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10/2/2021 Interview with Mark Grenon and Analysis

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

Full Video of the Interview

It has been known from the Guardian since August of 2021 that Mark Grenon, archbishop of the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing (G2CHH), has had contact with the outside world since his incarceration to the La Picota prison in Bogota, Colombia. In addition to contacting people, Mark Grenon also treated roughly 75 people with Chlorine Dioxide, which is known to G2CHH and its supporters as Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS), Chlorine Dioxide Solution (CDS), and Water Purification Solution (WPS) (Pilkingtion, 2021).

For a brief summarization, MMS is a kit composed of two bottles containing 22%-28% sodium chlorite and 50% citric acid or 4% hydrochloric acid, depending on the product. Mixing these chemicals create chlorine dioxide based on the G2CHH standards. CDS is premade chlorine dioxide in a single bottle containing as high as 3000 parts per million (PPM). MMS is not available in a physical store and sells only in online stores and e-commerce websites. Based on Stephen Pardee’s post, the vendors who operate these online stores or businesses selling MMS are not real businesses and sell the MMS to make money (Pardee, 2012).

In a post from Dioxido de Cloro – Fraude asesino, they contacted Colombia’s prison system and presented their evidence of Mark Grenon’s connection to the outside world through Telegram. The prison system reported that Mark Grenon had his access to Telegram taken away and is facing isolation (See Figure 1) (Dioxido de cloro - Fraude asesino, 2021).

Unfortunately, it appears the prison system may have turned a blind eye with Mark Grenon still having access to Telegram and contact with the outside world. Mark Grenon made private messages to listed contacts on Telegram to avoid someone discovering him in a public group (See Figure 2).

Between Mid-September and October, I established an interview with Mark Grenon, who is very happy to speak with me. Deciding to take advantage of Colombia’s corrupt prison system, I contacted Mark Grenon himself to get valuable information regarding his connections with Stephen Pardee and any other information if available. What Mark Grenon did not realize was that I was Eli Dagan, operator of the website Geoboros. I posed as a church congregation member in my interview with him and wanted to interview him as part of a church project on “alternative medicine.”

Our initial call took place on September 22, 2021, and acted as to what we would be going over in the next call. Unfortunately, recording issues occurred and erased the recorded call. Fortunately, we went over topics from the erased audio in a recent call on October 2, 2021. For roughly an hour and a half, I recorded and analyzed information in the interview with Mark Grenon. Topics discussed include Mark Grenon’s introduction to promoting MMS, his downfall in 2020, his viewpoint on the current U.S. Government and pharmaceutical industry, the people he associated with, his incarceration, and his persecution.

Mark Grenon’s Introduction to MMS

When asking Mark Grenon about how he started, he worked as a missionary in the Dominican Republic between the early ’90s and early 2000s. He assisted doctors and built a compound to house other missionaries (See Figure 3). During his time in the Dominican Republic, he and his sons contracted the MRSA infection (also known as Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus). One of his sons possibly needed to have his leg amputated. Desperate for treatment, Mark Grenon searched the Internet for a cure and stumbled onto Jim Humble and his pseudo-medicine MMS. After using MMS on himself and his family, he believed it worked and tried convincing doctors in the Dominican Republic. Fortunately, the doctors rejected the idea of MMS and Mark Grenon, thus losing his support as a missionary.

Over the next two years, Mark Grenon did several odd jobs to support himself and his family while gathering testimonies who believed MMS worked for them. By 2009, Mark Grenon messaged Jim Humble stating that MMS worked for him and his family. Mark Grenon and Jim Humble would have contact again in 2010 after authorities in Malawi arrested Jim Humble for practicing without a license. Jim Humble’s arrest would result in him moving to the Dominican Republic with Mark Grenon. Together, they would set up a church and begin their operations using the compound Mark Grenon built. In their first seminar, the church would later become the G2CHH with 40 people outside the Dominican Republic. Most of the people who came to the seminar wanted to market MMS.

