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David Oates: MMS Promoter, QAnon Follower, and National Threat

Updated: Aug 21, 2022

I. Introduction

David Oates is a QAnon member and promoter of chlorine dioxide for medicinal purposes. David Oates addresses himself as “YouTubeTerminated” because YouTube deleted his account for spreading misinformation. The main idea is to focus and gather information on David Oates from his social media outlets. Outlets that David Oates utilizes are Rumble, Telegram, and LinkedIn. Gathering information on David Oates will help us understand why he is not only an MMS Distributor and QAnon follower but also why he could become a threat to national security.

II. Background

II-A. Education and Military History

Using LinkedIn and a few other sources from social media, David Oates received his education at the University of Maryland College Park between 1988 and 1990 (Oates, n.d.). In a post from his son’s Facebook page (also named David Oates), there is confirmation that David Oates was once part of the United States Air Force before moving to Louisiana for his following line of work (see Figure 2) (Oates, 2010).

II-B. Latter and Blum

Between 2012 and the present, David Oates worked for two different companies. One of the companies David Oates worked for is Latter and Blum as a Real Estate Investor. As evidenced on his LinkedIn profile, David Oates posted a couple of articles for the company. However, to this day, Latter and Blum more than likely removed the articles as David Oates is not working for the company (Oates, n.d.). Further evidence of David Oates’ employment shows a portrait of him as part of an employee profile, which serves as a portrait for his LinkedIn profile (see Figure 3) (Oates, n.d.).

II-C. Kay and Associate Inc. and Zenetex

Based on his LinkedIn profile and videos he uploaded to Rumble, David Oates works as an Aircraft Mechanic for Kay and Associates at the Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base (NAS JRB) at Belle Chasse, New Orleans (Oates, n.d.). Based on the requirements to work as an Aircraft Mechanic for Kay and Associates, a person must qualify for a Common Access Card (CAC) and the ability to obtain a Secret clearance (Aircraft Mechanic I, n.d.). A CAC allows a person access to sensitive areas and the Department of Defense (DoD) computer network and systems. In contrast, the Secret clearance would allow David Oates access to classified documents (Common Access Card, n.d.). Evidence of David Oates working for Kay and Associate shows him in an image he uploaded onto Telegram in a shirt identifying the Kay and Associate logo (see Figure 4) (Oates, 2021).

However, based on an upload from his Twitter account, David Oates also wears a Zenetex shirt and a QAnon hat at a military hangar (See Figure 5) (Oates, 2021). Based on the information from each photo, David Oates may either be an employee of Zenetex or Kay and Associate. Similar to Kay and Associate, the requirement to work as an Aircraft Mechanic for Zenetex also requires the ability to hold a DoD security clearance. Zenetex’s Facebook page confirmed a contract involving the maintenance of the VFA-204 “River Rattlers” at the NAS JRB of Belle Chasse, Louisiana (see Figure 6) (ZENETEX, 2021).

David Oates confirmed to an unknown person on a Rumble video that he works at the NAS JRB (Oates, 2021). To further support the verification of David Oates’ workplace, he took videos of a hush house at the NAS JRB and uploaded them to his Telegram channel, YouTubeTerminated. These videos were as recent as August of 2021. Further evidence in these videos showcased employees from Kay and Associates working on an engine and the VFA-204 taking flight or landing. These videos help reveal the exact location of this facility at the NAS JRB at Belle Chasse, Louisiana, when observed through an aerial view. Unfortunately, due to the possible sensitive information discovered, photos and images will not be shown.

III. Chlorine Dioxide

III-A. Views on Chlorine Dioxide

David Oates heavily promotes chlorine dioxide as a medicine known to many as Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS). David Oates calls MMS under a different name as the “Golden Cure.” Based on David Oates’ videos, an unidentified woman introduced him to chlorine dioxide but would not reveal her name due to her job. David Oates later became supportive of chlorine dioxide after Donald Trump’s infamous bleach comments, which led him to do his form of “research.” David Oates’ chlorine dioxide research consists of testimonies and pseudoscience promoted by COMUSAV and Andreas Kalcker (Oates, 2020).

In numerous videos and posts, David Oates admitted to using chlorine dioxide on himself and his mother after she was diagnosed with COVID-19. David Oates made suggestions that chlorine dioxide not only treated his asthma but apparently saved his mother from COVID-19 (Oates, 2020). David Oates believes chlorine dioxide will cure people from COVID-19, which he calls the “China Virus.”

