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Cindy Falco, “Free the Grenons” Protest and The Mayoral Election

Updated: Feb 6, 2022

Update 2-6-2022: Cindy Falco removed the video confirming her campaign for Mayor for a more recent video but was still archived.

As of December 19, a public protest took place over the arrest of Mark Grenon and his sons Jonathan Grenon, Jordan Grenon, and Joseph Grenon. Mark Grenon is the Archbishop of the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing (G2CHH), and his sons who assisted him in the illegal manufacturing and marketing of chlorine dioxide. The Grenons sold chlorine dioxide under Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS), which contains a bottle of roughly 22%-28% sodium chlorite and 50% citric acid. The Loki Luck III podcast published an audio recording of the protest. However, after going through the recording, one of the people who stuck out the most and became a concern is Cindy Falco-Di Corrado (See Figure 1). The following article will briefly discuss who Cindy Falco is, her actions, her viewpoints, the people she associated with, and her race for Mayor. The information used comes from the recorded protest by the Loki Luck Podcast, articles mentioning Cindy Falco, and videos recording the actions made by Cindy Falco.

Cindy Falco and Racist/Antisemitic Allegation

Cindy Falco is an anti-masker/anti-vaxxer from Boynton Beach, Florida. Before resigning in 2017, Cindy Falco was a member of Boynton Beach’s advisory boards in the Community Redevelopment and Arts Commission. In an article from the Sun-Sentinel, Cindy Falco stated she resigned due to a new career. However, Cindy Falco more likely left due to outrage from Boynton Beach citizens accusing her of making racist comments. Mathi Mugilan, a resident of Boynton Beach, was told by Cindy Falco to “Speak better English” (Chokey, 2017). There was also a report that she said to Black residents, “You’re lucky we brought you over as slaves, or else you’d be deported too” (Milian, 2021).

The accusations mentioned in the article are probable as Cindy Falco made antisemitic comments in the audio with a group of people. Statements made by Cindy Falco include her stating that Jews are the biggest perpetrators and are mostly Democrats. Other people in the group tried comparing the so-called “Plandemic” to the Holocaust and another person wanting to ask a Jewish person if vaccines are kosher (Loki Luck III (LL 3) Podcast, 2021). An article from the Palm Beach Post noted that Cindy Falco posed in a photoshoot with members of the Proud Boys who displayed white-power gestures (Milian, 2021).

Candidate for Boynton Beach

Currently, Cindy Falco is running for Mayor of Boynton Beach, with election day on March 8th of 2022. Cindy Falco confirmed her campaign for Mayor in the audio from the protest and a YouTube video as recent as December of 2021 (Update 2-6-2022: Cindy Falco removed the video confirming her campaign for Mayor for a more recent video but was still archived.). Cindy Falco also has a website dedicated to her run for Mayor of Boynton Beach. One of Cindy Falco’s propositions as Mayor includes the demolition of a monument in Boynton Beach, which she claims is hiding the “Mark of the Beast” (666) as described in her YouTube video (Falco, 2021).

In both the protest and an article from the Palm Beach Post, Cindy Falco showed outrage at an event in which elected officials in Boynton Beach gave out gift cards to people who received the COVID-19 vaccination. Cindy Falco claims that the action at the event is “bribery” and that she received “information” from “doctors” that the vaccine is “poisonous” and for “biochemical warfare” (Milian, 2021). The claims made by Cindy Falco are blasphemous as there is no objective evidence proving this. Ironically, bribery and poison took place in one of Mutsuro Ishii’s activities in Uganda. Mutsuro Ishii, with the help of G2CHH member Samula Albert, conducted a series of experiments on women and children with chlorine dioxide as a cure for malaria in exchange for gifts. Images in these experiments depicted children treated as guinea pigs. Not only were these people poisoned by chlorine dioxide, but it also has potential as utilization for chemical warfare. Even more disturbing, Mutsuro Ishii crossed the border from Thailand to Myanmar to meet up with a terrorist/militant group known as the Karen National Liberation Army (KLNA) and even got them to test chlorine dioxide on their villagers (Dagan, 2019).

