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Mark Grenon

Co-Founder of Genesis II Church

Mark Grenon is the Co-Founder of the Genesis II Church. He Co-founded the church with Jim Humble, who later retired and has passed his leadership to Mark Grenon. Mark Grenon now leads it with help from his son Joseph Grenon, Jordan Grenon, and Jonathan Grenon. Mark Grenon’s current residence is Santa Marta, Colombia.

Mark Grenon also operates a broadcasting station called G2 Voice Broadcast and Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS) News. He uses multimedia to spread misinformation and propaganda to the public. For example, despite Mark volunteered to help victims of the 9/11 attacks, he claims these attacks to be a conspiracy. G2 Voice also broadcasts on Brighteon, Spreaker, and iTunes.



His Facebook Account:

G2Voice (Mark Grenon's Podcast):

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