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Keavy's Corner

Under management by both Stephen Pardee and Kathy Pardee, they operate Keavy’s Corner in Lake Placid, Florida. In one of his online articles, Stephen Pardee admitted he produced and provided chlorine dioxide using Jim Humble’s specifications to Genesis II Church-hosted seminars. In the Quality Assurance section listed below, Stephen states the only way for vendors to be on the WPS Suppliers page is that they must pay a certain amount. Keavy’s Corner used to sell their products on eBay, Amazon, and Walmart as Humble’s Mineral Solutions, but took it down due to pressure from online media.

Keavy's Corner Quality Assurance section in the CD Quality Page stating that the only way to get on this list is to send money.

A Keavy's Corner post stating their relationship with Mark Grenon and their expansion in Africa.

A Keavy's Corner post stating their sanctions issued by Amazon, Paypal, and Google.

Keavy's Corner Gallery



Keavy's Corner Facebook Post Regarding Genesis II Church in Africa:

Keavy's Corner Facebook Post Regarding Business Violations:

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