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Introduction and the Genesis II Church

Updated: Mar 22, 2021


My name is Eli Dagan, and welcome to Geoboros.

Geoboros became established due to my demand in getting information out about the Genesis II Church and their marketing strategy of Chlorine Dioxide or otherwise known as MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution), CDS (Chlorine Dioxide Solution), or WPS (Water Purification Solution). One of my reasons for going against this group is due to my experience being on the Autism Spectrum Disorder. Throughout my life, I had to deal with various challenges that come with this condition. Although I've been able to hold my own, others on the spectrum are unable to defend for themselves from their parents who are duped by members of the church. To prevent more occurrences of chlorine dioxide consumption, I decided to combat the Genesis II Church using my skills in internet research and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). GIS can be vital for a variety of projects including assessing property damage, analyze a cholera outbreak, or used to create Pokemon Go. With ESRI's GIS capabilities, users were able to build 3D cities for feature films.

Genesis II Church and MMS Distribution

Few people know about MMS from the incident in Uganda, where Sam Little and Samula Albert used the product on local villagers. Although Ugandan officials arrested them, this isn't the first time and may not be the last. For example, Mark Grenon, the current leader of the Church, infiltrated remote Arhuaco villages within the Sierra Nevada region of Colombia. Mark had help from both his sons, Joseph and Jonathan Grenon in instructing villagers how to produce and use chlorine dioxide. The location of one of these villages was tracked using geospatial coordinates. I discovered these coordinates when realizing one of the members took a photo with enabled coordinates.

On a different trip in Barahona, Jonathan Grenon, with help from Genesis II Church member Joseph Layton, infiltrated a village in the Dominican Republic and instructed the locals on how to use MMS. In one photo, a small infant is fed chlorine dioxide.

Genesis II Church Member Joseph Layton feeding an infant chlorine dioxide.

A Japanese citizen, Mutsuro Ishii assisted Samula Albert last year in experimenting on children using chlorine dioxide after giving them money and gifts. Mutsuro Ishii even stated he sent his research to a Malaria Institute in Japan.

An infant is selected as an experiment for chlorine dioxide.

A young girl given money before being experimented on.

The Use GIS Against Genesis II Church

For this project, GIS is used by creating an operation dashboard and allow viewers to monitor and track the locations of businesses and eBay Users selling MMS, WPS, or CDS. Clicking on each business will specify their information, including images and business registration if applicable. For safety concerns, the addresses are removed, including restricting to how much a user can zoom-in.

Initially starting as a personal GIS Project, the first objective was finding the location of Genesis II Church Members. Finding these locations began by browsing through their main website, news page, and even their forum. After looking more in-depth, there is a better understanding as to how they were able to sell the product. For example, the Genesis II Church's main business in the USA manufactures products inside a storage shed in their backyard. This storage shed and a tent they once used is still viewable from aerial view. The focus shifted from individual church members to online stores selling this product.


In later articles, more becomes explained about how Genesis II Church Members and MMS suppliers distribute and sell these Products. For now, viewers can browse through the Genesis II Project Page know about Chlorine Dioxide, businesses involved, people involved, and utilize the MMS Supplier/Provider Dashboard. Information on individuals and businesses may vary based on the information gathered from this investigation.

Sorry for being late in the campaign against Chlorine Dioxide.


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