Criminal Charges

Cindy Falco is also no stranger to criminal accusations. The first incident occurred on January 14 of 2021 with charges of trespassing and resisting an officer without violence after refusing to wear a mask at an Einstein Bros. Bagels (Royalzion, 2021). At the protest, Cindy Falco claimed that she was beaten, kidnapped, and “mentally raped.” Cindy Falco tried comparing herself to George Floyd after claiming she couldn’t breathe during the altercation. Cindy Falco added that the officer played “demonic music” in the car ride to the jail and claimed to be a member of Black Lives Matter (BLM) (Loki Luck III (LL 3) Podcast, 2021). Video evidence on YouTube shows a different story showing that Cindy Falco was not beaten or kidnapped but resisted the officer in the video. Further into the video, it would be helpful for Cindy Falco not to repeatedly scream, as that could be the cause of her not being able to breathe (Royalzion, 2021).

It appears in the video that Cindy Falco was purposely resisting arrest to act as if the police were manhandling her and suffocating her to gain publicity. As evident in the video, Cindy Falco asked an unidentified person with the camera if she was filming her arrest. Once confirmed, Cindy Falco began screaming and claiming she couldn’t breathe (Royalzion, 2021).

Cindy Falco’s most recent defense against the charges is through Ron DeSantis’ order to grant amnesty to those who violate the mask mandates. However, the amnesty will not work for her as the charges involve trespass and resisting arrest (Greggis, 2021).

Analysis between two Candidates and Closing Notes

If Cindy Falco is comparable to any individual who tried to run for office while drawing negative attention, Carl Benjamin would be that individual. Carl Benjamin, a controversial YouTuber, failed miserably in an election bid for the European Parliament. Carl Benjamin’s loss in the elections is due to politically incorrect comments he made before the European Election. These comments not only overshadowed UKIP’s EU campaign and destroyed its reputation, but Carl Benjamin was also under investigation by police after discovering a video of him stating his contemplation of raping Jess Phillips. Carl Benjamin tried downplaying the comments made as jokes, but that excuse could not undo the damage he made (Klepek, 2019).

Cindy Falco could still win the election despite her negative comments and legal issues when comparing the two candidates. The difference between both individuals is that Cindy Falco’s campaign started after the 2020 Elections and the January 6th Insurrection. These events became plagued with misinformation such as the “Big Lie,” which favored extreme Trump Supporters. The Proud Boys are an extremist group of Trump Supporters who recently shifted their political strategies by bringing their political ideologies to local level governments and recruiting supporters to alter the influence of the upcoming 2022 Midterm Elections. The Proud Boys' tactics to influence local governments are attending local events such as council gatherings and school board meetings (Frenkel, 2021). What is very concerning is that Cindy Falco posed with a local Proud Boys group outside a school board meeting, as earlier mentioned (See Figure 2) (Milian, 2021).

In addition, Cindy was very open about her support for the Grenons and chlorine dioxide as a medicine. In Bolivia, lawmakers belonging to the Movimiento al Socialismo (MAS) consulted with members of COMUSAV, a pseudo-science organization promoting chlorine dioxide as a medicine. Together, the influence of both groups resulted in passing the legislation of utilizing chlorine dioxide for medicinal purposes (Porter. 2020). Although the bill was never fully ratified into Bolivian law, chlorine dioxide as a medicine has become common practice, as observed in a video from Vice News (Vice News, 2021).

Although more than likely, Cindy Falco will be found guilty of her most recent criminal charges. However, if Cindy Falco can somehow get the charges dismissed or reduced, it is also possible that she could win the election based on the current political climate. If Cindy Falco succeeds in the race for Boynton Beach, the municipality could deal with profound health implications under her authority. For Citizens of Boynton Beach, to ensure that Cindy Falco does not reach this position, votes must be made against her and vote in favor of a candidate that is more than capable of handling the position of Mayor.


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