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Healthy Way Inc.

Pavel Scucka operates Healthy Way Inc. at Lake in the Hills, Illinois. This business also goes under the name of Water Pure World. At first glance, they sell organic products. When scrolling down the website, they sell both WPS and CDS. Clicking on WPS instructs users how to mix the two chemicals to create Chlorine Dioxide. The website MMS Drops links to this business. MMS Drops claims Chlorine Dioxide can enter the blood and kill viruses. Clicking the “Buy MMS Online” page leads straight to Healthy Way Inc. One of their articles explains the name change to avoid the FDA.

A directory showing Healthy Way Inc.and other vendors being linked to websites promoting chlorine dioxide as a medicine/drug.

Healthy Way Inc. Gallery



MMS Drops (Links to Healthy Way Inc):

MMS Drops Article - MMS Name Change:

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