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International MMS Distributors: The Second Ishii Report

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

After monitoring Ishii, he recently tried making plans to begin his 11th Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS) Activity in Delhi, India.

Similar to his previous activities, the MMS Activities involves the promotion of Chlorine Dioxide as a medicine, instructing people to create and consume it, and testing MMS on people.

While not known to be a member of the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing (G2CHH), Ishii is a follower of Jim Humble, G2CHH’s founder and creator of the MMS formula. Ishii also has associations with Mark Grenon on Facebook and Michael Harrah on the MMS Forum. His affiliations don’t end with only G2CHH members as he's also involved with the Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA), a militant organization, and The Sierre Leone Government (see Figures 2 & 3). Through both entities, he experimented on villagers suffering from Malaria, Ebola, or other illnesses by using chlorine dioxide as a form of treatment.

When performing these Activities, Ishii prefers going to developing countries and testing MMS on villagers in remote areas. Unfortunately, many of the villagers experimented on are children. During two MMS Activities in Uganda, Ishii worked with Samula Albert, a member of G2CHH. They both experimented on children and assigned them by name, registration number, and took samples from them onto microscope slides. Currently, Ugandan Authorities arrested Samula for using MMS on villagers and now awaits trial (see Figure 4). Unfortunately, Ishii is still on the run.

In Ishii’s announcement for the 11th Activity on Facebook, he shows what appears to be a UN-NGO affiliated business card with his identification and requires others with UN-NGO Business cards to aid him in his activity. Another Facebook post shows both sides of his business card and reveals he is a part of the Japan Asia Cultural Exchange (JACE), an NGO affiliated with the U.N. Ishii’s affiliations with the JACE can become problematic as he could use his position as an NGO member to conduct his experiments on the villagers within India and other developing nations.

E-Mail Messages

Private email messages were made to Ishii while pretending to be a supporter of his work for confirmation of what Ishii stated is valid.

When asking about his intentions for the 11th Activity Project, Ishii wanted to instruct people how to use MMS. What he needs before commencing the project is support from an NGO in India and cooperation from India’s Ministry of Health. Furthermore, Ishii requires funds to carry out the activity.

When asked about any affiliations with NGOs in Japan, Ishii admitted to recently joining the JACE. When asked if there are any other MMS Vendors in Japan, he confirmed MMS12 is still in operation by Satoshi Kudaka (through an email message to Satoshi in his business email, Satoshi himself also confirmed his business is still active.).

I made one more set of questions to Ishii in an email message. The questions were regarding:

  • His activities in Sierra Leone regarding both the JHS and the Sierra Leone Government.

  • If there are any other involvements made with the KNLA/KNU.

  • Information on the activities in Uganda and the University involved.

When asked, he stated the JHS and ended their activities due to the sudden death of the JHS’ leader. He also said there were no further activities in Sierra Leone other than “water sterilization.” The partnership between him and the KNLA/KNU was only temporary for his activity report. Surprisingly, in Ishii’s Activity reports in Uganda, he stated MMS couldn’t entirely eradicate malaria in the human body. Only drugs to combat malaria were effective against malaria. This information came from the university, where he donated the samples. Unfortunately, Ishii did not disclose the university’s name. Below are a series of email messages made to Mutsuro Ishii.

A Series of E-mail messages to Mutsuro Ishii.

What is more unfortunate is that the samples donated to the university came from the children in Uganada who were experimented on by Mutsuro Ishii. Below are images showing the Children in Uganda who went through experimentation by Ishii (see Figures 7-13).

Closing Thoughts

For over a decade, people were unaware of Ishii’s activities, his experimentation on villagers, affiliations with potentially dangerous groups, and now is a member of an NGO recognized by the U.N. It should now be in the best interest of either Japanese or International authorities to apprehend Ishii.

References: Due to recent events of the tampering of evidence by Stephen Pardee and other members of the Genesis II Church, references will be held off until there is a safe guarantee to assure the preservation of sources.

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