[Video 1 – David Oates talking about and promoting chlorine dioxide (Oates, 2020).]

III-B. Promotion of Chlorine Dioxide via Social Media

Through various social media outlets, David Oates broadcasted his promotion of chlorine dioxide. Initially, David Oates promoted chlorine dioxide and other misinformation on YouTube until its moderators or algorithm banned him due to the spread of misinformation. In one of his videos, there is evidence that he also promoted chlorine dioxide through Facebook as he unintentionally revealed a web address on the screen (Oates, 2020). However, Facebook also banned him and deleted all the misinformation he put out on the platform.

David Oates currently promotes chlorine dioxide through his Telegram channels. The following channels are Chlorine Dioxide Testimonies (CDT) (see Figure 7), Chlorine Dioxide Testimonies News Network (see Figure 8), and YouTubeTerminated (see Figure 9). Chlorine Dioxide Testimonies acts as a platform where people share their testimonies and tips on the usage of MMS. Chlorine Dioxide Testimonies News Network serves as a news hub where David Oates posts MMS-related news and interviews. YouTubeTerminated is a Telegram channel where David Oates posts information on chlorine dioxide and other forms of misinformation, such as the conflict between Ukraine and Russia.

Soon after Mark Grenon’s extradition to the United States from Colombia, David Oates established another Telegram page called Grenon Freedom Initiative (GFI) (see Figure 10). GFI aims to inform people about the current status of Mark Grenon’s upcoming court trial and support the Grenon family through financial support or initiatives. Notable members of GFI are Manuel Aparicio and Tanya Carmona of the pro-MMS organization COMUSAV, an organization that aided in the normalization of MMS in Bolivia. By July 31, 2022, David Oates closed off the Telegram page from public view and is now private (Oates, 2022).

Aside from Telegram, David Oates promotes chlorine dioxide through his Rumble channel under the same name. Through Rumble, David Oates posts videos regarding chlorine dioxide. One video, for example, showed David Oates promoting chlorine dioxide as a COVID cure while an employee of the Z’otz Café ordered him to leave for not wearing a PPE mask (see Video 2) (Oates, 2021).

[Video 2 – David Oates annoys a Z’otz employee about chlorine dioxide (Oates, 2021).]

There are a few notable videos regarding chlorine dioxide on David Oates’ Rumble channel. One of those videos is David Oates’ interview with Mark Grenon of the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing (G2CHH), who is currently in the FDC in Miami, Florida (Oates, 2021). Additionally, David Oates admitted having repeated contact with Mark Grenon, as mentioned in a Telegram post back in April of this year. Another video is David Oates’ interview with Stew Peters, which he reuploaded to his Rumble channel (Oates, 2021). The interview is significant because Stew Peters is associated with Christopher Key, another promoter of chlorine dioxide. Stew Peters regularly advertises Christopher Key’s websites and The third video shows David Oates having his mother testify about chlorine dioxide and how it supposedly cured her of COVID-19 (see Figure 11) (Oates, 2021).

III-C. CDT’s MMS Products and Connections to Christopher Key, Bob Sisson, and Mark Grenon

David Oates made a Twitter post back in March of 2021 stating that he made chlorine dioxide for himself and added that he could make $5,000 selling his supplies and became very tempted by the idea. Another person replied to David Oates’ post and asked if he admitted that he would make and sell drugs that the Food and Drug Administration classifies as unapproved (FDA) (see Figure 12) (Oates, 2021).

David Oates publicly posted images of his crafted MMS products on the CDT channel, including a business card with the CDT logo (see Figure 13), his name, phone number, and email address. What is unique about the business card is the name “God’s Detox” (see Figure 14) (Oates, 2021).

The name God’s Detox came up in a recorded interview in February of 2022 between Anna Merlan of Vice News and Christopher Key. When Anna Merlan asked why Christopher Keys used Mark Grenon’s G2CHH labels, he later explained he received the labels from a friend of Mark Grenon’s but was later told not to use those labels. Christopher Key stated afterward that he now uses a label called God’s Detox (see Video 3) (Keys, 2022). However, regardless of what Christopher Key stated, there is no evidence of him using that label.

[Video 3 - Conversation between Christopher Key and Anna Merlan (Key, 2022).]

