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Doubling Down: Reinforcing the true intent of Oneness Labs

Last month, it would appear that Oneness Labs is aware of the previous article of their online store (published on January 20th, 2021) as they posted a report of their own (published on February 9th, 2021). Their article's main idea, “Is chlorine dioxide safe to drink?” acts as an informative article going over various facts about chlorine dioxide. Their purpose for making this article is to appear as if they are not selling chlorine dioxide for medicinal or therapeutic purposes. However, their true intention is to sell Chlorine Dioxide for medicinal purposes. The purpose of this article is to double down on Oneness Labs' intent to sell chlorine dioxide as a medicine, which is also known to others as Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS).

Liver Detox

Oneness Labs made a couple of posts on an Instagram account that appears to be showing their Chlorine Dioxide products as a necessary item for a Three-day Liver Detox Protocol (See Figure 1 and Figure 2) (THREE DAY LIVER REBOOT, 2021) (THREE DAY DETOX PROTOCOL, 2021). These posts contradict the intention of their article as Detox Protocols are part of medicinal quackery. Only available in clinics and hospitals, detoxing was a medical procedure to rid the body of high levels of alcohol, drugs, and poison. Today, pseudo-medical experts highjacked the term as a Do-It-Yourself body cleanser procedure (The dubious practice of detox, 2008). Unfortunately, detoxing (the hijacked name) is not proven statistically to help cleanse the body and lead to harmful results.

In a case example, Kerri Rivera, a member of the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing (G2CHH), brainwashed the parents of autistic children by telling them autism is curable through chlorine dioxide (known in her Telegram group as CD) and detox protocols. Jan Sri, the parent of one autistic child, went through a set of protocols as Kerri instructed. In October of 2020, Jan Sri’s son suffered from muscle stiffness after going through one of these protocols and being forced 17 drops of chlorine dioxide in the form of an enema. Jan Sri had no choice but to take his child to an emergency room (See Figure 3).

Transcripts of the incident from Kerri’s Telegram group is here: https://www.geoboros.com/telegram-chat-logs

Bloodroot Homeopath

Last year Oneness Labs once sold a different product aside from chlorine dioxide known as “Oneness Labs Homeopathic Skin Tag & Mole Remover.” From an FDA investigation, Oneness Labs sold an unapproved drug containing Sanguinaria canadensis and zinc chloride. These two components are known as black salves and can corrode living tissue (Oneness Labs – 608918 - 10/06/2020, 2020). In a different article by the FDA, a consumer purchased a black salve product in hopes of treating melanoma. Unfortunately, the black salve corroded the consumer’s left nostril (Do Not Use: Black Salve is Dangerous and Called by Many Names, 2020). After being told to remove the product from their sales back in October, an eBay user under the name of westcoastaedo was still selling the homeopathic mole and skin tag remover until December 9, 2020 (See Figure 4) (Mole Remover, Skin Tag Remover, Wart Remover Homeopathic No Surgery OnenessLabs™, n.d.). The user westcoastaedo appears to have strong ties to Oneness Labs due to selling most of their products and in bulk.

Can Chlorine Dioxide Be Harmful and Cause Death if Ingested?

Oneness Labs answered their question by saying “Yes” but then mitigate this issue by saying “too much of anything can be harmful.” One key individual, Sylvia Fink, died after ingesting a product with the same chemical components as Oneness Labs (Aron, 2019). Sylvia did not die from drinking only the chemicals. These chemicals were mixed in as drops into the water, just as Oneness Labs instructed shoppers. In an article written on MMS.info, there are four different ways of creating and ingesting chlorine dioxide with at least only a drop of water (Four Ways of Creating and Ingesting MMS (CLO2), n.d.). Oneness Labs’ instructions to users are similar to Method 2 of the article, which involves one drop of sodium chlorite and one drop of either hydrochloric acid or citric acid and then mixes it for 30 seconds.

Based on a YouTube video from Radio New Zealand, a scientist used at least three drops of each bottle from a Chlorine Dioxide kit from NZ Water Purifier and inserted a piece of steel into a cup of the created solution. After leaving the steel in the cup for two hours, results show that the steel immersed in the solution showed signs of rust (See video below) (RNZ, 2020). The fact that the solution can rust the steel indicates that drinking water mixed with chlorine dioxide is very dangerous and begs the question as to why anyone would buy this product from Oneness Labs or any other store selling this product.

Oneness Labs claims that customers must stay in line with the Environmental Protect Agency's recommendations (EPA) (Is chlorine dioxide safe to drink? 2021). These recommendations are that the concentration of chlorine dioxide must be at 0.8 PPM. Oneness Labs’ claim contradicts everything they say. In a video they uploaded, they used a PPM sheet to test the concentrated amount of chlorine dioxide between 0-3 drops of sodium chlorite and citric acid/hydrochloric acid. 0 drops had 0 PPM, 1-2 drops had 10 PPM, and three drops had 25 PPM. 1 - 3 drops are roughly 12 - 31 higher than the recommended amount (See Figure 5) (Oneness Labs, 2020).

