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Florida Has A Chlorine Dioxide Problem


In recent events, the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing’s (G2CHH) base of operations in Bradenton, Florida, was shut down by the FDA due to G2CHH’s ongoing production of chlorine dioxide kits. Likewise, in Hallandale, OCLO LLC, a business promoting chlorine dioxide for medical purposes, closed its website due to pressure from the media and the public. However, there is evidence suggesting that businesses such as G2CHH and OCLO LLC are not the only ones in Florida selling chlorine dioxide as a panacea. The following article aims to reveal the current businesses in Florida selling chlorine dioxide as a remedy. Afterward, a heat map analysis will visualize the concentration of chlorine dioxide businesses in the U.S. by density. Research, analysis, and construction of this article occur between May of 2021 to June of 2021.

I. Variations in Chlorine Dioxide Products

I-A: Miracle Mineral Solution

Before going over each business, the preferred chlorine dioxide products must be a discussion. One of the main chlorine dioxide products sold is a kit known as Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS), Water Purification Solution (WPS), or a sacramental kit by members of G2CHH (See Figure 1). MMS, initially called Master Mineral Solution, was coined by Jim Humble, G2CHH’s Founder (What is MMS, n.d.). These kits include a bottle containing 22%-28% sodium chlorite and another bottle containing either 50% citric acid or 4% hydrochloric acid. Through each component, 1-3 drops are mixed into the water to create chlorine dioxide for consumption, with the user believing it will cure them of any illness.

I-B: Chlorine Dioxide Solution

Another chlorine dioxide product is known as Chlorine Dioxide Solution (CDS), which is pre-made chlorine dioxide, containing 3000 Parts Per Million (PPM) or higher (See Figure 2). Andreas Kalcker, once a member of G2CHH, is a crucial individual who promoted CDS (CLO2, 2019). Currently, Kalcker is an active supporting member for COMUSAV, an organization supporting the idea of chlorine dioxide as a medicine.

I-C: EPA Hazard

These products mentioned are hazardous to the human body and the environment. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warned consuming chlorine dioxide can result in vomiting, diarrhea, low blood pressure, and liver failure (Danger: Don’t Drink Miracle Mineral Solution or Similar Products, 2019). The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has a limit in chlorine dioxide for only a maximum of 0.8 PPM. The businesses viewed in this article sell chlorine dioxide range from 10 PPM to 3000 PPM, making it unsafe for consumption (Chlorine Dioxide, n.d.). To understand how hazardous the product is, a scientist tested the product on a piece of steel with a result in the steel dipped in the chemical to rust (See video below) (RNZ, 2020).

II. Crown Wellness

II-A: Chlorine Dioxide Product

Crown Wellness, an online business operated by David Black, claimed to have sold supplements since the 90s (Crown Wellness Home Page, n.d.). David Black markets CDS as CLO2 at 3700 PPM for conditions such as arthritis and inflammation. Crown Wellness states in the item description that chlorine dioxide can eradicate the weak blood cells in a body susceptible to infection (See Figure 3) (CLO2 Chlorine Dioxide Anti-inflammatory (2 oz.), n.d.). In a video he released on his website, he advertises chlorine dioxide as an anti-bacterial/anti-fungal/anti-viral product to eliminate “things” in the user’s body (Jester, 2021). Crown Wellness recently took down the video the following month after May 2021. Fortunately, these videos' archived before the destruction of this evidence (See video below).

In another video titled “Ounce of Prevention Testimonial,” David Black had another person named David, who became infected with COVID-19. Under David’s testimonial, he claims that he recovered from COVID-19 using products from Crown Wellness. One of the following products he used from Crown Wellness to deal with COVID-19 was chlorine dioxide (Jester, 2021). Through this testimonial, David Black is trying to advertise chlorine dioxide as an alternative to COVID-19. Crown Wellness also took this down after May 2021 but was too archived before being destroyed (See video below).

