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International MMS Distributors: Mutsuro Ishii and Japan

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

Update: Warning - Some sources used in this article have been purposely tampered with by supporters of Genesis II Church. Sources either altered or destroyed will be highlighted in red. For more information regarding this, go to


It’s known the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing (G2CHH) and Suppliers of MMS Products (containing chlorine dioxide) are within North and South America, Europe, and Africa. However, information on MMS Distributors in other parts of the world are hard to find. When searching for other international distributors, one person who stood out is Mutsuro Ishii of Japan. Although it's unknown if he's a member of G2CHH, Ishii is a proud supporter of MMS. Additionally, he has affiliations with Mark Grenon on Facebook and Michael Harrah on MMS Forum (Ishii, 2012).

Ishii strongly desires the use of chlorine dioxide as a medicine for those suffering from malaria and made a series of reports under his Non-Private Organization, “MMS-JAPAN.” Ishii coined the term Chlorine Dioxide Therapy (CDT) as a form of treatment for those suffering from Malaria. Ishii wanted to test chlorine dioxide on people in Japan, but couldn’t due to the lack of Malaria outbreaks. Instead, he traveled to developing countries outside of Japan and tested MMS on men, women, and children. He wrote about this in 10 different reports with images and videos included in his activities. Ishii also instructed people how to create and consume chlorine dioxide, resulting in unfavorable impacts across developing countries with Sierra Leone as a prime example.

In the following article, each of Ishii’s reports is given a brief paragraph with the main highlights involved. Each hyperlink to the report and other related materials are also inserted to allow readers to view Ishii’s full report. Using Google Chrome’s translation can enable viewers to translate the report to any desired language. Due to Ishii’s rough translation and Google’s translation system, some information in each of his reports may be hard to process. Additionally, Ishii divided his reports between two different websites. His first two reports are posted on and moved the following eight reports on MMS Japan between 2017-2018.


1st Report:

Ishii went to Bangladesh and discussed with, Illia, a member of the Islamic faith, about using MMS. To ensure cooperation, Ishii “converted” through an Islamic baptism. After the baptism and through discussion, Ishii was able to get the Muslim community of Dhaka to welcome MMS (Ishii, 2008). Shortly after leaving, Ishii received a message from Dr. Khandker Rokonduddin, who volunteered to do a scientific study on chlorine dioxide, stating he will acquire MMS products from Jim Humble (Ishii, 2008).


Excerpt from Dr. Khandker’s letter (Google Translated):

Dear Muthurou Ishii, Greetings from Bangladesh.

Can I am Dr. Khandker Rokonuddin, met you in my hospital with MMS. I am going to submit one protocol to do a scientific study in my hospital and need at least 10 bottles of MMS. . Jim Humble And He Also Tolled Me That He Will Send Me Some MMS But After That A Long Time Passed With Out Effective Out Come. I Need Your Help In This Regards.

All The Best Wishes. Regards Dr. Rokon



2nd Report:

Ishii traveled to India along with the NPO “India Japan Friends Association.” Members of this NPO accepted MMS as a form of treatment against malaria. Through permission from India’s Ministry of Health, he treated patients with MMS in a hospital known as Community Health Center 2 (CHC2) in the Phulbani area. Sometime afterward, he teaches doctors and other staff members how to create and use chlorine dioxide as a medicine. During his trip, he met up with Dr. Sahu, a senior research officer, to discuss about chlorine dioxide as a form of medication against Malaria. Through Dr. Sahu, they were able to apply for permission from the Ministry of Health to use chlorine dioxide on people in Koraput (Ishii, 2010).


3rd Report:

Ishii’s primary goal in Nigeria is to test Malaria-positive patients with MMS. Through testing, he collected data ranging from blood tests, microscopic photography, and medical records. During his research in Nigeria, he worked with a person named Mr. Darlington with Mrs. Takako acting as a translator. Mrs. Takako admitted to using MMS on her child to treat malaria. The effects of using MMS resulted in her child to suffer from nettle rash (Ishii, 2018).

Medical records and Microscopy slides of Mary Paul (Shii, 2012).