Although Mark Grenon and Jim Humble are the Co-Founders of G2CHH, four additional people also co-founded G2CHH. The other co-founders mentioned are Jonathan Grenon, Joseph Grenon, Abigail Grenon, and Nairobis Grenon (See Figure 4). Jonathan, Joseph, and Abigail Grenon are the children of Mark Grenon. The other co-founder, Nairobis Grenon, also known as Belgica Alcanatra in the court documents, is Jonathan Grenon's wife in Bradenton, Florida (Clerk’s Notice 11-13-2020, 2020). She assisted Jonathan Grenon by directing people to him as evidence in a now-defunct Facebook post (See Figure 5).

Based on the photos found, the compound Mark Grenon refers to is a large structure with three floors and an empty, unused pool. The compound is in Barahona, a city in the Dominican Republic. Images of the compound are on both his Facebook and a Flickr photo album (See Figures 6 and 7) (Grenon, 2009) (Marena USA, n.d.). Based on the photos inside the compound, the place was more likely used to conduct a seminar and as a place to produce their MMS products. Mark Grenon and G2CHH would later sell the compound to move out of the Dominican Republic and spread G2CHH globally.

Between 2010-2020 they held 63 seminars in 20 countries, later spreading to 145 countries by training others to become health ministers of the church through either a seminar or online course. By 2020, the G2CHH trained over 2,010 health ministers in 145 countries. Between 2006 – 2020, Mark Grenon also made radio broadcasts with a quarter of a million downloads.

Mark Grenon’s 2020 Downfall

By 2020, various online outlets like YouTube, Facebook, and PayPal shut down Mark Grenon and G2CHH. 2020 was also the emergence of COVID-19 in the U.S., allowing Mark Grenon and the G2CHH used the opportunity to advertise MMS as a cure for COVID. Due to the publicity of promoting medicine for COVID, the FDA told Mark Grenon to stop and issued a junction on him from selling MMS. Despite the ordered junction and demands to appear in court, Mark Grenon and his sons refused to listen. Mark Grenon’s defiance led to contempt charges and an arrest warrant. In July 2020, authorities apprehended Jonathan and Jordan Grenon in their Bradenton home and dismantled their MMS Facility (See Figure 8). Colombian authorities would later arrest Mark and Joseph Grenon in August 2020 (See Figure 9).

Mark Grenon’s Connections

Since the beginning of G2CHH, Mark Grenon has made numerous connections with people over the years. Aside from Jim Humble, other people Mark Grenon and the G2CHH was involved with are:

  • Kerri Rivera: One of the members of G2CHH and promoted MMS as a cure for autism and even used MMS on her autistic son. She also created various groups on Facebook, Telegram, and other social media sites where parents of autistic children gain pseudo information from Kerri Rivera, who convinces these parents to use MMS on their autistic children through either oral consumption or as an enema. Vice News explains that she is running into legal trouble with German authorities (Merlan, 2021).

  • Jeff Bradstreet: A person who worked with Kerri Rivera at one point and promoted GCMAF as a cure for autism. Jeff Bradstreet would later evade capture after the FBI raided his office and later committed suicide to avoid punishment. Some people have used Jeff Bradstreet’s suicide as a conspiracy for a cover-up by “Big Pharma” (Miller, 2015)

  • Rick Simpson: A medical marijuana activist who promoted cannabis oil known as Rick Simpson Oil (RSO). Mark Grenon claimed to have interviewed him (Who is Rick Simpson and Why is His Medical Marijuana Oil Special?, 2021).

  • Stephanie Seneff: She is a research scientist at the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) associated with Kerri Rivera (Stephanie Seneff, 2021). They both promote chlorine dioxide effectively against glyphosate and autism (Kerri and Dr. Seneff CD Breaks Down Glyphosate and Reverses Autism, 2019).

  • Don Tolman: A peddler of CBD products and Colloidal Silver. Claimed to have healed people heal through fasting. Mark Grenon interviewed him and is considered a friend (Home Page, n.d.).

  • Manuel Aparicio Alonso: A member of both the Jurica Medical Center and a member of the quack medical group COMUSAV (Meet Dr. Manuel Aparicio Alonso, n.d.).

