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MMS Colombia

MMS Colombia operates in Colombia and once donated money to the WPS Suppliers Page to advertise their products. MMS Colombia does not sell Chlorine Dioxide or the chemicals to make it through their store, but through e-mail communication and direct deposit through the VÍA-BALOTO network.

Quoted from their webpage:


Remember that this payment is a direct deposit and not a money transfer or transfer and the VÍA-BALOTO network should not charge you 1 peso more.

Once the payment is made, the VÍA-BALOTO network sends you a receipt confirming your deposit. Verify that all is well before leaving the point and call us ... (it is faster) .... or write to to: confirm your payment quickly and take the data from your office. We will take your order and send it by means of SEND to your destination address as soon as possible. We will send your Guidance Number to your mailbox once it has been assigned by the dispatcher. (every day at 2:00 p.m.)

Remember that if you are going to write us (, you must attach the image of the VÍA BALOTO deposit receipt, as well as your complete information: Name Surname, email, landline and / or cell phone number, physical address -include in neighborhood- and the city.

This is the account available for payments: CITIBANK SAVINGS ACCOUNT No. 1011109493

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