4th Report:

Ishii had at least 3 objectives when operating along the Thailand/Myanmar border. His first goal is to test chlorine dioxide on patients in the Mae Tao clinic, collecting further data on patients. His second task is to hold ten different workshops in villages within the Tak region. Those who witnessed his workshops were doctors, school children, and even a widely known farmer named “President Paradon.” Ishii found contacts in the region to translate his teachings in English, Thai, Burmese, and Karen. His last objective is to deploy over 800-1000 MMS products along the Myanmar border. To implement this much, he used the aid of the Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA) 7th Unit (Ishii, 2018).

Mutsuro Ishii at the KNU Office and KNLA Headquarters (Ishii, 2018).

The KNLA is the Militant wing of the Karen National Union (KNU) and considered a terrorist organization in the Myanmar government. This militia formed in 1947 and is a significant faction in the Karen Conflict, which began in 1949 and continues to this day. Ishii transported MMS using KNLA’s 7th Unit, who would go on patrol and deliver MMS kits to ethnic minorities as treatment for malaria and later collect data to examine the results. Ishii also conducted an MMS workshop at KNLA’s General Headquarters to teach members how to create and consume chlorine dioxide. Because this unit also has a hospital, they can produce chlorine dioxide as claimed by Ishii (Ishii, 2018). It isn’t unusual for foreigners to fight for the KNLA. For example, Dave Everett, a former member of Australia’s Special Air Service Regiment (SASR), joined KNLA as a mercenary.


5th Report:

Ishii traveled to Sierra Leone as a request from the country’s government to see about using chlorine dioxide as part of an “anti-Ebola Therapy.” It was Oswald Hanciles, the assistant to President Earnest Bai Koroma, that sent this request (Ishii, 2014).


From an exerpt from Oswald to Ishii:

From: Oswald Hanciles Sent: Wednesday, September 03, 2014 3:34 PM To: Subject: Urgent Message from Freetown, Sierra Leone

Dear Friend: Get to me with details on your new 'anti-Ebola Therapy'.

Can you get me authoritative 'peer review' documents on the therapy your propose; and/or, detailed information on why you think it will work?

Also, send your CV

I am Oswald Hanciles, Special Assistant to the President for Media in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

Oswald Hanciles


Travel documentations Mutsuro Ishii acquired before traveling to Sierra Leone.

The following operation Ishii conducted under Sierra Leone’s government is considered secret/confidential, preventing him from disclosing photos/videos. Ishii stated as part of his activities; he would create and record different concentrations of chlorine dioxide and utilize them on villages where Ebola outbreaks occurred. Outside of government operations, Ishii met with Abu Bakkar Jalloh and taught him how to create chlorine dioxide in a span of three weeks (Ishii, 2018).

A year after Ishii trained Jalloh, a chapter of G2CHH established in Freetown, Sierra Leone (Chapter #270). The church requested over $12,000 to establish a permanent Genesis II Holding Center (News from Sierra Leone, 2015). In 2018, G2CHH Chapter 270’s latest activity in Sierra Leone involved renting a facility to hold Ebola patients and treat them with chlorine dioxide (G2Voice Broadcast #107 – How to CURE Tropical Diseases with G2Sacraments, 2018). Although the identity of the Bishop is hidden, Jalloh may be the bishop of G2CHH Chapter #270.

Temporary facilities utilized by G2CHH in Sierra Leone in 2015 and 2018 (News from Sierra Leone, 2015) (G2Voice Broadcast #107 – How to CURE Tropical Diseases with G2Sacraments, 2018).


6th Report:

Ishii went to the Central and Greater Accra districts of Ghana for a short while to teach the locals how to create chlorine dioxide. Additionally, Ishii conducted malaria treatment and prevention, including data collection from these activities (Ishii, 2018).


7th Report:

Ishii came back to Mae Sot to conduct another report. Without involvement with the KNLA, Ishii held the same level of activities he did while in Ghana. Activities conducted were teaching locals how to create and use chlorine dioxide, malaria prevention, and collection of data. Additionally, Ishii volunteered at an orphanage known as the “Sunshine Home,” once broadcasted on TV Tokyo (Ishii, 2018). He also volunteered for the orphanage during his previous trip to Mae Sot.


