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GENESIS II PROJECT: About Chlorine Dioxide

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What is Chlorine Dioxide

Chlorine dioxide is a mixture of sodium chlorite and citric acid (or hydrochloric acid). Businesses utilize chlorine Dioxide as a bleach for pulp mills and water treatment facilities. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has set the amount of chlorine dioxide in water to 0.8 mg/L.


Members of the Genesis II Church including the founder, Jim Humble, and church member, Kerri Rivera claim that Chlorine Dioxide has proven to restore health to people suffering from a variety of conditions including autism and malaria. Genesis II Church uses 3 ml/l (3000 PPM) of chlorine dioxide in its products, violating EPA regulations. In an investigative report from ABC News, the Church Co-Founder Mark Grenon stated during his seminar that people were able to cure illnesses ranging from cancer to autism. Parents, duped into believing that chlorine dioxide will cure their children, cite side effects ranging from face rashes to excretion of stripped intestinal tracts. Other symptoms include vomiting, diarrhea, and inflammation of the gut lining, according to Dr. Jeff Foster. Images showing these symptoms were found from multiple Facebook groups by Autistic Rights Activist Emma Dalmayne in her campaign against falsified treatments/cures for autism. More images are on her website, Autisticate Dalmayne.

The stripped intestinal tracts of a child due to the effects of consuming chlorine dioxide.

Quick Measurment Guide

  • 1 Parts Per Million (PPM) = 1 mg/L

  • 1 Parts Per Million (PPM) = 0.001 ml/L

  • EPA limit on chlorine dioxide in water = 0.8 mg/L

  • 3,000 PPM = 3000 mg/L

  • 3,000 PPM = 3 ml/L


Marketing of Chlorine Dioxide

Genesis II Church markets chlorine dioxide as a cure/remedy for many illnesses, including autism.  They market this product under three names:  Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS), Water Purification Solution (WPS), and Chlorine Dioxide Solution (CDS) to avoid FDA regulation. MMS & WPS are kits packaged with two chemicals to create Chlorine Dioxide. The chemicals are Sodium Chlorite and Citric Acid. Sometimes, they’ll swap Citric Acid for Hydrochloric Acid. CDS is a container containing pre-made chlorine dioxide.

Two Online pages Genesis II Church established are the Providers and WPS Suppliers. Providers are members of the church that are trained to sell and handled the products. The WSP Suppliers webpage contains a list of vendors selling chlorine dioxide and the chemicals to create it. These vendors are directly involved with Genesis II Church as they pay money to be on this list. Included with the WPS Suppliers webpage is a form sheet created by Rev. Paul, a member of Genesis II Church. The WPS Suppliers page changed its web address numerous times from “,” “,” “,” and”

One way of accessing the Providers and WPS Suppliers page is through the MMS Forum. MMS Forum acts as the gateway for vendors to sell chlorine dioxide. At the top of the Forum, users click on “Buy MMS” and are directed to a web page giving them a choice between two search engines. These two engines lead to WSP Suppliers and Providers. Another way to get to the WPS Suppliers is through a topic in MMS Forum with Jim Humble's approval.

A directory on how to the WPS Suppliers Page and G2 Sacrament Providers Page from the MMS Forum.

This Topic Post is another way to get to the WPS Suppliers Page.

An archived form created by a member of Genesis II Church.

Quick Facts About Chlorine Dioxide Marketing

  • Products are sold as:

    • Miracle Mineral Solutions/Supplement (MMS)

    • Chlorine Dioxide Solutions (CDS)

    • Water Purification Solution (WPS)

  • MMS/WPS Kits are sold with:

    • Sodium Chlorite (22%-28%) + Citric Acid (50%)

    • Sodium Chlorite (22%-28%) + Hypochloric Acid (4%)

  • Online Stores (selling chlorine dioxide) market themselves as:

    • A Health Store

    • A Water Treatment Store

Worst Case Effect of Chlorine Dioxide

In one of the worst case scenarios, users converted chlorine dioxide from a liquid to gas for inhalation purposes. Effects of inhaling chlorine dioxide can lead to long-term respiratory problems or even death.

In a quote from Jim Humble's Book:


Two Cautionary Tales

Tale #1: I once told a person over the phone how to do this. He was very sure that he needed to go faster. So he used 4 drops instead of 2, but what he really did wrong was continue to breathe the fumes for almost half an hour. It felt good, he said.
Four hours later that afternoon, he was gasping for breath. He could hardly force air into his lungs because he had burned them. He was afraid that he had permanently harmed them. I told him that he would be alright but that it would take several days to recover and that is what happened. It was a bad experience. He really thought he was going to die. Don’t you have the same experience! Go slowly! You can indeed harm your lungs.

Tale #2: Just the other day one of the Ministers here was making a six-drop dose to take. After putting the 6 drops in a coffee cup and adding 6 drops of citric acid, before adding the water, he dropped his pen. He was sitting in a chair and without thinking, he bent over between his legs to pick up the pen. As he reached for it, he was holding the coffee cup in his other hand and his nose went into the cup as he picked up the pen. He was just drawing a breath. It hit him hard.

He coughed very hard for several minutes and then he seemed to be OK. But 4 hours later he was wheezing and he could hardly get a breath. It scared him. He had a hard time that evening, but by the next day he was OK. I tell you this to emphasize that if you use this technique, go slowly.

In World War I, Fritz Haber utilized Chlorine as a chemical weapon, which came into the production of the first Chlorine Gas Cylinders. Chlorine as a weapon reappeared later in the Iraq War and rumored to be in use again on Syrian civilians.

Reports on the use of Chlorine Dioxide


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