David Oates, Christopher Key, and Bob Sisson (also known as Bob the Plumber) appear to be working together in some capacity as they were seen together at a few events. One event which shows David Oates and Christopher Key together was at the Red Pill Expo in November of 2021 (both of them would later attended Louisiana’s State Capital Hearing regarding a vaccine mandate for students (Video 4) (Oates, 2021). At the hearing, David Oates promoted chlorine dioxide as a cure for COVID and even gave free MMS products for people to take and use on themselves. In another Telegram post by David Oates, he stated he was partnering up with Bob Sisson and was also in an interview with him (see Figure 15) (Oates, 2021) (BrighteonTV, 2021). There is also data from the GFI Telegram group showing Bob Sisson as a member.

[Video 4 - David Oates at the State Capital Hearing (Key, 2021).]

III-D. Will Chlorine Dioxide Will Kill You Or Heal You?

David Oates claims that Chlorine Dioxide is not bleach under the excuse that only bleach can kill a person (Oates, 2020). Unfortunately for David Oates, under the use of paper processing, chlorine dioxide is known to bleach wood pulp for paper manufacturing (Chlorine Dioxide, n.d.). Additionally, through a court document, the FDA received reports of people having adverse effects from chlorine dioxide. These effects led people to become hospitalized, receive life-threatening conditions, or even die from chlorine dioxide. The American Association of Poison Control Centers reported over 16,000 cases of chlorine dioxide poisoning since 2014 (Homer, 2020).

David Oates stated in a video that he would listen to data proving that chlorine dioxide can harm people (Oates, 2020). Unknown to David Oates, there are studies showing chlorine dioxide does more harm than good when used as a medicine. In an article by the BMJ in 2014, the use of MMS resulted in Kikuchi-Fujimoto disease in a 41-year-old woman (Ren Loh and Shafi, 2014). By 2016, there were four cases of chlorine dioxide poisoning which resulted in methemoglobinemia, oxidative hemolysis, and acute kidney injury (Irritant contact dermatitis from “miracle mineral solution.”, 2016).

IV. QAnon

IV-A. QAnon Beliefs

From disseminating his social media outlets, David Oates appears to be an overzealous QAnon follower. One example is David Oates’ use of the term WWG1WGA, which is a QAnon abbreviation for “Where We Go One We Go All.” Other QAnon-related beliefs held by David Oates include a distrust of mainstream media such as CNN. In one of David Oates’ videos, he claims that the media not only censors people but also wants them dead (see Video 6). Like many QAnon followers, David Oates shows cult-like support for Donald Trump. Throughout almost every video, David Oates claims that Donald Trump is a genius and anointed by God (see Video 5) (Oates, 2021). David Oates and QAnon followers claim that Donald Trump is going against a cabal of Satan-worshipping pedophiles who are part of the Democratic Party. The Elite and the Deep State are other names David Oates uses to describe these people.

[Video 5 – David Oates explains Q posts, stating the military is the only way and praising Donald Trump fanatically (Oates, 2021).]

Based on QAnon prophecies, David Oates believes there would be a “Great Awakening” or “The Storm.” This “Great Awakening” is an event involving Donald Trump and military allies declaring martial law, arresting their political opponents, and sending them to Guantanamo Bay to be executed (Wong, 2021). David Oates claims in his videos that wealth will transfer from the elite to the people after restoring order through the Great Awakening (Oates, 2021).

IV-B. QAnon and Violence

Aside from the Capital Attack on January 6, a series of events links QAnon followers with violence. For example, a QAnon follower named Matthew Coleman murdered his two children after believing they had serpent DNA (Hayes, 2021). Although David Oates has not committed a violent act yet, there are indicators that he could commit a violent act in the future regarding his QAnon beliefs. The following posts and videos David Oates made do not fully imply that he would attack his employer or anyone at the NAS JRB but show why someone such as David Oates needs to be under law enforcement's surveillance.

In a video posted a few days after the January 6th insurrection, David Oates ranted about an issue or argument he supposedly had at work when another coworker told him to take off his Trump hat. The said employee later made a report to the company about the issue. David Oates stated that if his company fired him, he would “find” them. Later in the video, David Oates said he was told by someone else at work not to speak to the individual to avoid conflict. David Oates became very upset about this as he believes conflict is good and can resolve problems. Adding into the rant, David Oates suggests you could not only be harassed for being white and conservative but could also result in decapitation (see Video 6) (Oates, 2021).

[Video 6 – David Oates expresses his frustration at work (Oates, 2021).]

In one of David Oates’ videos, he is under a delusional mindset as to whether his company (Kay and Associates) is a part of the “Deep State” or “braindead” (Oates, 2021). Within that same month, David Oates posted a possible cryptic message on his Twitter page that a “small spring” could not only bring down a Jet Engine but could also bring down the “Cabal” (see Figure 16) (Oates, 2021).

