II Church and the initial promoter of MMS (Humble, 2019).

Products specified by Jim Humble are:

  • 22% - 28% Sodium Chlorite

  • 4% Hydrochloric Acid

  • 50% Citric Acid

  • Chlorine Dioxide Solution of 3000 PPM

  • Also known as CDS and is pre-made chlorine dioxide.

  • The under EPA standards, the maximum amount of chlorine dioxide is 0.8 PPM (Chlorine Dioxide, n.d.). The Jim Humble specifications have 3000 PPM, which violates the regulations.

An example of EPA-approved chlorine dioxide is Aquamira’s Water Treatment (See Figure 2). The product sold by Aquamira is an EPA-approved and registered formula for Chlorine Dioxide and the EPA Regulation #71766-1 (EPA Registration Number 717766-1, 2012). Contents used in their product are:

  • 2% Chlorine Dioxide (under EPA regulations)

  • 5% Phosphoric Acid

Searching for MMS Products

When searching for MMS or chlorine dioxide products, the following domains searched are:






Important key words used when searching is:

  • MMS

  • MMS Solution

  • Chlorine Dioxide Solution

  • Chlorine Dioxide Solution CDS

  • CDL

  • MMS Water Purification

  • Miracle Mineral Solution

  • Dióxido de Cloro

  • Chlordioxidlösung

  • 0.3%

  • Water Purification Solution

  • Water Purification Drops

eBay Results

Since the investigation, 53 recorded eBay sellers marketed MMS/Chlorine Dioxide, with 43 currently active as of 10-11-2020. During the investigation, three sellers generated sales of over $26,000 (See Figure 3). These three sellers are:

  • purewatersolutions (Alabama): $70,157

  • biotraxx-direct (Netherlands): $69,164.02

  • letti-alver (Texas): $26,112.65

Total sales were determined in USD by the number of items sold on each product page. For example, an item sold for $50 and 4 items were sold, it would equal $200 in sales. All items found through each user are saved as an HTML document and listed in an excel sheet not only for observation but also for total sales and items sold.

Marketer Highlights

Oneness Labs:

Oneness Labs is one of these distributors with an online store and has its products sold on Amazon under MapStore (See Figure 4) (MapStore, n.d.) and eBay under the username westcoastaedo (westcoastaedo, n.d.).

In Oneness Lab’s “About US” page, Oneness Lab’s founder's story is eerily similar to Jim Humble’s background story (About Us, n.d.). Jim Humble is the founder of Genesis II Church, who coined the name “Miracle Mineral Solution” for Chlorine Dioxide as a cure for various diseases (About Jim Humble, n.d.). Observing from these similarities:

  • Both went on a trip to South America.

  • Both discovered Chlorine Dioxide/MMS as a way to “cure” illness.

  • Provided Chlorine Dioxide/cured 5,000 people.

Under a section from Oneness Lab’s page (See Figure 5):

“Here at Oneness Labs, we are passionate about clean water! Back in 2008 one of the founders came across chloride dioxide as a tool to clean water. He had a trip planned to the Amazon in South America and felt it would be a good idea to bring these water purification drops along 'just in case'. During his travels, he used the drops several times personally to help with stomach bug issues and to treat his drinking water where he wasn't able to get filtered or bottled water. He was surprised at how effective the drops were in getting over illness quickly and how easily it purified the water. Upon seeing how dire the living and sanitary conditions were in many of the local areas he visited, he started giving out the drops freely to anyone that was open to using them. The results were amazing! With word of mouth, more and more people were coming to ask for them.
He has since continued his humanitarian work in the Amazon of South America creating clean water projects in the local communities and providing Chlorine Dioxide Water Drops to over 5000 people. The passion continued and Oneness Labs was created in 2019 to bring these Water Purification Drops to many more people.”

As quoted from Jim Humble’s “About” page (See Figure 6):

“After 20 years in the Aerospace Industry, Jim went into gold mining where he developed methods of gold recovery that replace the use of mercury to help overcome health issues for small miners. He wrote 5 books on the subject of recovering gold from its ores. In 1996, while prospecting for gold in South America, he discovered what has come to be known as MMS, a simple health formula that cured malaria. In the years that followed, he worked to further improve the formula. Eventually a missionary group invited him to Africa where he successfully treated over 5,000 malaria cases and victims of other diseases. Since that time, hundreds of thousands of people have used MMS to recover their health from a wide range of diseases.”

Through information found from USPTO, Oneness Labs began in 2019 and “intended to cover the categories of medical preparations, namely, pastes for removing skin tags and moles.” Oneness Labs belongs to the trustee under the name of Peter Nguyen with the address of 18400 Von Karman, Suite 1000, Irvine, California, 92612. This address and suite are within the Irvine Towers. Oneness Lab’s Amazon account, MapStore, also bears the same address as the filing information found from USPTO (See Figure 7). As evidence in the Specimens section of USPTO, a screenshot shows of Oneness Labs selling one of their products through MapStore, which sold a homeopathic product known as Bloodroot Paste to remove moles and skin tags (Oneness Labs TEAS RF New Application, 2019). They sell a similar product on Amazon for removing moles and skin tags but took out the name Bloodroot paste (MapStore, n.d.). Additionally, on UPSTO, the application for Oneness Labs is under current suspension due to “SECTION 2(d) LIKELIHOOD OF CONFUSION REFUSAL”. Other issues they had as part of the suspension but removed were “MISCLASSIFICATION OF GOODS – AMENDMENT REQUIRED” and “DISCLAIMER REQUIRED.”