II-B: Chlorine Dioxide for Autism

In one of the shopping categories of Crown Wellness, the store advertised CDS as the only product under the Autism category (See Figure 4) (Autism, n.d.). To better understand what this means, Crown Wellness is promoting chlorine dioxide as a treatment for autism. However, chlorine dioxide as medicine for autistic children and adults is hazardous and potentially fatal. For example, in a government memorandum, a six-year-old autistic girl had to be under hospitalization after having liver failure due to the chlorine dioxide treatment (Homer, 2020).

In an investigation on numerous Telegram groups, Kerri Rivera, a member of G2CHH and COMUSAV, portrayed herself as a pseudo-expert in autism. Kerri Rivera used this false portrayal to misinform and brainwash parents of autistic children. Under Kerri Rivera’s advice, the parents made their children ingest chlorine dioxide, under force, through oral consumption or as an enema in the rectum. As an enema, these children had their intestinal tracts burnt away as a result. Once stooled out, parents believed these burnt intestinal tracts to be some form of the parasite causing autism under the narrative of Kerri Rivera. In one of Kerri Rivera’s various Telegram groups, parents present these results for other users to view.

• To read transcripts of these messages from Kerri’s Telegram group, here is the provided link:

• To read an article regarding Kerri’s Telegram Group, here is the provided link:

III. Oceans Lab

III-A: Chlorine Dioxide Product

Oceans Lab is another business in Florida selling chlorine dioxide as a kit with sodium chlorite and citric acid components. In the description, the business acknowledges sodium chlorite as MMS. The name they give the product is Clopurity (See Figure 5) (Clopurity™ Chlorine Dioxide Premium Grade & Premix 50% Citric (1 to 1 ratio) Combo Package, n.d.).

In an archived version of the website dating back to 2009, Oceans Lab initially sold the components needed to make chlorine dioxide as Miracle Mineral Solution. In addition to the components, Oceans Lab also sold books and DVDs by Jim Humble (See Figure 6) (Oceans Lab Home Page, n.d.). As of June 2021, Oceans Lab halted the sales of chlorine dioxide products. However, Oceans Lab does sell another product unapproved by FDA, as revealed in the next section.

III-B: Body Protection Compound-157

While trying to investigate Oceans Lab, it is impossible to find the business alone by the name through Sunbiz, Florida’s we'bsite to register business entities. However, it became possible to find more information about Oceans Labs origins through BioLuma Research. Bioluma Research and Oceans Lab share the same website template, contact information, and the product they sell on both websites named Re:jevity, which contains BPC-157 (See Figure 7) (Contact, n.d.).

BPC-157 is a peptide containing a chain of amino acids that act as a small protein. Peer-reviewed studies on animals conclude that BPC-157 is known to have healing factors. These studies led people to believe that BPC-157 can be helpful for body and performance enhancement. However, much like MMS, BPC-157 is an unapproved drug by the FDA. BPC-157 was only tested on animals and has gone through clinical trials (Poston, 2020).

III-C: BPC-157 Case

Although considered an unapproved drug, BPC-157 is only legal to obtain through a prescription and if the company marketing BPC-157 has a medical license (Poston, 2020). Based on a case in Pennsylvania, Adam Higdon marketed peptides illegally through two different websites. To create a ruse to deceive consumers, Adam Higdon claimed on both websites that the substances sold were “for research use only . . . not for human consumption." Adam Higdon did not have a medical license to distribute the peptides, nor did his websites require a prescription. Adam Higdon also purchased over $130,000 in peptides from suppliers in China and then sold the peptides for nearly $400,000. Adam Higdon would later plead guilty to drug misbranding, mail fraud, and money laundering (Illinois Man Illegally Purchased And Sold Peptides, 2013).

When comparing the case of Adam Hidgon, Oceans Lab also does not carry a medical license. Using the Florida Department of Health website to find businesses with a valid license, there is no evidence showing that Oceans Lab nor BioLuma Research have a license. The same can also apply to looking up Gothamville Corporation, found on the Bank Deposit Information for BioLuma Research. In addition, BioExtension, the company responsible for the Re:jevity product, does not have a medical license.

