GENESIS II PROJECT: MMS Suppliers/Providers Dashboard

Overview of the MMS Provider/Supplier Dashboard

Quick Dashboard Tutorial

1. Enlarge Pane

  • Move the mouse over the desired pane and click on the button in the upper-right corner to enlarge the pane.

  • To minimize the pane, click on the upper-right button again.

Enlarging/Minimizing each pane in the MMS Supplier/Provider Dashboard

2. Selecting MMS Supplier/eBay User

  • On the left-hand side of the dashboard, click on the desired Supplier/User.

  • Once clicked, the map will pan over and flash the selected Supplier/User.

  • Each Supplier/User contain a list of attributes (certain attributes may or may not be applicable based on the data gathered for each business).

    • For MMS Suppliers

      • Name: Name of the business.

      • CEO: Name of the CEO.

      • City: Name of the City its located in.

      • State: Name of the State its located in.

      • Country: Name of the Country its located in.

      • Continent: Name of the continent its located in.

      • Business Information: Where the business was able to register (if applicable).

      • Business File: Registration of the business (if applicable).

      • Source Name: Where the business was discovered.

      • Additional Information: Additional notes for selected business.

      • Status: The current status of the business (either active, inactive, or pending).

    • For eBay Users

      • Seller: Name of the seller.

      • City: Name of the city the seller is located in.

      • State: Name of the state the seller is located in.

      • Product Name: Name of the product.

      • Product Price: Price of the product (in USD).

      • Additional Information: Additional notes for the selected seller.

  • The selected Supplier/User will also contain attached files with images and pdf files of the business registration if applicable.

Selecting a business/eBay user the MMS Supplier/Provider Dashboard with attributes and attachments included.

3. Optimizing the map.

  • Clicking on the icons on the top-right corner of the map allows users to modify the map.

    • Magnifying Glass: Allows the user to search a desired location or address.

      • Example: Users can search for 123 Fake Street in Chicago, Illinois be taken directly to that location.

    • House: Returns the user to the default view.

    • Layers: Turn on/off the layers shown on the map.

      • Only the MMS Suppliers and MMS eBay Sellers apply.

    • Panels: Allows the user to switch between various basemaps.

      • The current basemap used is "Nova," but can be switched to "OpenStreetMap" if desired by the user.

Optimizing the Map in the MMS Supplier/Provider Dashboard.

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