Oneness Labs is one of the three Trademark Applications on UPSTO that is a part of the Company “Oneness Foundation.” All three Trademark Application listed under this company are:

  • Oneness Labs

  • OL

  • Not History. Our Story

All three of these applications are under the Trustee of Peter Nguyen. Based on information found from LinkedIn, Peter Nguyen founded and owned over half a dozen companies (Peter Nguyen, n.d.). Two of the companies he founded and currently holds are the Ad Exchange Group and Push Innovation. The location for both companies' headquarters is in 18400 Von Karman Ave, Irvine, California 92612 (Ad Exchange Group, n.d.) (Push Innovation, n.d.).

OL registered back in September of 2020 and included a specimen section showcasing product containing the MMS products under the name “OnenessDrops.” OnenessDrops contains 28% Sodium Chlorite and 4% Hydrochloric Acid (OL Trademark/Service Mark Application, Principal Register, n.d.). However, there are no traces of OnenessDrops for sale, but Oneness Labs still sells a similar product containing the same chemical properties needed to create chlorine dioxide of 3000 PPM.


Shortly after finding Oneness Labs information through USPTO and eBay, OCLO was another subject of interest after concrete evidence in its marketing for Chlorine Dioxide as alternative medicine. OCLO is registered as a Limited Liability Company in Hallandale, Florida, and is under the ownership of Ricardo Garcia as of September 21, 2020. Based on USPTO's information, the website address is but was not fully registered on Shopify when searching for the web address (OCLO TEAS Plus New Application, 2020).

OCLO Products are only found for sale on eBay under the seller “oclo_2020” and sells chlorine dioxide products as CDS or otherwise known as Chlorine Dioxide Solution. In one of the product pages (See Figure 9), when translating the item description, the user tries stating that CDS is not MMS, even though CDS is another name for MMS. What is striking in the item description is that the products for sale “respond to the protocols designed by Andreas Kalcker.” Andreas Kalcker is a former member of the Genesis II Church, promoted chlorine dioxide for alternative health, and has ties now with the organization COMUSAV. Included on the same product page is a set of instructions on how to prepare Chlorine Dioxide for drinking purposes (oclo_2020, n.d.). There is beyond doubt that this eBay seller is marketing chlorine dioxide for consumption and as alternative medicine.

Wellness and Detox/Salveo Life:

On Amazon, this seller markets chlorine dioxide produced by Keavy’s Corner. Each item is for sale in either an Amber Glass (See Figure 10) and another that appears to be a plastic container (Wellness and Detox, n.d.). When viewing its Seller Profile, its official business name is known as Salveo Life and ships products out a UPS Store in Sarasota based on its Business Address (Wellness and Detox, n.d.) (The UPS Store #89, n.d.). This seller stopped marketing the products after the Guardian posted an article back in September 2020 regarding the marketing chlorine dioxide on Amazon (Pilkington, 2020). As earlier as October 2, 2020, Salveo Life has started marketing the product again on Amazon.

Keavy’s Corner itself has denied any involvement with Salveo Life. However, Keavy’s Corner may be secretly using Salveo Life to sell their products to circumvent any backlash on e-commerce sites. Back in 2014, Keavy’s Corner made a statement on Facebook that they were not only forced to remove their products from eBay; Amazon also restricted their products (See Figure 11) (CENSORED - September Newsletter -, 2014). A similar situation happened in 2019 with Walmart as Keavy’s Corner tried selling their products on there as a third-party vendor (Garcia, 2019). If Keavy’s Corner cannot sell the product through these e-commerce sites themselves, it would be more plausible for them to have another group to sell the product for them.

Aquarius Pro Life:

Aquarius Pro Life is another vendor on Amazon’s German domain and markets chlorine dioxide solution under the German translation “Chlordioxidlösung” (See Figure 12) (Aquarius Pro Life, n.d.). Aquarius registered their business in Cyprus and advertised MMS under Maltesian Mineral Solution rather than Miracle Mineral Solution. This business is a significant concern as it has ties with Kerri Rivera and the Genesis II Church.

Aquarius once donated money to the WPS Suppliers list (now called to advertise their website and products to potential customers (See Figure 13) (WPS Main Page, n.d.). The Suppliers list belongs to the Genesis II Church and maintained by Mark Grenon, the current Archbishop of Genesis II Church, and Stephen Pardee, the owner of Keavy’s Corner.

In one of Stephen’s pages on Keavy’s Corner, he briefly talked about the Suppliers List before being altered to hide any evidence. On that page, Stephen stated that the only way businesses advertise on that list is through payment (See Figure 14) (Pardee, n.d.).

Aside from the WPS Suppliers list, Kerri Rivera also made Aquarius as a recommendation for MMS products in Europe (including Keavy’s Corner in the US). Through one of her Telegram groups, Kerri (under the username Support) or one of her members post to each other about the recommended businesses when buying MMS (See Figure 15).

Figure 15 A series of screenshots of Kerri's private Telegram group with user stating Kerri prefers Aquarius. In of of the screenshots Kerri (Support) also adds that Keavy's Corner and Dioxilife is preferable as well.

Closing Comments

Based on observation, there is evidence that sellers through eBay and Amazon secretly market chlorine dioxide for medicinable purposes based on identifiable key words and ingredients. There is also evidence that companies such as Aquamira sell chlorine dioxide for legitimate purposes based on compliance with EPA regulations. Although certain sellers may look like they’re marketing chlorine dioxide for legitimate purposes, Stephen Pardee’s advice echoes throughout the community when selling chlorine dioxide. That advice is never to say that you are selling chlorine dioxide for alternative health and have people be “educated” elsewhere. Once “educated,” they would look for the product (See Figure 16) (Pardee, 2019). Stephen Pardee gave this advice on the MMS Forum and has tried covering evidence against himself since. Both eBay and Amazon must crackdown on these sellers and shut them down before more people are potentially hurt or killed from chlorine dioxide's false marketing.


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