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Announcement: Max Ard is Dead. Chlorine Dioxide Does Not Cure COVID-19


Through a recent discovery this month, it is now known that Max Ard died on August 21st, 2021, from COVID-19. As discussed in a previous article, Max Ard is a Bishop of the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing (G2CHH) Chapter 238 and supported Mark Grenon. Max Ard founded a website called Genesis II Church University (G2CU) to instruct people on how to create and use chlorine dioxide, which is also known as Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS), Chlorine Dioxide Solution (CDS), and Water Purification Solution (WPS) (Dagan,2020).

In one of his video posts, Max Ard tells his audience not to speak of chlorine dioxide as a remedy for illnesses but as a water purification to “purify” the body to avoid scrutiny from the FDA and DOJ (Ard, 2021). Even ingesting chlorine dioxide for water purification is not safe, as a report from New Zealand shows that MMS/CDS can rust metal in a couple of hours (RNZ, 2020).

Max Ard’s last post on G2CU was back on July 30th regarding “Detox Training” on Zoom (G2CU Blog, n.d.). There was much concern about why he didn’t create any posts in August through G2CU and Facebook. After searching through the Facebook profile of his brother Jeff Ard, he announced Max Ard died because of COVID-19 (See Figure 1). Jeff Ard himself also tested positive for COVID-19 and is scheduled for an Antibody Treatment (Ard, 2021).

Big Questions

Although the death of Max Ard' may be good news to some, this feels very anticlimactic in a way that raises significant questions. One of the questions is why did no one in COMUSAV or G2CHH reported Max Ard’s death other than his brother. The theory for this is because it could discourage the sales of MMS/CDS/WPS products. If people knew that Max Ard died from COVID-19, they would understand they couldn’t cure themselves of COVID-19 or any other illnesses through chlorine dioxide, thus discouraging them from buying the products and hindering the sales from multiple distributors.

The other question is who is running the eBay account “purewatersolution?” Since investigating Max Ard, he might have been running the account as the shipping location (Silverhill, Alabama) is a 16-minute drive from his home in Summerdale, Alabama. Through this eBay account, the true intention is to sell chlorine dioxide as a remedy and not as water purification. Evidence shows in the item description that it is “Recommended for the Kalcker process” (See Figure 2). The recommendation refers to Andreas Kalcker, a member of G2CHH and COMSUAV and currently on the run from Argentinian authorities after promoting chlorine dioxide as medicine for COVID-19. Max Ard referenced Andreas Kalcker when speaking of making CDS to his audience. Now that Max Ard is dead and the eBay account still has positive reviews as recent as September 13th, there are at least two theories as to why. One theory is that another person in the Silverhill region is working independently or working with Max Ard. Another theory is that the positive reviews came from people who received their products before Max Ard’s death. The eBay account could later dissipate overtime if Max Ard were truly operating the account with people wondering why they aren’t receiving their product.

As of now, the eBay account will be under close observation to see if there is still a positive recommendation for this account or if there is an increase in negative feedback based on eBay’s Feedback system. Max Ard may be dead, but that is not stopping the MMS/CDS industry from deceiving people of their product.

Emails and Contradictions

In a now released set of emails, Max Ard tried to outsmart, upstage, or even discourage Geoboros (See Figures 3 and 4). Max Ard tried stating chlorine dioxide is EPA approved, multiple municipalities use chlorine dioxide, and suppliers of “water purification drops” use the same recipe to make chlorine dioxide as promoted by G2CHH’s founder Jim Humble. Max Ard tried to tell Geoboros off to “do your homework,” claimed he was a good person. In reality, the EPA only approves chlorine dioxide under a concentration no higher than 0.8 PPM. The same goes for municipalities as they also use chlorine dioxide to that concentration. Max Ard admitted in his video that water distributors do not “purify” water correctly and that municipalities do not insert enough chlorine dioxide in his viewpoint.

The suppliers of those “water purification drops,” such as Keavy’s Corner, do not sell it with the intention of water purification. The CEO of Keavy’s Corner, Stephen Pardee, has close connections with the Genesis II Church before trying to delete, alter, or hide any evidence. In a deleted forum post from MMS Forum, Stephen Pardee told dealers of alternative health that they need to be careful in the language they choose. Stephen added that if people simply sold a chemical and had people be “educated” elsewhere, they would come to the store to find and buy that chemical (See Figure 5) (Pardee, 2019).

The eBay account “purewatersolution” also recommended CDS based on Andreas Kalcker’s process (Refer back to Figure 2). Hinting the names of people such as Jim Humble and Andreas Kalcker or even the components to make chlorine dioxide (sodium chlorite and citric acid or hydrochloric acid) shows these suppliers' hidden intentions for selling “water purification drops” as medicine for COVID-19 and other illnesses.

Closing Notes

Through G2CU, Max Ard advocated chlorine dioxide as a form of detoxification and treatment for COIVD-19, as suggested in one of the tabs “Bolivia Cures Covid” (Miracle of Water Homepage, n.d.). Unfortunately, even after consuming chlorine dioxide as either a form of treatment or for the nonsense of “water purification,” Max Ard contracted COVID-19 and died as a result. Chlorine Dioxide was never a cure for COVID-19. Max Ard’s overzealous claims of chlorine dioxide and drinking “purified” water to avoid seeking a doctor or medical professional turned against him in the form of COVID-19.

The tragic end of Max Ard should be a wake-up call for those who either believe chlorine dioxide can cure COVID-19 or are hesitant of the COVID vaccine. As a message to those people, please throw away the MMS/CDS products, take the COVID vaccine, and never trust anyone or anything from COMUSAV or G2CHH. There is a good reason as to why COMUSAV or G2CHH never reported Max Ard’s death. As Max Ard himself could put it, “THEY’RE IN IT FOR THE MONEY! THEY DO IT THE CHEAPEST AND THEY DO THE VERY MINIMUMS THAT THEY CAN GET AWAY WITH IT!”


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