  • Lindsey Wagner: An actress who played the Bionic Woman who claimed to have cured herself of some form of skin disease through MMS and had contact with Mark Grenon (Bartley and Rand, 2016).

  • Samula Albert: Another member of G2CHH in Uganda. He was arrested in 2019 with British national Sam Little for promoting MMS as a cure for various illnesses (URN, 2019).

  • Bob Sisson: Another member of G2CHH and the host of the website CLO2.TV (Meet the Team, n.d.).

One of the other people associated with Mark Grenon and G2CHH is Max Ard (See Figure 20). Max Ard built Miracle of Water, a website to train people to create chlorine dioxide (Dagan, 2020). Even though Max Ard tried to promote chlorine dioxide for healing purposes, it did not save him from COVID (Dagan, 2021). When bringing Max Ard into the conversation, Mark Grenon tried to claim that Max Ard did not die from COVID but died from injection and ventilator when he went to the hospital.

Andreas Kalcker and COMUSAV

One prominent figure Mark Grenon worked with promoting MMS is Andreas Kalcker. From Mark Grenon’s viewpoint, he said Andreas Kalcker took a different perspective of using chlorine dioxide by injecting it into the body rather than oral consumption. Between both people, Mark Grenon said he went to teach the “common people” how to use MMS, while Andreas Kalcker went to doctors in South America and trained them how to use MMS. Andreas Kalcker, along with doctors in South America, formed COMUSAV, a group promoting chlorine dioxide as alternative medicine. The efforts of Andreas Kalcker and COMUSAV led to the country of Bolivia overthrowing their health ministry. They replaced it with a new ministry in favor of using chlorine dioxide for alternative medicine (Porter, 2020). Recently, authorities in Argentina charged Andreas Kalcker for illegally practicing as a medical professional and selling snake oil medicine. Andreas Kalcker is currently on the run from authorities and could face a maximum of 25 years in prison if caught and convicted (Porter, 2021).

Stephen Pardee and Keavy’s Corner

Of the numerous people Mark Grenon was associated with, Stephen Pardee is currently the CEO of Keavy’s Corner (also known as KV Lab). Mark Grenon said that Stephen Pardee was one of the very first members of G2CHH besides Kerri Rivera and Andreas Kalcker. As confirmed by Mark Grenon, Stephen Pardee is still a member of G2CHH and never kicked out. Mark Grenon added that Stephen Pardee also helped him out through a donation (See Figure 21). Mark Grenon’s statement counters Stephen Pardee’s claim to The Guardian that he left the church in 2014 (Pilkington, 2020). To back up Mark Grenon’s claims, after discovering the Keavy’s Corner website back in 2018, the website claimed to be a trusted supplier of G2CHH (See Figure 22).

Mark Grenon also talked about Stephen Pardee’s trouble with the EPA. The problem involved the mislabeling of certain products. Based on Mark Grenon’s account, Stephen Pardee took care of this issue by acquiring some “water purification” license, but it was never fully specified. Aside from the EPA, Stephen Pardee also had trouble with the Department of Transportation (DOT). Based on Stephen Pardee’s post on the MMS Forum, the issue was regarding shipping MMS through the United States Postal Service (USPS) (See Figure 23)(Pardee, 2012). Another member of the G2CHH, Michael Harrah, responded to Stephen Pardee’s post by stating they can avoid FDA rulings by selling MMS for “legal purposes” (See Figure 24) (Harrah, 2012). Additionally, a forum post made by Stephen Pardee in 2019 shows him saying that people who sell products as alternative health must be careful in their chosen words (See Figure 26) (Pardee, 2019).

For more information on the reason why MMS/CDS distributors advertise as a water purifier, please refer to this article:

Mark Grenon admitted a “falling” in G2CHH, which involved people turning to Stephen Pardee. Despite the falling, he still recommended people to Keavy’s Corner. Through the COMUSAV English group on Telegram, people referred to others to get MMS/CDS at Keavy’s Corner, with Mark Grenon being one of those people. Below is a gallery showcasing people making those references to the online store.