8th Report:

Ishii traveled to Sierra Leone at the request of Japan Sanitation System (JHS) to install a Super-a generator (also known as PGZ-1000), which produces sodium hypochlorite or hypochlorous acid. Back in 2014, JHS marketed in Sierra Leone around the same time Ishii collaborated with the Sierra Leone Government. After successfully installing generators in both villages, Ishii convinced the villagers in testing chlorine dioxide on them. In addition to JHS, the NPO Trefle Club is known to be involved with Ishii and his work. During this trip and his previous trip in Sierra Leone, Ishii used Kishore Shankerdas’ name in the form of a free pass when he had issues with his passport (Ishii, 2018).

Link to the NPO Trefle Club with acknowledgement of MMS-JAPAN:

Mutsuro Ishii is installing a PGZ-1000 machine at a local village (Ishii, 2018).

Currently, JHS is out of business due to unknown reasons. One possible reason for the closure of JHS is due to the possibility of being a fraudulent business. In 2014, a Mixi User (ID# 7049076) claimed that hypochlorous acid is a basic product and easily made using a technique called electrolysis. The Mixi user’s reference came from Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare. The Mixi user called out JHS as a fraudulent business with the intention of marketing PGZ-1000 to develop international business. Mixi User #7049076 even called one JHS Marketer a Bio-Terrorist for getting into contact with an infected body after falling over by accident (Mixi User #7049076, 2014).

PGZ-1000 Generator and Super-a Products (Mixi User #7049076, 2014).


9th and 10th Report:

For the 9th and 10th report, Ishii traveled to Uganda and collaborated with Samula Albert, an active member of G2CHH in Fort Portal. Both Ishii and Albert conducted activities in Fort Portal and Kyenjojo for chlorine dioxide effects on malaria using a microscopy examination. Many people they conducted tests on were children in both report activities (Ishii, 2017). During the 10th report, Ishii made an exchange of money, sweets, and other gifts for those who cooperated with the tests. In a short quote from Ishii’s report on an eight-year-old child, “The first time cried and went home Drink only once after 2 hours.” After conducting these tests, Ishii brought data back to Japan and gave them to a Malaria Research Institution in the country (Ishii, 2018).

Joseph Baguma, registered as #6 and one of the children Mutsuro Ishii experimented on with microscopy tests included (Ishii, 2018).

In 2019, Fort Portal police arrested Samula Albert, including Sam Little, a British national. Reasons for the arrest are due to heard reports Samula and Sam promoting MMS/chlorine dioxide as a cure in Karabole, Kasese, and Kyenjojo. Authorities also questioned Sam Little's possession of marijuana and the source (URN, 2019). Based on a previous search in Samula Albert's Facebook account, he made a post with an image of himself in a marijuana field, including a reply from Ishii. Based on this post, Samula Albert may know more about the source.

Samula Albert's arrest and his marijuana post on Facebook with Ishii's comments.


Other Promoters of MMS

Mutsuro Ishii is not the only promoter of MMS in Japan. There are at least two known distributors that advertise MMS through Japanese Cyberspace. One of the two online stores is called “MMS12” and operated by Satoshi Kudaka in Okinawa. At one time, Satoshi posted on the MMS Forum before and asked Pam Gotcher about any G2CHH Health Ministers in Japan (Kudaka, 2012).

MMS12 Home Page and Satoshi's communication with Pam Gotcher.

The second distributor in Japan is Ubusuna41 and operated by Ichihara Tsuneyoshi. Mutsuro Ishii bought products from Ichihara before and took those branded products with him on a couple of his reported trips. Ubusuna41 registered in Osaka, but Ichihara is most likely not in Japan now. Based on his Facebook page, Ichihara is in Zikhron Ya’aqov, Israel as he took a role in the International Movie “Call for Dreams.” The movie released in 2019.

Ichihara's Home Page for his online store, his profile page and image, his MMS Products, and his Facebook profile.

Trailor for the movie "Call For Dreams." A movie Ichihara Tsuneyoshi starred in.


Closing Note

Due to Ishii’s involvement with several people inside and outside of Japan, either Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare or the Pharmaceuticals or Medical Devices Agency (PMDA) must investigate Ishii and locate the Research Institute that reviewed Ishii’s data. Additionally, the PMDA must examine both Ubusuna41 and MMS12 to see if they both continue in marketing chlorine dioxide.



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