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Genesis II Church #139

Joseph Grenon of Genesis II Church #139 operates his online business through his Facebook page bearing the same name. Genesis II Church #139 is listed as an MMS Provider for the Genesis II Church. Joseph also asks donations through a Patreon account.

In a statement from his Patreon account:


Hello everyone,

Bishop Manuel Catedra of Spain, a while ago went to the Wayuu in northern Colombia. He was able to help many people with our Sacraments of the Church. There was not enough time to record the Testimonies, that's where I, Bishop Joseph Grenon, will be. I am planning to get this in these months to La Guajira to the Wayuu to bring them more Sacraments, Food and Water Purifiers. I will be documenting this entire trip personally. I am very happy that I can do this and by the grace of God I can do it. This will be one of many more to come. We have already made 2 documentaries if you want to see them on YouTube cannal Genesis2Church. They are called: 7 Gates to Seynimin, Nabusimake Where the Sun is born. Now that I have better camera quality it should be much more presentable.

Bishop Joseph Grenon

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