Mark Grenon stated that they could also buy the supplies at Amazon, in which some brands are also under the Keavy’s Corner name. Mark Grenon also added that Stephen Pardee at one time ran out of supplies at Keavy's Corner and had to take his supplies (See Figure 26). Mark Grenon believes that Stephen Pardee will give him back the supplies someday.

MMS on Amazon

When referring to Keavy’s Corner on Telegram, Mark Grenon mentioned that people could find MMS products on Amazon. There is a recurring problem with third parties on Amazon selling MMS products. Rather than advertising the products as MMS, they try to promote them as water purification to avoid legal issues. Third parties currently selling MMS Products on the Amazon US domain are:

  • Wellness and Detox: The following third party on Amazon sells MMS products under the Keavy’s Corner brand and ships them from Sarasota. In an interview from The Guardian, Stephen Pardee claims he has no affiliation with them. As of 11/27/2021, Wellness and Detox’s MMS product is considered Amazon’s Choice (See Figure 27).

  • Oneness Labs/MapStore: The company operates from the Irvine Towers in California. Oneness Labs also goes under the name MapStore revealing their business address at the Irvine Towers. The two serial entrepreneurs who run Oneness Labs are Peter Nguyen and John Tran. Back in 2020, they pulled their black salve product after being given a verbal warning from the FDA (Oneness Labs – 608918 - 10/06/2020, 2020). Oneness Labs tries to warn users that their chlorine dioxide product is not for consumption but gives users the same instructions to make chlorine dioxide as members of G2CHH. On Facebook and Instagram, they tried promoting their product as a form of detox.

  • Family Health Products: The following company operates in Omaha, Nebraska.

  • Biotraxx Direct: The company claims to ship from Port Luis in Mauritius on their Amazon page.

The companies mentioned above share a couple of factors when marketing these products. One aspect is that they use the same chemical components promoted by G2CHH and its supporter to create chlorine dioxide. Another aspect is that the FDA or the EPA never approved these products. The only known water purification product approved by the EPA is under the Aquamira company with approved registration and even a different set of components used to purify the water. Despite the registration number belonging to Aquamira, an eBay account selling Oneness Labs products and a Facebook page under Oneness Labs stole the registration number and used it to advertise Oneness Labs products (See Figures 35 and 36) (Oneness Labs, 2020) (westcoastaedo, n.d.).

MMS is Not Safe and Effective

Mark Grenon states that chlorine dioxide is safe, used for water purification, and clinically proven effective in the interview. Even though he says chlorine dioxide is safe, he adds that it could kill you if you breathe in the gas or consume too much chlorine dioxide. Under EPA regulations, the maximum concentration of chlorine dioxide in drinking water is 0.8 PPM (Chlorine Dioxide, n.d.). In a video uploaded by Oneness Labs, they used a PPM sheet to test concentrated amounts of chlorine dioxide between 0-3 drops of sodium chlorite and citric acid/hydrochloric acid. 0 drops had 0 PPM, 1-2 drops had 10 PPM, and three drops had 25 PPM. 1 - 3 drops are 12 - 31 higher than the recommended amount (See Figure 37) (Oneness Labs, 2020).

Using a Madigan Army Medical Center report, a concentration of 15 PPM or higher can cause pulmonary symptoms. Concentrations at roughly 3 PPM cause irritation, and 430 PPM or higher can kill a person in 30 minutes (Jones, Wills, and Kang). Although the article is regarding chlorine and not chlorine dioxide, both chemicals are oxidizers with chlorine dioxide having the potential to become weaponized. For example, Bruce Tanner, also known as “brtanner,” stated he inhaled chlorine dioxide as a gas, resulting in a mild-sore throat and possible effects on his lung tissue (See Figure 38) (Tanner, 2011). In another example, pam, also known as Pam Gotcher, posts two excerpts from one of Jim Humble’s books regarding those who inhale gas from chlorine dioxide. In both excerpts, the individual inhaled the fumes from the chlorine dioxide and later experienced pulmonary effects in the next four hours. (See Figure 39) (Gotcher, 2011).