V. Exposure to Foreign Influence

Besides his exposure to QAnon, David Oates also has exposure to foreign influence. One of David Oates’ videos reveals his conversation with German national Martin Schierl. In the video, both David Oates and Martin Schierl discuss anti-government conspiracy theories and QAnon propaganda (Oates, 2020).

[Video 7 – David Oates and Martin Schieerl speaking about conspiracies and QAnon propaganda (Oates, 2020).]

David Oates’ exposure to foreign influence also extends to Telegram. Under the YoutubeTerminated page, David Oates forwarded Pro-Russian/Anti-Ukraine propaganda in German (some translated to English). David Oates clearly understands these posts, as his LinkedIn profile states he understands the German language. One of these sources that David Oates forwards is “Russian and Friends,” a German Telegram page that posts Pro-Russian propaganda (see Figure 17 and Figure 18).

Other examples of Pro-Russian/Anti-Ukraine propaganda focused on the massacre at Bucha. One forwarded message from MoD Russia claimed that the massacre was part of a planned media campaign against Russia (see Figure 19) (MoD Russia, 2022). Another message from Intel Slava Z claimed that Ukrainians massacred the residents of Bucha for either being a saboteur or collaborators with Russia (see Figure 20) (Intel Salva Z, 2022).

What is disturbing about his support for forwarding posts containing Pro-Russian propaganda stems from the fact that he likely holds a security clearance. As mentioned earlier, David Oates works at the NAS JRB and has taken photos and videos that are more than likely classified. In one photo, for example, he took a selfie, viewing himself and the engine currently under operation (will not show image) (Oates, 2021). It is questionable if David Oates took that photo, along with other images and videos, to either show his viewers what he works on or if he is somehow passing off information to a foreign intelligence agent.

VI. Death Threat to Geoboros

In November of 2021, an unidentified person sent a death threat to Geoboros via email through the “Contact” form on either the Home or Contact page (see Figure 21). The death threat was taken seriously and reported the threat to law enforcement. Unfortunately, because the Contact form allowed the user to create a generic/fake name and email for the form and left a generic IP, law enforcement could not trace the message to the perpetrator of the death threat.

As time progressed, while collecting information on David Oates, there is a high probability he made the death threat. Data suggesting that David Oates made the death threat stem from his patterns involving QAnon propaganda and his mother. Regarding QAnon, this group shows an obsessive hatred towards sex predators/pedophiles. Although a majority of the world’s population shows distaste towards pedophiles, QAnon took that distaste even further by claiming the existence of pedophiles forming a cabal to abduct, rape, and murder children.

In many posts and videos made by David Oates, he repeatedly talked about how chlorine dioxide saved his mother from the brink of death. When researching key individuals and their promotion of chlorine dioxide for medicinal purposes, not one of these individuals talked obsessively about their mother like David Oates. David Oates’ unusual obsession with his mother came to the extent that he and his mother appeared together in a video to give their testimony on chlorine dioxide. Because of David Oates’ obsession with his mother, one could claim that David Oates developed some form of the Oedipus complex. Although the email claimed that chlorine dioxide saved the mother from cancer, the theory is that David Oates more than likely switched the name of the illness to detract anyone from believing he made the threat, but only if he is the key individual who made the threat.

Closing Notes

David Oates’ social media groups, posts, and videos clearly show he is a liability, delusional, and unfit to work in a job environment where he operates military hardware. Through current data on David Oates, he has shown himself to be a promoter in which he not only tried to heal his mother with chlorine dioxide but also showed devotion to Mark Grenon by creating a Telegram group to support the Grenons in their criminal trial. David Oates’ dedication extends from Mark Grenon to Donald Trump, whom he claims to be a genius, prophetic, and anointed by God through the cult of QAnon. In turn, David Oates’ following of QAnon has him questioning his own country and showing support to Russia through a series of forwarded messages that promote Russian propaganda. Additionally, in one of David Oates’ messages on GFI, which is now private, he stated that US lawmakers and the laws they draft could be “eradicated,” showing David Oates as a potential threat to his country (see Figure 22) (Oates, 2022).

Currently, Congress has a bill titled H.Res.1154, passed in the house but has yet to become fully enacted into law. H.Res.1154 would not only condemn QAnon and its ideologies but encourage the intelligence community to investigate foreign support and assistance to QAnon. H.Res.1154 must fully become a law to remove QAnon followers such as David Oates from any military and intelligence community involvement.


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