There is no evidence of needing a prescription or telemedicine consultation to buy BPC-157 from either Oceans Lab and BioLuma Research when investigating both websites. Another issue to consider is the low price of $149 both websites sell for rather than the suggested price of $500. Based on information from Invigor Medical, a low price is another indicator that the business selling BPC-157 may not be reputable (Poston, 2020). As discussed from the DOJ’s case on Adam Higdon, Oceans Lab and BioLuma Research inserted a disclaimer as a ruse for the BPC-157 product shown below.

Product Usage: THIS PRODUCT IS INTENDED AS A RESEARCH CHEMICAL ONLY. This designation allows the use of research chemicals strictly for in vitro testing and laboratory experimentation only. All product information available on this website is for educational purposes only. Bodily introduction of any kind into humans or animals is strictly forbidden by law. This product should only be handled by licensed, qualified professionals. This product is not a drug, food, or cosmetic and may not be misbranded, misused or mislabeled as a drug, food or cosmetic.

III-C: Business Associations

Although it is impossible to find the exact business registration for Oceans Lab and BioLuma Research, it is still possible to get information on the location and registered agent based on the connected businesses. For starters, BioLuma Research’s Bank Deposit Information shows Gothamville Corporation as a company to wire money to (See Figure 8) (Bank Deposit Information, n.d.). The BPC-157 product, Re:jevity, belongs to BioExtension Corp (See Figure 9). Using information from Sunbiz on BioExtension Corp and Gothamville Corporation, they resided in 7050 W Palmetto Park Road in Boca Raton, Florida, between 2018 and 2019. The registered agent for both businesses is under the identity of Thomas Cowles. Of the two companies, BioExtension Corp is the only known active business under Thomas Cowles and relocated to Oviedo, Florida. Using archived Contact Information from Oceans Lab, MMS Solutions was the company to contact (See Figure 10) (Contact, n.d.). MMS Solutions, also found on Sunbiz, had Thomas Cowles as one of the officers for its business in Boca Raton, Florida.

For information on each of the three businesses, click here:

IV. Aqua Pura

IV-A: Business Information / Articles of Association

Aqua Pura CDS appeared to establish itself as a business last year. Based on their Safety Data Sheet, they are also known as Aqua Pura USA. Using the information from their Articles of Association on Sunbiz, Aqua Pura officially registered as “Aqua Pura USA Corp.” Leonardo Castano is the registered agent of the business and operates in Miramar, Florida. Aqua Pura’s mailing address is P.O. Box 267702, Weston, FL, US, 33626. The mailing address is the same as the address found in the Safety Data Sheet. The only difference is changing the city information to Fort Lauderdale in the Data Sheet to most likely hide the exact location on their website (Aqua Pura Safety Data Sheet, 2020) (Aqua Pura USA Corp Articles of Association, 2020).

IV-B: Chlorine Dioxide Product

Aqua Pura’s Home Page instantly advertises CDS containing 3000 PPM. Aqua Pura’s CDS has two different bottle caps of either a Dropper Tip or a Twist Top (See Figure 11). Despite the difference in the bottle caps, they both contain chlorine dioxide of 3,000 PPM or over (Aqua Pura Home Page, n.d.). Aqua Pura not only advertises CDS on their website but also successfully markets their products on eBay. One of their items on eBay sold nearly 700 times for $24.99 (aquapuracds, n.d.). Since monitoring their eBay site from October 2020 to April 2021, Aqua Pura made roughly $54,000 selling CDS.


V-A: Initial Report and Summary

OCLO LLC and its founder, Ricardo Garcia, operate in Hallandale, Florida selling CDS of 3000 PPM. Ricardo Garcia initially had a website to market CDS products based on specific procedures such as oral consumption, skin treatment, an enema, and even vaginal treatment (See Figure 12). Aside from the website, he marketed his CDS products on eBay and Amazon. Additionally, Ricardo Garcia advertised CDS as a remedy for autism. If Ricardo Garcia is not in the middle of marketing chlorine dioxide as a remedy, he works as a real estate agent.