Environmental Protection Agency

At the end of Oneness Lab’s article, Oneness Labs state they must abide by the EPA regulations (Is chlorine dioxide safe to drink? 2021). There are a few problems regarding that statement. Their products do not go by EPA regulations as a single drop from their product has up to 10 PPM, which is at least 12 times higher (Oneness Labs, 2020). Second, the EPA nor the FDA ever approved their products. The only water treatment product approved by the EPA is from Aquamira, who has their EPA Registration number to prove it (EPA Registration Number 717766-1, 2012). Based on Aquamira’s datasheet, the EPA approved Aquamira’s product because they have a concentration of 0.1 - 0.3 PPM of chlorine dioxide (Aquamira Water Treatment Part A Safety Data Sheet, n.d.). Leading to the final problem, Oneness Labs outright stole Aquamira’s EPA Registration Number to make their “water purification products” appear legitimate. Oneness Labs may not show the stolen EPA Registration Number on their main website, but they do show it on their Facebook posts (See Figure 6) (Oneness Labs, 2020). Another place where they show the stolen EPA Registration Number is on the eBay product page for Oneness Labs’ Chlorine Dioxide Kit through westcoastaedo (See Figure 7) (westcoastaedo, n.d.). As shown in the previous article, Norwalk, California, westcoastaedo’s shipping area, is close to Oneness Labs' office (Dagan, 2021).

Case Comparison: NZ Water Purifier

To better understand Oneness Labs’ intentions, there is another business in New Zealand to discuss to show a comparison between both companies. When comparing Oneness Labs to another business selling chlorine dioxide, NZ Water Purifier will be that example when understanding their intentions, chemicals, and instructions. Last year, Medsafe raided NZ Water Purifier's business site after Roger Blake claimed chlorine dioxide could cure COVID-19. Currently, NZ Water Purifier is out of business after a fire occurred at their business. Regardless of the fire that ensued, Medsafe would conduct a further investigation on the company, but there are no specifications on how long it would take (Strongman, 2020).


Roger Blake, the CEO of NZ Water Purifier, sells chlorine dioxide for medicinal purposes. Roger Blake is also a member of G2CHH, a group promoting chlorine dioxide as a medicine (Genesis II Church Chapters Worldwide, n.d.). However, rather than openly promoting chlorine dioxide as medicine, he advertises chlorine dioxide as a personal water purifier for camping and traveling activities. Also, NZ Water Purifier states that it can defend a person from harmful pathogens while not saying it cures a disease (NZ Water Purifier Home Page, n.d.). Roger Blake also has his website advertised through WPS.land, a website containing a list of companies selling MMS as a medicine. The only way Roger Blake can get his website advertised through WPS.land is through paying the website. Paying the website is known based on the owner of Keavy’s Corner, Stephen Pardee, who has close ties with G2CHH (The Quality of MMS, n.d.).

For Oneness Labs, they also advertise their chlorine dioxide kits for hiking, camping, and other emergencies. However, through their Instagram account, they promote chlorine dioxide to detox the liver (THREE DAY LIVER REBOOT, 2021) (THREE DAY DETOX PROTOCOL, 2021). Detoxing, as stated earlier, is another form of medicinal quackery. They also tried selling a black salve as a homeopathic medicine before being told by the FDA to stop (Oneness Labs - 608918 - 10/06/2020, 2020).


Both companies sell their products in a kit containing the two chemicals needed. NZ Water Purifier’s WPS1 Kit includes a bottle of 28% Sodium Chloride and another bottle of 4% Hydrochloric Acid. NZ Water Purifier instructs users to use at least one drop or more from each bottle into a shot glass and wait before ingesting (NZ Water Purifier Home Page, n.d.).

Oneness Labs sells a chlorine dioxide kit containing a 4 oz bottle of 28% Sodium Chloride and 4% Hydrochloric acid. Hydrochloric acid is replaceable with 50% Citric Acid. Oneness Labs instructs users to use at least two drops from each bottle into a shot glass and swirl it around for 30 seconds before ingesting (Chlorine Dioxide with Hydrochloric Acid 4oz, n.d.).

NZ Water Purifier and Oneness Labs' instructions are similar to one of the methods and chemicals in a previously mentioned article from MMS Info. The method the article is referring to is Method 2 – MMS1, which involves one drop of sodium chlorite and one drop of either hydrochloric acid or citric acid and then mix it for 30 seconds (Four Ways of Creating and Ingesting MMS (CLO2), n.d.). These are the same methods and chemicals the FDA warned about to the public back in 2019 (FDA warns consumers about the dangerous and potentially life threatening side effects of Miracle Mineral Solution, 2019).

Closing Notes

Oneness Labs is not a legitimate business. Based on the information found:

  • Oneness Labs states chlorine dioxide is not a medicine but promotes it as a detox on Instagram and uses the same chemicals and methods G2CHH promotes.

  • The FDA caught Oneness Labs selling black salve as a homeopathic skin tag and mole remover.

  • Oneness Labs states they must abide by EPA standards, but their chlorine dioxide kit violates the EPA standards of 0.8 PPM.

  • Oneness Labs outright stole Aquamira’s EPA Registration number.

In addition to the mentioned facts above, Oneness Labs also copied and pasted facts from other websites into their article and rearranged the wording. More than likely, Peter Nguyen, the public trustee, or John Giang Tran, the registered agent, Oneness Labs hastily threw facts without inserting real effort into research for their article. Quickly throwing words into their report shows they do not truly understand or even abide by the EPA and FDA regulations and sell chlorine dioxide to make money off those who believe chlorine dioxide is a medicine. Although the FDA investigated Oneness Labs for their homeopathic skin tag and mole remover, the FDA must investigate Oneness Labs again as they market chlorine dioxide.


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