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Michael Harrah

Administrator and Legal Advisor

Michael Harrah administrates the MMS Forum site and several other websites. He handles the MMS Yahoo Group, multiple Facebook groups, and the CD Autism Community Forum previously operated by Kerri Rivera. He also aids the Genesis II Church with legal advice, thereby helping them to avoid civil or criminal liability through research of the Code of Federal Regulations Title 49.


Michael Harrah is a business partner with Kerri Rivera for Keto Kerri. According to his LinkedIn profile, he oversees product development, manufacturing, legal compliance, Amazon channel sites, and online support groups administration for Keto Kerri.

At one time, Michael helped direct other vendors to Stephen Pardee's Contact Information to get added to the WPS Suppliers Page.

Michael Harrah also operates in Chandler, Arizona. His online store disguises itself as a water purification store and sells the product as WPS. ships out from the same address of a UPS Store. His online store links from MMS Info, an "informational" website about chlorine dioxide. Mr. Harrah created MMS Info to give information about chlorine dioxide and linked as a recommended vendor. In his article “Basic Science of MMS,” he states chlorine dioxide brings health to sick people, it isn’t bleach, and it doesn’t hurt the human body. uses the same IP Address( as Keto Kerri. He registered Keto Kerri at 284 E Chilton Dr, Chandler, Arizona. This address is within a business park and a possibility where he stores chlorine dioxide for marketing purposes.


Michael Harrah is an inactive attorney of the California Bar (Member #181130).

Michael Harrah directing a potential vendor to Stephen Pardee to be added to the WPS Suppliers List.

Michael Harrah agreeing with Stephen's post on CFR 49 USDOT and suggesting getting around FDA Regulations by selling the product for "legal purposes."

Michael Harrah & His Website

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