To read more about the initial report on OCLO LLC and Ricardo Garcia, click here:

V-B: Fiona’s and Guardian’s Report

After publishing the initial report, Fiona and the Guardian did their report and investigation into OCLO LLC. Fiona O’ Leary, an activist and colleague from Ireland, discovered Ricardo Garcia to be working as an R&D Chemist for Chemco Corp. Before working as a chemist, he gained his education at the University of Havana in Cuba. Ricard Garcia earned both a Bachelor's and Master's in Chemistry (Ricardo Garcia’s LinkedIn profile (Research Scientist), n.d.). When contacting Ricardo Garcia, he offered transportation of chlorine dioxide as an enema to Europe as a method of cure for autism (Pilkington, 2021).

Once Fiona O’Leary gave this information to the Guardian, they wrote a news article regarding OCLO LLC and Ricardo Garcia. Upon writing their report, the Guardian discovered that OCLO LLC is also advertising CDS and as a panacea for a new strain of COVID known as B117 (Pilkington, 2021). Soon after publishing the article, OCLO LLC’s website would later be taken down by Ricardo Garcia along with his eBay and Amazon accounts to avoid any backlash.

To read more about the Guardian’s report on OCLO LLC and Ricardo Garcia, click here:

V-C: OCLO LLC tried to sell CDS again on eBay and Amazon

A month after the backlash against OCLO LLC, it appears that OCLO LLC tried selling CDS products again in May 2021 before they closed themselves down again. Although not selling through the original website, OCLO LLC sold its products again on eBay and Amazon. Back in April, eBay did respond to a message made to them by The Guardian and removed OCLO LLC’s chlorine dioxide products, and even blocked their main page. On the other hand, Amazon did nothing regarding the matter until OCLO LLC closed down its Amazon page due to media backlash.

On Amazon, OCLO LLC revived the page for their CDS product for a short duration before closing down again. OCLO’s CDS product contains 3000 PPM and listed in the “Health and Household” category as a Sports Nutrition/Hydration (See Figure 13). When translating their item description, they state that it has a neutral and non-toxic taste (OCLO LLC, n.d.). For the record, chlorine dioxide, whether CDS or MMS, is not safe to consume.

Through eBay, OCLO sold CDS bottles of 1500 PPM as a spray-on skin treatment (See Figure 14). The item description on eBay, translated from Spanish to English, states that all OCLO products respond to the protocols designed by Andreas Kalcker. OCLO LLC also tries to note in the description that the product is CDS and not MMS (oclo.2020, n.d.). Regardless of how OCLO LLC sets up its products, members of G2CHH, COMUSAV, and pseudo health experts view CDS and MMS as a form of medicine believing it will cure various illnesses. In addition, CDS and MMS still results in chlorine dioxide of over 0.8 PPM, making it hazardous. As stated many times, the consumption of CDS and MMS is unsafe and can severely hinder or kill the consumer who tries to ingest chlorine dioxide.

VII. Keavy’s Corner

VII-A: Brief Summary

Keavy's Corner, also known as KV Lab, is the most infamous for all the MMS businesses operating in Florida and even the United States. Keavy’s Corner acts as a major distributor for chlorine dioxide products as either an MMS kit or pre-made CDS. The CEO of Keavy’s Corner, Stephen Pardee, worked closely with Mark Grenon of G2CHH involving an online list of other MMS/CDS suppliers currently called Water Precaution Suppliers ( Businesses advertised pay at least 10% to G2CHH to keep their business on the list.

On certain occasions, Stephen Pardee claims to have cut ties with Mark Grenon and G2CHH since 2014. However, when the investigation began on Keavy’s Corner in 2018, Stephen Pardee promoted its business as a trusted Supplier to G2CHH and used the “Jim Humble” specifications with the G2CHH logo shown. In 2019, Stephen Pardee advised MMS Distributors through an online forum called MMS Forum, which has close ties to G2CHH. Keavy’s Corner also remained on the Water Precaution Suppliers list between 2014 to 2019, even after claiming to cut relations back in 2014. Upon realizing the investigation made by Geoboros, Stephen Pardee began deleting and altering evidence linking him with G2CHH or even secretly selling chlorine dioxide as alternative health. Fortunately, information Stephen Pardee tried to destroy was already archived to secure vital information on him and Keavy’s Corner.