For Mark Grenon’s defense and evidence, he worked with Max Ard by requesting people to send “Affidavits of Truth.” The purpose of these Affidavits is for people to claim Chlorine Dioxide cured them of any illness (See Figure 40) (Ard, 2020). These supposed affidavits were obtainable through the Miracle of Water website.

Although Mark Grenon would hope that the affidavits could help him, they are useless compared to the following case reports. The first report by John Ming Ren Loh and Humaira Shafi hypothesizes that MMS caused Kikuchi-Fujimoto disease for a 41-year-old woman who consumed MMS for the first time (Ren Loh and Shafi, 2014). In another case report, a 42-year-old man developed lesions on his trunk after spraying MMS to treat a fungal infection (Irritant contact dermatitis from “miracle mineral solution,” 2016). A third case report revealed that a 75-year-old man used MMS on himself to cure his prostate cancer and contracted Acute Hemolysis as a result (Burke, Zakhary, and Pinellis, 2014).

In a YouTube video from Radio New Zealand, a scientist used three drops of each bottle from a Chlorine Dioxide kit from NZ Water Purifier and inserted a piece of steel in a cup of the created solution. After leaving the steel in the cup for two hours, the steel showed signs of rust (RNZ, 2020).

Surprisingly, an MMS Supporter, Mutsuro Ishii, confirmed that an undisclosed University found results proving MMS is ineffective against malaria (See Figure 41). Between Mutsuro Ishii’s activities in Uganda, he experimented on villagers (especially children) with MMS as medicine for malaria. Mutsuro Ishii took the test samples and sent them to the University for observation. Mutsuro Ishii would later receive the results stating that MMS is ineffective, but drugs to combat malaria are effective.

The Trump Obsession

In my conversation with Mark Grenon, he also explained his possible connections with Donald Trump. The following section of this article is through Mark Grenon’s viewpoint, and there is yet to be any exact proof of any connection with Donald Trump.

When asked if Mark Grenon had any possible connections to Donald Trump, he talked about having contact with an unidentified member or supporter of G2CHH, who knew someone in the White House. That unknown member sent an MMS Kit and one of Mark Grenon’s books to the White House member, who later gave it to an unidentified member in Trump’s family. Within weeks after sending the MMS kit and book, Trump began talking about bleach or otherwise disinfectant. Donald Trump’s speaking about disinfectants led Mark Grenon to believe that Donald Trump was using MMS on himself. Mark Grenon made a post on April 24 of 2020, stating that Donald Trump received the MMS (Grenon, 2020).

Through a call made by Fiona O’Leary to Tobias Laube, an MMS Distributor and member of G2CHH claimed that Mark Grenon himself had contact with the Trump Administration (O’Leary, 2020). Based on Fiona O’Leary’s call, Tobias Laube’s version of events differ from Mark Grenon’s, and there is no clear evidence whether they contacted Donald Trump. The whole conversation between Fiona O’Leary and Tobias Laube is viewable in the video link below.

Based on his previous Telegram messages back in 2020, I asked Mark Grenon about envisioning himself at the White House. Mark Grenon replied that he dreamed that he would be together with Donald Trump at the White House one day. The audio regarding Mark Grenon’s dream was found on Telegram and can be listened to in the following audio below.

As with many extreme Trump supporters, Mark Grenon believes that Joe Biden or the democrats stole the election and that Donald Trump is still the president. As Mike Lindell kept repeating after the 2020 Election, Mark Grenon believes that the voting machines became rigged to flip the votes in Joe Biden’s favor. However, in a final report on the audit by Cyber Ninjas, the results show that Joe Biden won by 99 more votes, with Donald Trump losing 261 votes (Bradner and Rappard, 2021).

Current Incarceration Status

As stated in the beginning, Mark Grenon is currently in the La Picota prison in Bogota, Colombia, and claimed to have healed at least 75 people inside the prison with MMS (Pilkington, 2021). When asking Mark Grenon it's true, he confirmed this and claimed to have healed over 80 people in prison. Mark Grenon tried treating people with chlorine dioxide in prison, contacted people outside, and sent the chemicals. Before being transferred to La Picota, he gained sympathy from the guards and the warden of the previous prison.

