Geoboros is an independent website with a current focus on investigating the Genesis II Church Health and Healing (G2CHH) and distributors of MMS. In 2018, after discovering the G2CHH’s marketing and manufacturing strategy, there had been many attempts to contact reporters in revealing to people about this conspiracy. By 2019, after numerous failed attempts to inform reporters and journalists, the website for Geoboros formed to help reveal the distributors and how they market and manufacture MMS.

By 2019, Geoboros was created.

Geoboros Meaning

The name Geoboros stems from two different words. “Geo” comes from the Greek word for Earth. “Boros” is from the name Ouroboros, which is the symbol of a serpent eating its tail. Ouroboros can also be a symbol of an eternal cycle of renewal. Much like the renewable cycle in Ouroboros, Geoboros would like to repeat an process and report on other groups aside from G2CHH and MMS distributors. In each renewed investigation, Geoboros would also like to try using other tools and different methods and procedures to help out in oncoming projects.

Behind the Author's Name

The website's founder, Eli Dagan, does not disclose his identity due to safety concerns. The name Eli Dagan stems from two of the three critical individuals in Israel’s Operation Outside the Box/ Orchard. Eli comes from Eliezer Shkedi, former Israeli Air Force Commander. Dagan comes from Meir Dagan, former chief of Mossad.

Eliezer Shkedi

Former Israeli Air Commander

Meir Dagan

Former Chief of Mossad

Both Operation Outside the Box is comparable to the investigation of the G2CHH’s MMS facility in Bradenton through several critical facts.

  • Both facilities are observable through aerial imagery.

  • Both facilities hide dangerous materials.

    • Syria was storing a nuclear reactor capable of creating plutonium.

    • G2CHH stores materials to create chlorine dioxide.

  • Both involved intelligence failures from both sides.

    • Ibrahim Othman, head of the Syrian Atomic Energy Commission, left his computer in an apartment in Vienna, Austria, only later raided by a Mossad cell with 35 photographs inside the computer showing the reactor inside the facility.

    • Jonathan Grenon, the son of Mark Grenon, uploaded two videos to Facebook. One video showing the facility in his backyard, and another showing Johnathan acquiring the materials.

  • Both facilities were “Arizona’d” (Israel’s code word for the confirmation of the target destroyed).

    • Israeli Airforce destroyed the Syrian facility.

    • G2CHH facility raided by law enforcement, including the confiscation of materials and the arrest of Jonathan and Jordan Grenon.

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