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Keavy’s Corner: Work Site Role Confirmation

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

Update: Warning - Some sources used in this article have been purposely tampered with by supporters of Genesis II Church. Sources either altered or destroyed will be highlighted in red. For more information regarding this, go to

The main topic of this article focuses on the confirmation for the roles of known sites belonging to Keavy’s Corner (also known as KVLab). In a newsletter sent out by Stephen Pardee, the total square footage of the facility has doubled, has seven full-time employees, invested in an industrial water distiller and water system, and expanded the packaging and shipping capabilities for large orders (Pardee, 2020). Observing Keavy’s Corner’s Contact Page, they list two locations for the business, with one being a Facility and the other as the Mailing Address (see Figure 1) (Pardee, n.d.). The two sites are listed as follows:

· Facility: 12413 US Hwy 98, Sebring, Florida, 33876

· Mailing Address: 168 McCoy Drive, Lake Placid, Florida, 33852

The mailing address is the Registered Address, as stated in the Business Filing Information from SunBiz (Keavy’s Corner, n.d.). The facility is part of a small plaza along the highway. Stephen once took a photo of the outside facility after someone damaged a part of the facility (see Figure 2) (Pardee, 2019).

Figure 2 A set of images from Stephen’s Facebook showcasing the front of his facility.

Using Google Maps, the distance between the two facilities is 11.3 miles. It takes about 14 minutes to drive from one facility to the next (see Figure 3).

An interesting piece of information in the Contact Page is that it reveals a statement stating:

Please be advised, we will not respond to any questions pertaining to human health, or using chlorine dioxide as a supplement. We cannot ship small personal orders of chlorine dioxide products overseas.

The statement above is because Stephen Pardee, the CEO of Keavy’s Corner, worked with Mark Grenon, Archbishop of Genesis II Church. The Genesis II Church, in this case, has advertised Chlorine Dioxide as a supplement under the name Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS). Stephen played a role in maintaining the WPS Suppliers list, where other businesses advertise their Chlorine Dioxide/MMS products on the list, so if they pay a “donation” to the Church (Pardee, 2012). Stephen was also a Moderator for Genesis II Church’s MMS Forum before being taken off by either himself or an Administrator of the MMS Forum (See Figures 4-7).

Figure 7 A post by Stephen Pardee stating the MMS Vendors have slowly transformed into moneymakers (Pardee, 2012).

Additionally, there is a review of Keavy’s Corner from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) (See Figure 8) dating back to September 23, 2019 stating:

This website is very deceptive. It makes claims of "natural" products that will "detoxify" you. However, in tiny font near the bottom of the page, it says that the MMS that they sell is not for internal use. I was recommended Keavy's Corner by Kerri Rivera, who told me to use it internally. After doing some research, Keavy's Corner is a supplier of MMS due to their involvement with the Genesis II Church (which seems to be a cult). This is by admission on the Keavy's Corner website - "the MMS we provided for the Genesis2 Church seminars". The Genesis II Church believes that MMS can cure basically anything, but in actuality, MMS is a potent bleach. Kerri Rivera worked with them to develop an MMS protocol for autism. So Keavy's Corner is selling MMS, their website is an officially approved supplier of MMS by the Genesis II Church, the Church/Rivera both explicitly instruct you to drink MMS, and yet because it doesn't mention using MMS that way on their website Keavy's Corner can somehow get away with this?

The reviewer is correct on Keavy’s Corner supplying to the Genesis II Church Seminars as found in this screen capture from one of their defunct pages called The Quality of MMS – Chlorine Dioxide (see Figure 9). The same page also states that for any business to be on this Suppliers List is through payment (see Figure 10). Furthermore, from another screen capture of the Keavy’s Corner website, the Genesis II Logo is associated with Keavy’s Corner with a statement at the bottom showing they made their products using the “Jim Humble Specifications” (Pardee, n.d.).

In a review found from Google, someone not only tried to drive to the facility to purchase Keavy’s Corner Products but also had an unpleasant encounter with the Staff Members (Madelaine Ojeda’s review of Keavy’s Corner, n.d.).

The reviewer, Madelaine Ojeda, wrote:

We went to the address the website shows to buy some products that you have listed on the website and find more information about them. This location is almost 2 hours away from where we live when we got to the place supposed to be the Kv laboratory we couldn’t find anything the website shows , any professional person who could explain us about their products.. We just talked with 2 people outside the place they didn’t know nothing about it. They were even smoking and they said the only products they sale is for cleaning purposes but what about all the product that you guys have listed on the website. Very disappointed with it . Everything was completely different at the website. I am so scared right now. Then I went to a the mailing address the second address is listed on the website hoping to find a laboratory and it was a regular house. I am very confused. Also they don’t have any phone number. Sincerely, that’s not even a laboratory.

Stephen Pardee responded shortly after stating:

You emailed me and asked if they could come up. I replied by telling them I do not have a storefront. You took it upon themselves to drive up anyway. You asked us questions about off label uses, that we cannot answer without getting into trouble. Our facility has 2 doors. One goes to the lab/bottling/labeling/sealing area, the other goes to the packing and shipping area. Both signs have EMPLOYEES ONLY signs. The fact is, we never let you inside, so of course you saw only the front of the building, and a big stack of boxes, and some cases of bottles we had delivered. The place looks exactly like it does on Google which you used to find us. I did not hack Google and change their pictures. The mailing address is my house…. So what? The mail delivery is better where I live, and everyone at the Post Office knows us. I work with my family, we do not have walk in customers, so I’m sorry I didn’t wear a tie and slacks to impress people who I will never see. If I seemed unprofessional, it was because I was shocked by the fact you would come up uninvited, and ask those questions. To be honest, I wasn’t sure you weren’t a reporter. You were upset that we would not risk our livelihood and freedom to answer questions I already told you could not answer, so you left a one star review and acted like you actually looked around and didn’t see a lab, when in fact, you were never past the outside of the first door. This review was made out of spite, because things didn’t go the way you wanted. Why would you be scared "right now" as you sit home writing this?

Stephen Pardee chooses his words carefully when selling chlorine dioxide to avoid legal ramifications (See Figure 14). In an archived post, Stephen said people must be careful when selling chemicals as alternative health items and have customers be “educated” elsewhere before they buy the product (Pardee, 2019). It becomes concerning when Stephen would not answer questions to secure his own “livelihood and freedom” since he is running his business for unlawful purposes by secretly selling chlorine dioxide as a medicine/treatment.

Ending Notes

As the Genesis II Church is under investigation since the apprehension of Mark, Joseph, Jonathan, and Jordan Grenon, Keavy’s Corner was able to slip through by trying to erase any evidence of their ties with the Church. However, information has already been saved and downloaded before any evidence was either deleted or altered. Not only should Keavy’s Corner be investigated further, but so should other businesses outside of the Genesis II Church that sell MMS/Chlorine Dioxide based on the formula by Genesis II Church.


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