Mark Grenon’s current status regarding incarceration appears to be lenient compared to both Jonathan and Jordan Grenon, who are currently at the Miami Federal Detention Center. There is a stark difference in how both prisons operate between the La Picota Prison and Federal Miami Detention Center. As described in the call, Mark Grenon can roam outside his cell for almost half of the day while Jonathan and Jordan Grenon must remain in their cells for 23 hours. In terms of communication, Mark Grenon can contact the outside via Telegram and other social media applications. Jonathan and Jordan Grenon have minimal contact with the outside with at least 500 minutes a month for telephone calls, at least two visits per month, and modified access to the Trust Fund Limited Inmate Communication Systems (Trulincs) (BOP Modified Operations, 2020). In terms of mail and contraband, Mark Grenon can easily bring in chlorine dioxide and use it on the patients in prison. In the deleted September call with Mark Grenon, he bragged about how it was also possible to bring prostitutes into the prison. Compared to Jonathan and Jordan Grenon, prison staff must check all letters and packages for contraband, thus limiting the type of items they can have in prison.

Mark Grenon also stated that he wanted to go before the court and stand before the jury. However, Mark Grenon claims that the U.S. government purposely postponed the trial by using COVID as an excuse. In reality, Mark Grenon is trying to contest their extradition to the United States as described in the court documents. Additionally, the U.S. Government would find it more beneficial to conduct a joint trial to reduce inconsistent verdicts, increase efficiency, reduce judicial resources, and decrease the burden on the victims and witnesses.

Views On the Pharmaceutical Industry and Federal Organizations

In my interview with Mark Grenon, he believes pharmaceutical companies and bankers are the biggest mafias working together. Mark Grenon stated that pharmaceutical companies do not want a cure for the sake of having repeated customers and making money from it. He added they control various outlets like ABC, NBC, CBS, and even Fox News. Mark Grenon also believes that pharmaceutical companies brainwash the doctors train them under a “pharmaceutical curriculum.” Other claims made were that pharmaceutical companies hired activists such as Fiona O’Leary to defame Mark Grenon.

Mark Grenon claims Federal Organizations such as the FDA, DOJ, and CDC are corporations because they have a Dun and Bradstreet number. Mark Grenon stated that they violated his 1st and 6th Amendment Rights under the U.S. Constitution through the supposed corporations.

Because of these “injustices,” Mark Grenon is trying to establish lawsuits against various groups such as the pharmaceutical companies, federal organizations, news media outlets, and even activists for defamation. Mark Grenon believes that suing these groups could rebuild the organizations and replace the “corporate” government with a “constitutional” government.

The Constitution – The 1st Amendment

The 1st Amendment in the U.S. Constitution gives Americans the freedom of religion, expression, assembly, and the right to set up a petition (First Amendment, n.d.). Mark Grenon stated that the FDA and DOJ violated his 1st Amendment rights when the FDA and DOJ took his books and tried to silence him in the interview. The Criminal Cover Sheet from the U.S. Courts tells a more accurate tale stating that Mark Grenon purposely used the freedom of religion to avoid government regulation by creating G2CHH (Criminal Cover Sheet, 2020).

In support of the claim found in the Criminal Cover Sheet, the document used two examples from an interview made to Mark Grenon about why he found the church. The first example shows that Mark Grenon founded G2CHH because, in his viewpoint, a church is separate from “codes, statutes, and laws.” Furthermore, in the interview, Mark Grenon added that establishing a church was to help legalize the use of MMS (Criminal Cover Sheet, 2020).

In another example, Mark Grenon explained to his audience in 2010 that establishing a church to use MMS would help them avoid incarceration (Criminal Cover Sheet, 2020). After mentioning Stephen Pardee setting up a “Water Purification” license in my interview with Mark Grenon, he stated that he didn’t need to have a license by saying he shipped MMS products to people through a “donation” rather than a payment.

