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Mr. Francesco Clavelli of G2CHH Chapter 321 operates Discover WPS. He runs two other websites known as “Discover MMS” and “Metatonics.” All three websites share not only the same webpage format but also the same phone number. When using Wayback Machine, the name of the registered company is “Metatonics LLC." He registered Metatonics LLC in Nevada of 2008 and operated it in Austin, Texas. After dissolving the company in 2011, he moved to Mount Shasta and managed the online store again. Since moving, authorities arrested him on three counts of failure to appear in court on February 24, 2014. Authorities arrested him again on July 17, 2004, on charges of obstructing a public officer, altering vehicle registration, and giving a peace officer false certification. Judging from both FastPeopleSearch and mylife, it is presumed Francesco Clavelli goes under a variety of aliases, is between the ages of 48 to 69, and lives in either Mount Shasta, California or Broadview, Illinois.

A comparison of all three websites, including the same phone number.

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Francesco's mylife Page:

Francesco's FastPeopleSearch Page:

Francesco booked into jail for Failure to Appear:

Francesco booked into jail for obstructing a police officer:

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