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Kerri Rivera

Former Member of Genesis II Church

Kerri Rivera is the owner/operator of Keto Kerri. She is a former member of the church, who sold chlorine dioxide to families of autistic children as Chlorine Dioxide (CD) Protocol. She uses the website CD Autism to promote the use of chlorine dioxide along with the CD Autism Community Forum, which was later shut down. After much pressure from Attorney General Lisa Madigan, Kerri. Rivera signed an Assurance of Voluntary Compliance, agreeing not to promote or sell chlorine dioxide as a treatment for autism in Illinois. She is currently in Germany operating an online store called Keto Kerri selling other products unapproved by the FDA. She works closely with Michael Harrah on Keto Kerri.


CD Autism (Kerri Rivera's Website):

Her Facebook Account:

Real Kerri Rivera Website:

Kerri's Assurance of Voluntary Compliance:

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