The Constitution – 6th Amendment

The 6th Amendment allows the right to a public trial with no delay, the right to know the accusers, the nature of the charges, the right to an attorney, and an impartial jury (Sixth Amendment, n.d.). Based on the current court documents, both Jonathan and Jordan Grenon agreed to Pro Se or otherwise represented themselves without an attorney but will still have access to a stand-by counsel if needed. Mark Grenon confirmed that he would also like Pro Se for the trial. Mark Grenon also confirmed that he requested a Speedy Trial but complained that the judge would only start once the Grenons were in Miami.

After reviewing the speedy trial from the Hornsby Law Firm, there is a reoccurring myth that the speedy trial expires and the violation of its ruling would equal an automatic dismissal. The Speedy Trial Rule is to start the trial as soon as possible without delay. The only way for the charges to be dismissed in a speedy trial is if the defendant is not brought to trial in a certain amount of time and is not at the fault of the delay (The Right to a Speedy Trial, n.d.). Mark Grenon’s request for the speedy trial and contesting his extradition suggests he's trying to fight extradition long enough for the speedy trial to expire and dismiss all charges. By contesting extradition, he is at fault for the delay of his trial and would not help him get his case dismissed.

Claims of Persecution (Regarding Violence)

Throughout his time promoting chlorine dioxide as a medicine, Mark Grenon claims to have been persecuted, slandered, and had their comments misconstrued by various organizations ranging from FDA, EPA, CDC, ABC News, DOJ, and the Colombian Government.

Mark Grenon stated that the authorities believed he was making death threats to the judge. In his viewpoint, Mark Grenon was trying to threaten with the law under a ruling called “Deprivation of Rights” under “Color of Law,” in which he claims that the judge could face execution if found guilty of treason under that ruling.

Mark Grenon laughed it off when asked about the violin case encasing a shotgun at Jonathan’s house. Mark Grenon stated that he found a shotgun he wanted at a pawn shop but stated there was no case to put the firearm. He added he saw a violin case at the pawnshop in which he could easily stow the gun inside. After purchasing the shotgun and the violin case from the pawnshop, Mark Grenon stored them in Jonathan Grenon’s closet.

Mark Grenon’s claims of misconstrued words regarding death threats appear false after remembering the other quotes he made. From the accounts of Irish activist Fiona O’Leary, Mark Grenon threatened on his show, stating that he would throw her off a balcony. Statements from an article from the DOJ show that Mark Grenon claimed that if the U.S. Government enforced the court's orders and disrupted their MMS distribution, he would start a “Waco” styled standoff (Florida Family Indicted for Selling Toxic Bleach as Fake “Miracle” Cure for Covid-19 and Other Serious Diseases, and for Violating Court Orders, 2021).

The possibility of Mark Grenon and his sons being capable of committing violence or crimes against authorities, activists, and reporters is probable. While there is no definitive proof, reviewing archived Facebook information from Mark Grenon’s son, Jonathan could give an audience a second thought about the Grenons. In 2019, Jonathan Grenon uploaded photos and videos showcasing a goat being sacrificed and mutilated (See Figure 42) (Grenon, 2019). When one Facebook user was horrified by the images, he uploaded Jonathan had difficulty trying to understand why (See Figure 43) (Grenon, 2019). Although religious animal sacrifices and occupation as a butcher is typical, the idea of Jonathan Grenon taking images of a mutilated goat sounds eerily similar to that of a serial killer. For example, Bruce McArther would take photos of his victims in certain positions after killing them and even take up-close pictures of their genitalia before dismembering them (Mcnab, 2020). Another serial killer, Harvey Glatman, would take photos of his victims tied up and terrified before murdering them (Merryweather, 2018).

The Only Truth Misconstrued: Tracking the Grenons

In the interview, what is genuinely misconstrued was that certain news outlets stated that Mark Grenon fled to Colombia to avoid capture. Mark Grenon claiming this as misunderstood is the only truth I could since my investigation into his whereabouts in Santa Marta. Since 2018, I have begun tracking the whereabouts of Mark Grenon and his sons through their social media accounts. Social media accounts range from Flickr, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and even Joseph Grenon’s Runtastic account.