On the Geoboros website, there are various articles regarding both Keavy’s Corner and Stephen Pardee, which cannot become easily condensed into this article. However, for more articles on Keavy’s Corner and its CEO, please look into the following linked pieces below.

VII-B: Chlorine Dioxide Products and the current state of the Online Store

Keavy’s Corner sells chlorine dioxide products as an MMS Kit through their website, which they now call a CD Kit or Chlorine Dioxide Kit. Just as the MMS Kit, the CD Kit contains a component of sodium chlorite with another component containing either citric acid or hydrochloric acid (See Figures 15 and 16). Keavy’s Corner also sells CDS containing 3000 PPM (See Figure 17).

While Keavy’s Corner is still under operation, they closed temporarily in between May and June to replenish their inventory (See Figures 18 and 19). The recent exhaustion of their stock resulted from an influx of orders. Stephen Pardee claims the influx happened due to an article or video mentioning them, but this is highly unlikely as they closed previous times to restock in the wake of the COVID Pandemic (Pardee, 2021).

VII-C: “Resellers” Are Marketing Keavy’s Corner’s Products

Salveo Life, also called Wellness and Detox, as shown on Amazon, sells chlorine dioxide products from Keavy’s Corner. Salveo Life’s shipping information on Amazon shows they ship the products from Sarasota, Florida. Salveo Life sells the products as an MMS Kit in either plastic bottles or amber glass (See Figure 20) (Wellness and Detox, n.d.). Despite Salveo Life marketing Keavy’s Corner’s products, Stephen Pardee claimed he had nothing to do with Salveo Life (Pilkington, 2020).

Another vendor on Amazon, CDS Miami, also sells Keavy’s Corner products. CDS Miami sells the product simply titled “Chlorine Dioxide” and showcases an image of Keavy’s Corner’s standard MMS Kit in plastic bottles (See Figure 21). Based on CDS Miami’s Amazon storefront information, their business is in Davie, Florida, under Manuel Labrada as the Manager (CDS Miami, n.d.). When reviewing both the name and address through Sunbiz, CDS Miami ties back to a business called Joy Lab LLC (Joy Lab LLC, n.d.).

Between May and June, CDS Miami opened for a few short days each month to sell the products, only to later close it down in the middle of the month. Currently, CDS Miami shut down again after opening back up for a few short days. Based on this observation, they could open back up for another few days in July, but how this business operates is still uncertain.

VIII. Geospatial Perspective

After aggregating the distributors from various sources, there are at least nine active MMS/CDS distributors in Florida. Five of these distributors operate a website, two distributors use Amazon, and another two use eBay to market their products. Although Texas and California have nearly the same number of distributors as Florida, they do not have a highly dense area as Florida. Florida’s highest dense area is within the southeastern region. To view the results, please refer to MMS/CDS Distributor Heat Map in Figure 22.

Closing Notes

In conclusion, Florida has a problematic issue with people marketing chlorine dioxide (and other products) as a medicine to people not only by the number of distributors but also by a highly dense area in the southeastern region. Some of these distributors have a high profile, such as Keavy’s Corner, which has ties to G2CHH. Another distributor, OCLO LCC, is a supporter of COMUSAV, an organization aiming to promote chlorine dioxide as medicine for COVID-19. Although OCLO LLC appears to stop selling CDS on eBay and Amazon, there is another chance OCLO LLC could distribute again in another month as it did before. In the case of Oceans Lab, there may be businesses that may stop selling chlorine dioxide but may sell other harmful unapproved products such as BPC-157.

As a possible solution, it would be beneficial if not only the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Department of Justice (DOJ) but also Florida’s department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS) became involved with the rising issue of chlorine dioxide marketing. While being concerned about Florida’s agriculture and environment, one of the other objectives of the FDACS is to protect consumers from unlawful and deceptive business practices. Due to the deceptive nature of these businesses selling chlorine dioxide, the FDACS could step in, investigate these businesses, and take action against them.


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