The Compound/Barahona House

Through Mark Grenon’s Facebook and Flickr Album, it's already known the location of the compound is Barahona under album titles as “Barahona House” and “Mark Grenon Mission In Barahona.” The compound, as Mark Grenon talked about, was originally the main HQ of G2CHH. Trying to geolocate the compound was complex, but I knew that the compound had a distant view of the Sierra Martin Garcia National Park across Neiba Bay (See Figure 44). After finally locating the compound, it is known through Google Maps that it is now under operation by the nonprofit organization Ears to Hear (ETH) as a mission base. Mark Grenon did say he sold the compound but never explained to who specifically. Further evidence shows on Facebook that ETH is currently remodeling the base as recently as August 1 (ETH Missions DR, 2021).

MMS Facility/Bradenton, Florida

Before the Federal Raid, Jonathan and Jordan Grenon operated an MMS Facility in Bradenton, Florida. Obtaining LLC information from Sunbiz, Jordan Grenon registered a business as “Genesis II Church Number 99” with an address of 2014 Garden Lane. The registered address alone was not enough proof and verified a video uploaded by Jonathan Grenon. The footage showcased Jonathan Grenon’s backyard with an old storage shed as the facility, then showing a striped tent and showing a newly built shed in the present time of the video. Using ESRI’s basemap, the tent is viewable from an aerial viewpoint (See Figure 45). The constructed storage shed is also viewable by taking aerial imagery from the USGS Earth Explorer and georeferencing it (See Figure 46).

Santa Marta Colombia

Although photos and videos from Joseph Grenon’s Instagram helped geolocate him and Mark Grenon in Santa Marta, the most valuable social media application is Joseph Grenon’s Runtastic account. Runtastic gave Joseph Grenon’s GPS locations and later digitized the information into ArcGIS for geospatial analysis. In my estimation, Mark and Joseph Grenon were residing in Cabanas De Gaira (See Figure 47). Earlier data from Joseph Grenon’s Instagram account indicated that he once lived at Hotel Tayronaca 2000 (See Figure 48).

Reflections On The Call With Mark Grenon and Closing Statements

After studying the call made to Mark Grenon, there is a better understanding of how he started marketing MMS and why he established a church to promote it. Reflecting further into the call, it appears there is a difference between how Mark Grenon and Stephen Pardee promote MMS and defend their actions for it.

Mark Grenon established a church to promote and market MMS. For his defense, Mark Grenon tries using the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights, which allows him the freedom of religion and free speech. Furthermore, he also established a church account with Wells Fargo. However, as evident in his first seminar, he admitted establishing a church for the sole reason of avoiding criminal prosecution. The evidence shows there is indeed a conspiracy to defraud the United States Government.

Stephen Pardee went for a different defense in promoting MMS by claiming he sells it for house cleaning and as a disinfectant. Stephen Pardee went as far as to write a document about using MMS for household purposes as discovered on his website and a website promoting MMS by a member of G2CHH. However, it is also evident that Stephen Pardee still appears to be part of the G2CHH. Mark Grenon admitted that he never kicked out Stephen Pardee nor mentioned him leaving G2CHH. To further back up this claim, Mark Grenon stated that KV Lab ran out of supplies and helped resupply them. Looking through the archives in 2020 before the apprehension of Jonathan and Jordan Grenon, the replenishment could have been early as March or April of 2020 (See Figures 49 and 50). Stephen Pardee claimed he left G2CHH in 2014 but still promoted his store as a trusted supplier to G2CHH in 2018 since the investigation. Stephen Pardee’s original avatar on the MMS Forum also reveals an image of him with the G2CHH logo behind him.

As of October 2019, Stephen Pardee became aware of the investigation and tried to destroy and alter as much evidence as possible to avoid legal trouble with authorities. Replying to a google review, he stated that “we would not risk our livelihood and freedom to answer questions” (See Figure 51).

Based upon the review and study of the call with Mark Grenon, there is a strong reason to believe that Stephen Pardee is also part of the conspiracy with G2CHH to defraud the United States Government. While Mark Grenon tries contesting his extradition to the United States, authorities can still investigate Stephen Pardee to verify that he conspired with Mark Grenon.


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